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436 The Allure of 60% Income Sharing

 Upon reading that, even Yuan Zhou got a little excited and couldn't help knitting his brows.

Yuan Zhou's frown meant nothing to himself, but it scared Presenter Lu.

"What's the matter with you, boss?" Presenter Lu asked carefully and naturally.

"Nothing. You go ahead." Yuan Zhou shook his head and then said.

"OK. There will be about five questions. You only need to answer three." Presenter Lu brought out a very small number.

"Three? I can answer questions at the beginning and the end of the shooting and besides, before customers eat." Yuan Zhou thought about it and said so.

"No problem. Thank you, Boss Yuan." Presenter Lu also thought the same. After all, he knew the habits of Yuan Zhou.

A man who didn't speak when he sculpted wouldn't speak during cooking, either.

"Now that the time is confirmed, I won't bother you anymore. This is my phone number. If you have any questions, you can call me directly." Presenter Lu handed him his business card politely.

"You can decide when to start filming. Just let me know by then." Presenter Lu said with a smile.

"Ok. The day after tomorrow." Yuan Zhou said cleanly.

"Great. I'm leaving now." Since Presenter Lu had got a satisfactory answer, he said goodbye and prepared to leave.

Speaking of which, Presenter Lu was truly clever. His understanding of Yuan Zhou's temperament was also very accurate.

He didn't give his business card to Yuan Zhou when he came for the first time. It would make both Yuan Zhou and himself feel embarrassed if it was refused. Although Yuan Zhou wouldn't necessarily do that, Presenter Lu still put an end to such a possibility.

This time, however, he provided Yuan Zhou with the initiative, which made Yuan Zhou feel embarrassed and thus confirmed the earliest shooting time. Presenter Lu gave Yuan Zhou his phone number voluntarily, then kept a low profile and requested Yuan Zhou to notify him. One must admit that Present Lu had absolutely racked his brains this time in order to complete the task given by the chief editor.

"He's a really clever presenter." Yuan Zhou watched Presenter Lu leave and then sighed.

Although Yuan Zhou didn't discover all the intentions of Presenter Lu, he actually guessed 80% of that correctly. However, Presenter Lu wasn't a bad guy and nor did he have any evil intentions. He just tried to reach his goal according to Yuan Zhou's liking.

Nonetheless, Yuan Zhou was really not good at dealing with others' goodwill, so he agreed. Luckily, it wasn't complicated at all.

"Now I ought to do my own thing." Seeing Presenter Lu leaving, Yuan Zhou turned around and left.

The moment he got back in the restaurant, he closed the door.

"System, I will level up after I complete the mission, right?" While looking at the mission called 'upgrade mission', Yuan Zhou asked meticulously.

After all, it wasn't the first time that the system had played with words like that. Yuan Zhou indicated that he wouldn't be taken in again.

The system displayed, "Yes."

"I will level up immediately upon completion of the mission and there will be no more missions, right?" Yuan Zhou continued asking carefully.

The system displayed, "It is the upgrade mission. Once you complete it, you can level up."

"OK. I trust you this time, System." Yuan Zhou nodded his head with satisfaction.

"Wait, wait. After I level up this time, can I get 60% of the total income?" Yuan Zhou suddenly got very excited.

The system displayed, "According to the rules, yes."

"Haha. I can finally take the greater part." Yuan Zhou almost wanted to yell to the sky.

Such insane behavior of Yuan Zhou could only be seen by the system.

"Come on. Please show me my current level." Yuan Zhou said exuberantly.

Text description: This system came from a galaxy unknown to you. It was invented by the famous Dr. A, in order to let humans obtain higher levels of spiritual enjoyment. It was cast away to the earth 2500 years ago and has experienced 10 hosts. You are No. 11."

Target: The system will help you to get a thorough knowledge of both western and traditional Chinese foods so you can become the top Master Chef in the world.

Host: Yuan Zhou (Ordinary Human, Nationality: Chinese Han)

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Physical quality: B (overall evaluations of neural response, strength, coordination and dexterity, etc.)

Cooking talent: Unknown

Skill: None

Tools: None

5 Dimensions Cooking evaluation: Novice

(A chef that hasn't mastered even one complete dialect cuisines cannot be regarded as a senior chef.)

Grade: 4 (50% income sharing)

"Haha. I'm about to get 60% of the total income. But has my physical fitness improved?" Yuan Zhou looked at the physical quality curiously and then asked.

The system displayed, "It can be improved as long as you keep exercising."

"As expected." Yuan Zhou pinched his own strong arms.

"To be honest, this grade is not my fault." Yuan Zhou felt that it was necessary to reason with the system on that.

The system displayed, "It's because your level is too low."

"Alright. I'm convinced." Yuan Zhou said helplessly.

The system displayed, "Host, please work harder to level up."

"Ok. Let me see the details of the upgrade mission now." Yuan Zhou nodded, tapped the mission open and prepared to check it.

[Upgrade mission] Coming here for you

(Mission tips: Please complete the mission that requires 100 customers to come specifically to eat the delicacies in the restaurant within 30 days.)

[Mission reward] Upgrade once; drawing a lottery once; a special reward; a reward for the intermediate chef

(Reward tips: More rewards are in the hand of the master chef system. Work hard to level up, young man!)

"What does this mission mean?" Yuan Zhou was a little puzzled.

The system displayed, "Customers from other places that come especially for the delicious dishes in the restaurant, not for scenery, not for the culture and geography, not for visiting relatives and friends. This kind of customers cannot be less than 100."

"You mean just catching a plane here for a meal, right?" Yuan Zhou suddenly recalled wealthy Arabian princes.

After all, they even took their own elevator along with them when they traveled out. A private plane could no longer satisfy them and they must take their own elevator.

The system displayed, "Yes. They must come for the host's good craftsmanship."

"One hundred people within thirty days? That means at least three to four such customers per day. I'll have to go and check the rich people in our country, the kind that loves eating." Yuan Zhou simply wanted to support his forehead.

He had great confidence in his craftsmanship, but he was not sure if they could specially summon people from other places just for a meal.

Yuan Zhou was still confident if they came over for a trip and dropped by for a meal on the way after hearing about his reputation.

After all, if they came from afar just for a meal, it was definitely for their favorite food. However, Yuan Zhou was cooking delicious dishes and not heroin. People could still live well without his delicious food, so this mission was indeed very difficult.

"How far do you mean by saying 'other places'? There are quite a few divisions in our municipality. Do people from other divisions count?" Yuan Zhou suddenly remembered the divisions of Chengdu.

If one used a ring to describe areas, there were not only Ring One to Ring Four but also a variety of regional divisions. If so, the difficulty reduced a lot.

The system displayed, "Now that you have completed the hidden mission and become well-known to the whole city, the requirement for you is that they must come from outside the municipality.

"I was wondering why you suddenly rewarded me with a roast goose just now. So you dug a hole and waited for me over here." Yuan Zhou felt that he had a deep understanding of the saying "There is no free lunch" now.

The system displayed, "The starting time of the mission is tomorrow."

"You never feel comfortable if you don't scam others, right?" Yuan Zhou continued to ridicule.

"Couldn't there be more sincerity and less devious plans between the host and the system?" Yuan Zhou asked with exceptional sincerity.