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439 If You Are Capable, Speak Ou

 "That's for sure. You've been studying the roast goose for so long time." Manager Liao had a way with words. He specifically said things that Chef Zhan loved to hear.

"You are right. How many people are there in the Kaffir Lily Room?" Hearing the compliments, Chef Zhan instantly became happy. Then, he began to ask about the proper business.

"Two. They are introduced here by Yao Qing to reserve the wedding banquet." Manager Liao answered frankly. "It turns out to be that little girl." Chef Zhan nodded his head, indicating he understood now.

Then, the two people walked towards the room unhurriedly. In the meantime, Wu Zhou and Zhuang Xinmu were still eating the desserts.

"By comparison, Boss Yuan's desserts can arouse my appetite more." Wu Zhou ridiculed in his heart.

Seeing his girlfriend so happy, however, he had to eat it together, which made him appear quite manly.

"Dong Dong". Manager Liao knocked at the door.

"Come in, please." Wu Zhou answered.

As soon as Wu Zhou said that, the woman in a short cheongsam went up to open the door.

After Manager Liao knocked at the door, he then stepped back to the behind of Chef Zhan.

Therefore, Wu Zhou and Zhuang Xinmu caught sight of Chef Zhan who was dressed in a snow-white chef uniform the moment the door was opened.

He wore a chef's hat and appeared to be quite skinny. With eyes brimming with vigour, he looked fairly serious. But now, there was a tender look on his face.

"Hi, nice to meet you. I'm the head chef here. My surname is Zhan." Chef Zhan introduced himself with a reserved tone.

"Hello, nice to meet you, too." Wu Zhou and Zhuang Xinmu said at the same time.

"I heard from Manager Liao that you have some doubts about my Roast Goose, don't you?" Chef Zhan was quite gentle when he talked to the customers.

"Yes, I think this name of the dish is more in name than in reality." Wu Zhou spoke his mind directly.

Once he said that, even Manager Liao felt a little terrified. What a joke! Those who dared to challenge Chef Zhan had been severely criticized to death.

"Tsk, what a reckless man!" Manager Liao sighed sorrowfully in his heart.

"I told you he would definitely get mad." It was the waitress Little Mi that had returned.

"This guy really doesn't have a way with words. Can't he speak more politely?" Zhuang Xinmu felt rather embarrassed about the straightforwardness of her boyfriend. However, she also agreed with her boyfriend's opinion. Was there anyone that could cook dishes better than Boss Yuan? Well, they were totally unqualified.

Chef Zhan didn't lose his temper immediately. He looked at the intact roast goose first and then said.

"How do you come to this conclusion since you haven't touched the roast goose yet?" Chef Zhan asked them while pointing at the intact heart-shaped plate.

"Because the fragrance can't even arouse my appetite." Wu Zhou said in an obvious tone.

"Maybe you just have an upset stomach," said Chef Zhan at once.

"No. It's the taste that let me lose the desire to eat it." Wu Zhou shook his head and said seriously.

Presumably, programmers were all stubborn like that.

"Do you mean you have smelled a better fragrance before?" Chef Zhan turned up his nose at this speculation.

"Of course. The other day, I smelled a taste that almost made me drool outside the door. That taste is far better than this one. To be exact, they can't be mentioned in the same breath." Of course, Wu Zhou was talking about the roast goose that Yuan Zhou had failed in.

"Ho Ho. Do you know how long I have been cooking the roast goose? I'm afraid you were not even born when I first started. How dare you judge on my roast goose?" Chef Zhan said that affirmatively.

"I'm the customer and of course, I can judge it." Wu Zhou squared his shoulders and said seriously.

"Okay. If you are capable, you tell me on which aspect my roast goose is inferior." Chef Zhan struck the table heavily and said with great vigour.

"Let me say it." Wu Zhou agreed bluntly.

"I'm listening, I'm not deaf yet." Chef Zhan answered energetically.

"First of all, when you cut the roast goose into pieces, its fragrance leaked out and floated away. And when it arrived here, it was all gone. Therefore, the fragrance absolutely could not arouse my appetite." Wu Zhou's analysis was closely reasoned and well argued.

