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438 Whose Roast Goose Can Be Better Than Mine?

 "Hello, shall we serve the dishes now?" As Manager Liao was preparing to explain something more, a woman in a short cheongsam gentle knocked at the door and said.

"Shall we serve the dishes?" Manager Liao turned his head to Wu Zhou and Zhuang Xinmu and asked.

"Please." Wu Zhou looked at Zhuang Xinmu first before he nodded and said.

"Okay. We'll serve the dishes for you two right away." The woman in short cheongsam smiled faintly. Then, she turned her head and instructed the waiter behind her.

Because it was a food tasting activity in this grand and high-end restaurant, the amount of each dish was only a little but the total dishes amounted to 22.

"This is our main dish today, the Best Roast Goose In the World." The woman in short cheongsam introduced to them in detail when each dish was served.

Meanwhile, Manager Liao only smiled at the side. The two people really had a tacit cooperation.

During the introduction, the woman in short cheongsam also signaled to them to taste the dish. It was truly enjoyable to eat the delicious food while they were listening to the sweet and melodious voice of the woman in the short cheongsam.

"They actually called it this." Wu Zhou was quite dissatisfied with the roast goose in the exquisite plate in front of him.

All the dishes were served in small portion and the roast goose served in a small exquisite plate was no exception.

As it was the main dish served for the wedding banquet, the roast goose was dished up in a heart-shaped plate. It was laid out in a fan-shaped arrangement by the larger part of the plate. With gravy poured over it, the roast goose appeared shiny and smooth.

At the smaller part of the plate was the light yellow plum sauce, inside of which there seemed to be the flesh of the plums. On the whole, it looked fairly beautiful.

"It looks good, but it's far from being called 'best' just on the aspect of flavor." As a programmer, Wu Zhou had a way with words only when he faced Zhuang Xinmu. At other times, however, he just remained polite at a basic level.

When it came to matters that he adhered to, he wouldn't listen to anyone's advice.

"Sir, you'll know how it tastes after you eat it." The woman in short cheongsam remained smiling and said that.

"I don't need to eat it to tell you that it is unlikely to be number one." Wu Zhou refused bluntly.

"Mu Mu, listen to me. Boss Yuan has also served the Roast Goose. I smelled the flavor at the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant the other day and my mouth almost became dry from drooling too much. It smelled way too fragrant." Wu Zhou turned his head, looking at Zhuang Xindu, and then said.

"Yes. That's for sure." Zhuang Xinmu nodded affirmatively.

"Besides, Boss Yuan just tried cooking the new dish that way. In other words, it wasn't a finished product. I want to eat that Roast Goose so much." The name, Roast Goose, suddenly reminded Wu Zhou of the taste of that day.

"I want to eat it." Wu Zhou couldn't help drooling.

Wu Zhou and Zhuang Xinmu didn't have that reaction even after they had eaten so many dishes here. Just by thinking of the flavor of Yuan Zhou's failed Roast Goose, however, they couldn't help swallowing their slobber secretly.

"Since you doubt our main dish, the Roast Goose, how about I ask our head chef to come and explain to you?" At that time, Manager Liao suddenly went up and said to them.

"I don't think you can name it the Best Roast Goose In the World. Otherwise, what should Boss Yuan name his roast goose?" Stared at by Zhuang Xinmu with her stern gaze, Wu Zhou's voice became lower and lower, with yet a look of dissatisfaction.

"No, it's not necessary. He just doesn't like the Roast Goose here." Zhuang Xinmu said courteously.

"Never mind. He can tell you the significance of this dish. Sorry to be a bother." Liao Rui smiled and said without any sign of anger on his face.

"Well, it's of no use whether he comes or not. It's much too exaggerated to call it the best in the world." At that moment, Wu Zhou had great dissatisfaction with not being able to eat Yuan Zhou's roast goose. However, the current roast goose which couldn't even arouse his appetite made him more dissatisfied.

Of course, Wu Zhou didn't speak very loudly when he said that for sake of his girlfriend's respectability. However, everyone present were worldly-wise men and pretended to hear nothing. Nonetheless, Liao Rui just repeated again that he would send for the head chef.

"All right. Sorry to bother you." Zhuang Xinmu agreed this time. If they refused him again, that would be embarrassing.

"One moment, please. Try eating some desserts. Our desserts taste really good." While speaking of that, Manager Liao signaled the waitress behind him to carry the exquisite desserts to them.

Only after the desserts were carried to them did Manager Liao leave. Meanwhile, the woman in a short cheongsam was still introducing the desserts at the side, from their preparation methods to the ingredients used as well as their significance, one by one.

"Manager Liao, why did you send for the head chef to explain to them?" Liao Rui was followed by a waitress from another room. She had endured for quite a while, but still couldn't help asking at last.

"Who's in that room now?" Liao Rui didn't answer her, but instead asked back.

"Don't worry, manager. Little Ye is there," said the waitress immediately.

"Okay." Liao Rui nodded.

"Manager, we have so many customers every day trying to reserve the wedding banquet and many can't even get it. Why do you...?" The waitress followed him for some distance and then asked again.

"They were introduced here by Yao Qing. If not so, how could they cut the line and try the dishes out?" Liao Rui answered her.

"It turns out to be Miss Yao. But I think Head Chef Zhan would be angry later." Unlike a genuine waitress, the waitress joked with Liao Rui.

"Little Mi, don't joke during working hours." Liao Rui said harshly.

"Got it, brother." Seeing no one is around, the waitress stuck out out her tongue.

"All right, we have arrived at the kitchen. I'll go to find Head Chef Zhan," said Liao Rui seriously.

"Goodbye, brother." The waitress waved her hand and went back to work.

Head Chef Zhan was about 50 years old. He was skinny and had a red face. Wearing a chef's hat, he looked quite meticulous with a serious gaze. Although he didn't have a chef's certificate, he had studied the roast goose all his life. So this dish was actually his signature dish.

Naturally, he was unable to accept a slightest doubt.

"Master Zhan, can we take out the goose halfway and brush the sesame oil over it? It might be tastier that way." A young man in a chef's suit suggested in a low voice.

"If you brush it on your body and then roast it, I'm sure only fat will come out and not brains." Head Chef Zhan said loudly.

"I told you not to bother our master when he's roasting the goose" Another person stopped the young cook immediately.

"Oh." The young cook became alert right away. He took a step back and spoke no more.

"I have roasted the goose for so many years. How long have you been with me? Get out." Head Chef Zhan stared at him and directly drove him away.

"Hello, Head Chef Zhan." Liao Rui entered the kitchen during the gap and then greeted first.

"What's the matter, Manager Liao?" Without even turning his head, Chef Zhan just stared at the goose.

"The customers in Kaffir Lily Room would like to talk you. It's about your roast goose." Manager Liao knew the temper of Head Chef Zhan well.

Speaking that way could make it appear important and meanwhile wouldn't make him lose temper.

"You guys don't even know how to introduce a goose. I'll be there for five minutes. You guys watch the goose and call me if there is anything." Head Chef Zhan accepted the compliments delightedly. He immediately said to another chef at the side.

"Yes, sure. Nobody in this restaurant knows about the goose better than you do." Manager Liao said seriously.

"That's for sure. No one can roast the goose better than me?" When Head Chef Zhan said that, he wasn't boasting. Instead, he had absolute confidence.