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440 Confrontation of Cold and Hea

 "This little girl is really skilled with words." Chef Zhan took a look at Zhuang Xinmu and then said.

"Thank you for your praise." Zhuang Xinmu nodded her head, without cold feet.

"You can go to check by yourself. This roast goose of yours is far from the best. You, surprisingly, named it the best roast goose." Wu Zhou said, unwilling to show weakness.

"Humph. Since you also know you are just here to eat, then you better stop giving orders." As a bad-tempered person, Chef Zhan answered immediately.

"Alright. We have finished trying the dishes. Manager Liao, we are leaving." Having paid no attention to the chef's rudeness, Zhuang Xinmu said to Manager Liao at the side.

"Okay. Little Mi, see our visitors to the door." Manager Liao agreed at once. Meanwhile, he signaled his sister to see them out.

"This way, please." The waitress Little Mi stood up, walked to the door and reached out her hand to show them the way.

"Good that you leave. At least you know how to behave in this situation." Chef Zhan snorted coldly.

"You old fart have neither good craftsmanship nor a way with words." Wu Zhou said quite angrily.

"What's it to you? Mind your own business." Chef Zhan didn't even look at him before he turned around and left the balcony quickly.

"Although this head chef doesn't have a good craftsmanship, he nevertheless has a really hot temper." Wu Zhou sneered and said to Manager Liao.

"Please bear with him. Please. Take care." Manager Liao followed them and talked to them to relieve the tension.

Having barely walked out of the door with quick steps, Chef Zhan took out the phone vibrating in the pocket and then answered and shouted without even looking at whom it was.

"Three people can't even take care of a goose? Good-for-nothing."

"Well, Head Chef Zhan, you told us to call you 5 minutes later just now..." There came a hesitant male voice from the phone.

"If I say 5 minutes, that's 5 minutes. What are you calling me now for? Have you not been weaned yet?" Chef Zhan continued scolding.

"Chef Zhan, it has been 7 minutes. You..." The male voice got lower this time.

"Do I need you to tell me how many minutes have passed? Don't you think I know that? Just watch your goose. If the skin was scorched even the slightest bit, you can go back home and raise the geese." In the same old way, Chef Zhan didn't let the man finish his words. His utterances became more unpleasant and even carried a threatening tone, as well.

However, he hung up the phone immediately after he said that. Only then did the man at the other end of the phone let out a sigh of relief.

"How did it go?" One of the other two people that watched the goose at the side asked immediately.

"What did Head Chef Zhan say?" Another man continued to ask.

"What did he say? You guys forced me to call him. Couldn't you hear the loud scolding?" The man that made the call pointed at the phone and said angrily.

"Hey hey. We wanted to ask if Head Chef Zhan told you anything else. If he did, we can finish it together." The man said straightforwardly with a smile, not feeling embarrassed.

"Screw you. Head Chef Zhan is coming back in no time. You can ask him by yourself." The man that made the call set down the phone and began to stare at the goose attentively.

What a joke! At this moment, the goose was closely related to his own job. Of course, it was the goose that mattered.

"He's coming now? Well, we had better watch the goose now." The other two people immediately said in embarrassment.

Likewise, they began to watch the goose earnestly.

As a matter of fact, the goose was in the oven and they had already set the time. It was totally unnecessary for the three people to watch at the same time. It was just because Chef Zhan wasn't in a good mood.

"Humph. Is there anybody that makes better roast goose than me? He's simply talking nonsense." Chef Zhan muttered to himself angrily. Due to the anger, there was a flush on his face.

At the other side, Wu Zhou and Zhuang Xinmu weren't happy, either.

"Mu Mu, let's change to another restaurant. That chef is so bad-tempered and besides, the dishes are just ordinary. God knows where his confidence comes from." Wu Zhou took Zhuang Xinmu's hand and said gently.

"Okay. You decide." Zhuang Xinmu wasn't really very angry, but she still nodded her head obediently.

"Mu Mu, it's good as long as you aren't angry." Wu Zhou looked at Zhuang Xinmu's face carefully. Only when he found she really wasn't angry did he feel relieved.

The two lovers walked towards the parking lot together. Not long after, Wu Zhou suddenly said.

"No, this matter can't end up in this result. I got to make it known throughout the internet and let the boss have no business. Humph." Wu Zhou revealed a manner of "I'm proud of being narrow-minded."

"Okay, okay. Do it as long as you feel good. Get on the car first and I will drive." Zhuang Xinmu was also willing to let her boyfriend retain his childish heart.

Wu Zhou's move truly made the regular customers of Yuan Zhou's restaurant got to know this restaurant, about its bad reputation, in particular.

After all, they were all in favor of Yuan Zhou's restaurant in their hearts.

In the evening,

At Chef Zhan's home,

"What's the matter with you? Is your goose dead?" Seeing his look of indignation, Chef Zhan's wife ridiculed him.

"Worse than that." Chef Zhan answered angrily.

"What exactly made you so angry?" His wife was a graceful aged woman. Hearing his husband, she asked curiously.

"Humph. You wouldn't understand." Chef Zhan had no interesting in telling her as it was really not a glorious event.

"Then stop pacing around me." His wife then said angrily.

"Yes, I got to go there for a look, personally." Chef Zhan slapped on the sofa and said seriously.

"This damn old guy starts to mumble to himself more as his age grows." Seeing Chef Zhan only go to the balcony to make a call, she didn't answer him anymore. She just enjoyed watching her TV.

Once he walked to the balcony, Chef Zhan started to make a call.

"Hello, is that General Manager Qin? I want to take a day off tomorrow." Chef Zhan said bluntly.

"What's the matter with you?" General Manager Qin was naturally the boss of the restaurant. Hearing the head chef ask for leave, of course he needed to ask for some details.

"I'm going to head out for a personal affair." Chef Zhan wouldn't tell him that he was going to watch others cook the roast goose. How degrading that would be!

"Are you okay?" General Manager Qin cared about that most.

"Pretty good. I can't be better. That's it." Chef Zhan frowned and said directly.

"Ok. If you need help, just come to me. Do come back after you finish your affairs." Hearing that, General Manager Qin felt relieved and then said courteously.

"It's none of your business. I can do it by myself." Chef Zhan immediately knitted his brows and refused him.

Whose help did he need when it came to roast goose? No one. His craftsmanship was the best.

"Okay. Have a good rest." GM Qin wasn't angry at all. Instead, he said with kind and pleasant countenance.

"Sure. You, too. I'm hanging up." Chef Zhan hung off the phone immediately after saying that.

While taking the phone, General Manager Qin nevertheless said helplessly, "This Chef Zhan really has a bad temper, but there's nowhere to find such a reputable chef."

That was also the reason why General Manager Qin treated Chef Zhan so courteously.

A high-end restaurant required not only good service but also a superior chef. Otherwise, the taste wouldn't be good enough to attract those customers."

However excellent the service was, customers mainly pursued good taste after they came three or five times. If the taste was just ordinary, few people would come again. If both the taste and the service were good, customers would naturally come in crowds. However, good chefs seldom had a good temper.

Sometimes, the craftsmen were the same as those men of words. They were all prideful.

"Humph. This old man will see what kind of roast goose yours is tomorrow. I'm afraid it wouldn't reach 10% of my level." Chef Zhan took the phone and said to himself confidently.