Nonetheless, he only talked about the fragrance. After all, he hadn't even seen the roast goose prepared by Yuan Zhou.

"In comparison, the fragrance of Boss Yuan's roast goose passed through the entire restaurant and attracted people of nearly half a street. They just can't be mentioned in the same breath." Wu Zhou said with a sonorous and forceful tone.

"Despite all the utterances, you just feel that the taste is bland. That's easy. Go and bring a bag of salt." Chef Zhan sneered and said directly.

"No, I told you it's the fragrance. Of color, fragrance and taste, your roast goose doesn't even have the fragrance. Is it a cold dish>" Wu Zhou pointed at the roast goose that didn't give off any steam.

"Let me tell you today. If you are capable, bring that roast goose here to compare with mine. Don't just chatter. I have never been afraid of anyone like that." Chef Zhan burst into rude words carelessly.

"No, I can't." Wu Zhou refused flatly.

"You are playing me for a fool, aren't you? You'd better make it clear. Are you here to toy and humiliate me?" Chef Zhan glared at the two lovers with a threatening gaze.

"Of course not. The boss of that restaurant has a rule of not providing takeaways. So I can't take any dish out." Wu Chau shrugged his shoulders.

"Ok, fine. You tell me which master's craftsmanship makes you dare belittle my ability without even trying eating it." Chef Zhan pointed at Wu Zhou and revealed a manner of "If you don't tell me, I'm going to break your legs."

"It's Boss Yuan, Yuan Zhou. I only smelled the fragrance of the roast goose when he tried cooking it the other day. But until now, it isn't available to be ordered yet." Wu Zhou stood up straight and said without any fear.

"Who is that?" Chef Zhan really couldn't remember any great chef called Yuan Zhou.

"Chef Zhan, He's supposed to be the one that was good at sculpting in the program that we watched the other day." Nevertheless, Manager Liao knew well about that and went forward to tell Chef Zhan.

"You mean the one on TV?" Chef Zhan suddenly remembered the masterful knife skills.

"Yes, it's probably him." Manager Liao nodded.

"Are you talking about the program of Folk Talent? Yes, he's that Boss Yuan." Wu Zhou revealed a proud look on his face.

"Humph. Many chefs do well in the knife skills, but only my roast goose is the best in the world." Chef Zhan snorted coldly.

"Watch your tongue. If Boss Yuan serves roast goose, who do you think will come here to eat yours?" Wu Zhou also said proudly.

"If you are capable, you let that guy surnamed Yuan come here and have a match with me. Just the craftsmanship of roasting goose requires him to practice for another few decades more." Chef Zhan had absolute confidence in his craftsmanship.

"Such an old cook like you definitely cannot outclass Boss Yuan." Wu Zhou was flustered and exasperated, but he still said with certainty.

"You go to tell that Boss Yuan. If he wants to sell the roast goose, come to me. Let me give him some guidance. Does a young man like him know how to distinguish between male and female geese?" Chef Zhan revealed a scornful look on his bony face.

"Compared with Boss Yuan's craftmanship, yours is totally crap." Wu Zhou pointed to Chef Zhan and became very angry.

"If he's really so awesome, just come to me to have a match. And tell him don't be too scared to come when he hears of my signature dish, the best roast goose in the world." What kind of person do you think Chef Zhan was? He was a being who can fight with anybody for the sake of his geese.

"I don't have the ability to send for Boss Yuan here. If you are confident, why don't you go to Taoxi Road and head to his restaurant personally? But I suggest you not go there in case you lose face." Infuriate by Chef Zhan, Wu Zhou said directly.

"He's right. Since you are so confident, you can totally visit Boss Yuan's restaurant to have a look. After all, we are only his customers and really have no decent reason to ask him to eat dinner here." Zhuang Xinmu's ability with words was much higher than Wu Zhou's.

With a single sentence, she made Chef Zhan unable to say anything against them.

That's true. As the customers, if they said Chef Zhan's dish wasn't delicious, they definitely believed Boss Yuan's dish was excellent. Furthermore, it was not good for a head chef to request the customers to make an appointment for a match.