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437 Best Roast Goose In the World

 "Tricks are unpopular nowadays. System, please tell me if you have any more pitfalls." Yuan Zhou supported his forehead and said weakly.

The system displayed, "There is no necessary connection between the two."

"Then, that means there must absolutely have a connection." Yuan Zhou added conveniently.

"Forget it. I'd rather look at my reward to comfort myself." Seeing the system not answer him for quite a while, Yuan Zhou looked at the reward, again.

Upon reading that, however, Yuan Zhou found something different, again.

"What's the intermediate chef reward?" Yuan Zhou asked curiously.

The system displayed, "You can get it after you reach Level 5."

"Sometimes, I feel like you actually say nothing although you are spitting out words." Yuan Zhou couldn't help rolling his eyes.

The system displayed, "Host, the release of the reward for intermediate chef only takes place when you are at Level 5."

When Yuan Zhou saw this answer, he felt quite speechless. Wasn't it just lengthening the sentence just like what school students did?

"Sure enough. Your words are meaningless" Yuan Zhou was fairly speechless.

"If you can't talk about it, then can you say something about the special reward?" Yuan Zhou continued asking.

The system displayed, "The special reward is a special reward to be given to the host."

"Ho Ho." The two words of Yuan Zhou had fully stood for his attitude.

This damn system really knew nothing and Yuan Zhou could do nothing about it.

On one point, however, Yuan Zhou was quite sure, and that was, he could get 60% of the total income after he levelled up. Just this single award was considered to be quite good.

"With such a big reward, the mission seems to be very difficult." Looking at the mission, Yuan Zhou was thinking inwardly about how to complete it.

First of all, he could not publicize the restaurant on his own, which meant that he couldn't spend money on advertising. Therefore, he couldn't complete the mission unless he used a similar way as before, through public reputation.

"Speaking of which, I seem to be going to take part in a TV program." Yuan Zhou suddenly remembered about the shooting the day after tomorrow.

With sudden inspiration, he remembered the business card that Presenter Lu gave to him.

"It seems to be here." Yuan Zhou took the business card out from the sleeve bag and saw the phone number.

He was thinking about what to say.

"Let me call first." Yuan Zhou picked up the business card and prepared to make a call.

"Beep beep beep". The phone didn't ring for long before it was answered.

"Hello, Boss Yuan." The voice of Presenter Lu was as polite and gentle as ever.

"About the questions, I would like to add another one." Yuan Zhou got straight to the point once he spoke.

"No problem. You just tell me and let me record it." Presenter Lu agreed immediately.

"Just add the advantages of this restaurant. So ask something related to that." Yuan Zhou considered for a while and then said.

"Sure. I'll ask you to talk about the advantages of your restaurant. Is that ok?" Presenter Lu instantly organized the word.

"Ok. Sorry to bother you." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Not, not at all." There was a gentle smile in the voice of Presenter Lu.

"So, that's it. See you the day after tomorrow." Upon saying that, Yuan Zhou hung up the phone.

"Bye, Boss Yuan." Presenter Lu maintained polite and courteous all along.

Nonetheless, it happened to be seen by Scenarist Li.

"You are so humble to him." Scenarist Li joked with Presenter Lu.

"Nothing special. I am just appearing to be polite and courteous." Presenter Lu said indifferently.

"No wonder you are a professional presenter." Scenarist Li gave a thumbs up.

After solving the problem, Yuan Zhou felt slightly relieved. For now, he just waited to see the effect after the program was broadcasted and then thought about the plan.

While Yuan Zhou was reassured at his end, there were some people who were arguing strongly about his craftsmanship at the other side.

They were the couple, Wuzhou and Zhuang Xinmu.

It was originally a joyful event, but now they were not that happy.

The event was simple. Wu Zhou didn't go to Yuan Zhou's restaurant these few days, as he was making preparations for his marriage.

It had been nearly one year since Yuan Zhou's restaurant was opened for business. And these two people were also starting to prepare for marriage.

They came out together today to select hotels and reserved the wedding banquet.

"Little Wu, my colleagues introduced the hotel to me. They say the environment and food here are very good. Let's go to try it today. I made the appointment with them half a month ago." Zhuang Xinmu held Wu Zhou's arm and revealed a sweet look on her face.

"It's all up to you. You decide." Wu Zhou said with a bold and generous tone.

"No, that won't do. It's only good when we both feel satisfied." Zhuang Xinmu was very considerate.

"Ok. Let's just have a look first." Wu Zhou smiled and nodded.

"Welcome!" There were two beautiful girls dressed in cheongsams standing at the gate. Once they saw Wu Zhou and Zhuang Xinmu, they uttered softly and welcomed them.

It was located in the suburb of Chengdu. However, the land here wasn't cheap at all. The hotel was not far from a golf course, and about two blocks away, there was a townhouse area. Apart from that, there was also a villa area within a ten minutes' drive.

In other words, this was the legendary wealthy district.

Therefore, this hotel called Goose Jin Xuan also looked splendid and beautiful on every aspect.

Indigo roof, white walls, a spacious courtyard and blossoming flowers in the small garden inside that could be seen from outside the gate.

In place of the stone lions, two beauties in cheongsam were standing at the gate. They looked as delicate and beautiful as the courtyard in the south.

"The environment is pretty good." Having been led into the gate, Wu Zhou said to Zhuang Xinmu.

"Absolutely. The small garden in the courtyard looks so beautiful." Zhuang Xinmu also nodded approvingly.

"It must be the first time that you came here, right? The flowers in this small garden are all planted and managed by ourselves, so they are beautiful." The girl leading the way in front of them explained the flowers in the garden to them smilingly.

It didn't take them too long to get to the main room.

The main hall was also designed in an Eastern style. The wood carvings everywhere and the fresh flowers laid at the corners made the main hall appear to be a delicate woman from the south.

"You must be Mr. Wu and Ms. Zhuang. I am the manager here, Liao Rui. Nice to meet you." As soon as they entered the main hall, a man who was dressed in a business suit came up and said to them. He had a short hair and looked quite spirited.

"Yes we are. Nice to meet you, too." Matters like handshakes were usually done by Wu Zhou in place of his girlfriend. Therefore, Wu Zhou spoke first.

"First of all, I wish you two a happy marriage." Liao Rui congratulated them once he talked.

"Thank you." Wu Zhou smiled with great satisfaction.

Nevertheless, Zhuang Xinmu pinched Wu Zhou and then whispered softly, "I haven't married you yet."

"The sample meal has been prepared. This way, please." Without saying much, Liao Rui reached out his hand and made a gesture.

"You will be mine sooner or later." While Liao Rui was turning his head, Wu Zhou took Zhuang Xinmu's hands.

"Humph." Zhuang Xinmu humphed lightly.

"Please be rest assured. Both the taste of the food and the environment are top-notched over here." Liao Rui said with great confidence.

"Um. We'll know that after we eat." Wu Zhou and Zhuang Xinmu were accustomed to eating in Yuan Zhou's restaurant and of course, they weren't really expecting too much concerning the taste of the food here.

Liao Rui didn't boast much, but just guided them to a private room, on which three characters meaning "Kaffir Lily Room" were written.

"Serve the dishes now." After the two lovers got seated, Liao Rui first talked to the walkie-talkie and then faced Wu Zhou and Zhuang Xinmu.

"The main dish today is roast goose. This dish served in our restaurant is definitely the best in the world." Li Rui said smilingly.

"Roast goose?" Hearing that, Wu Zhou recalled the flavor outside Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Yes, roast goose. It's the signature dish of our restaurant." Liao Rui nodded his head.

Without giving any remarks, Wu Zhou just waited to try the taste.