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435 Hope Lies In The Field

 "The attraction of this prince charming is really irresistible." Taking the mink oil in his hand, Yuan Zhou thought complacently in the heart.

However, Yuan Zhou didn't act complacently for long before he saw Presenter Lu, who had just left, return.

"Xi Suo". Spontaneously, Yuan Zhou put the bottle of mink oil into his sleeves.

"Well, I'm sorry. Did I bother you, Boss Yuan?" Presenter Lu apologized once he arrived.

"No. What's the problem?" Yuan Zhou shook his head and then asked.

"I forgot to make an appointment with you. When do you have time tomorrow?" Presenter Lu came to the point directly.

"This time of day is alright." Yuan Zhou checked the time and said.

"Alright. I'll drop by to visit you again tomorrow. Sorry to bother you." Presenter Lu agreed immediately with a smile.

Presenter Lu turned around smilingly and was more certain of the probability that Yuan Zhou would agree him.

It was actually one of Presenter Lu's plans to come again and ask about the time.

If Yuan Zhou agreed to confirm the time with him, he was likely to make it. If not, he had to change another plan.

Judging from the current situation, however, he didn't need to do that.

"Boss Yuan isn't as tough as imagined before." Presenter Lu murmured and then he went back into his car and prepared to leave.


Yin Ya went straight back to her company after she sent the mink oil to Yuan Zhou. Not until the following day did she meet Man Man on the way to Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Ya Ya, what are you going to eat today?" Man Man greeted her first.

"I'm going to eat something bland. Yesterday, I ordered the Braised Pork with Soy Sauce of the 100 Styles of Rice Cuisine." Yin Ya answered smilingly.

"You are so cunning. The dish I have ordered is only available this evening, so I will eat yours for lunch." Man Man immediately stopped Yin Ya.

"No problem. I will eat yours in the evening." Yin Ya retorted smilingly.

"Ok. This Braised Pork with Soy Sauce is really a blessing to girls." Man Man sighed with emotion.

"Exactly. It tastes of meat and has the calories of rice. It's simply a heavenly food." Thinking of the Braised Pork with Soy Sauce that melted upon touching the mouth, Yin Ya also revealed a manner of enjoyment.

"Right on. It feels to be the same as an authentic meat dish." Man Man nodded her head continuously.

They were talking so happily as if the Braised Pork with Soy Sauce made of rice had been in their mouth.

The lean meat was chewy and still carried the fragrance of authentic meat while the fat melted upon touching the mouth, along with the strong fragrance of soy sauce which lingered in his mouth. Matched with the sweetness of the cane sugar, it was simply an invincible delicacy.

"When exactly can Boss Yuan develop other meat dishes? Just thinking of that makes me drool." Behind the beautiful appearance of Yin Ya was also a heart of a foodie.

"It's difficult only for others, but not for you. Why don't you ask?" Man Man rolled her eyes and said in a teasing manner.

"Man Man, don't talk nonsense." There suddenly appeared a blush on Yin Ya's face. Matched with her porcelain white skin, she was extraordinarily beautiful.

"Tell me later how you sent him the medicine yesterday. Ok?" Man Man took Yin Ya's hand and revealed an evil laugh.

"Yesterday? Yesterday, I told him that you offered the medicine and I was just running errands. Haha." Yin Ya deliberately spoke with a long breath. She burst into laughter while looking at Man Man.

"Even if you say so, no one will believe in you." Man Man didn't care about her answer at all. Instead, she said affirmatively.

"It's not for sure." Yin Ya smiled and said.

Without saying anything else, Man Man just shrugged and imagined in his mind what they had talked.

The two girls joked and walked to Yuan Zhou's restaurant together like that. Therefore, Man Man stared at Yuan Zhou with a weird gaze for quite a while when they started to eat lunch.

Yuan Zhou was quite uncomfortable by the stare. After thinking for a while, he guessed she might come here to confirm if the mink oil worked well.

Once the lunch time ended and there were few customers left, Yuan Zhou stopped Man Man.

"Man Man, wait a moment."

"Are you talking to me?" Man Man took a look at Yin Ya and then asked in surprise.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

When Zhou Jia found the three people were going to talk, she reacted and immediately left.

"What's the matter?" Man Man stopped Yin Ya who wanted to leave and then asked him.

"Thank you for providing me the mink oil yesterday. It worked very well on me." Yuan Zhou thanked her sincerely.

"Haha. You are welcome. It's..." Just when Man Man wanted to say it was Yin Ya who requested that, Yin Ya pinched her waist forcibly. Therefore, she stopped at once.

"Um?" Yuan Zhou didn't know what happened.

"Never mind. If it works well on you, use more of it. That way, Yin Ya wouldn't have come in vain." Man Man said primly.

"Ok. I will." Yuan Zhou nodded and agreed.

"Alright. I'm leaving now. There's still so much work in my store." Hinted by Yin Ya with her obscure gaze, Man Man took her leave right away.

"Be careful on the way home." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and saw the two girls walk away.

"I know, I know." After a nod, Man Man was pulled away by Yin Ya.

"Friendship between girls are really strange." With Yuan Zhou's sharp eyes, he naturally found Yin Ya was pinching Man Man just now and thus sighed with emotion like that.

He didn't sigh with emotion for long before Presenter Lu arrived concisely.

"Boss Yuan, good afternoon." Presenter Lu greeted Yuan Zhou smilingly once he arrived.

"Hello." Yuan Zhou nodded.

Yuan Zhou wasn't good at coping with others' kindness, therefore he appeared to be more solemn sometimes. For example, now.

"Boss Yuan, here's the thing. I made a proposal today about how many episodes would be and what questions might be asked. It's here with me. Do you want to have a look?" Presenter Lu took out a folder immediately and said courteously.

"Pardon?" Yuan Zhou was a little muddled. Besides, he felt it was troublesome, too. After all, that folder wasn't thin at all.

"If it's inconvenient for you to read by yourself, let me explain it to you." Presenter Lu said smartly.

"Ok. Tell me, please." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Alright. I will stress on what questions I will ask in the shooting." Presenter Lu guided Yuan Zhou step by step without a trace.

Once Yuan Zhou nodded, Presenter Lu said at once.

"What do you want us to shoot? I will introduce the questions according to your answer." Presenter Lu asked that craftily.

"I haven't agreed with you on the filming." Yuan Zhou hit the nail on the head.

"I'm sorry for being in such a hurry. Do you agree for me to film?" Presenter Lu didn't feel embarrassed at all. Instead, he just continued asking.

"How long will the filming take?" Yuan Zhou asked.

"As your culinary skills are so wonderful, I think half an hour is enough. We don't even need the aftereffects." Presenter Lu praised Yuan Zhou without a trace.

"Ok. You can film me when I cook dishes for myself." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and agreed.

"Good. Sorry to bother you." Presenter Lu became happy immediately.

"How many episodes are you going to film?" Yuan Zhou remembered that it was a series and thus asked.

"Five, five episodes in all. Don't worry. We still adhere to the principle that we never disturb you." Presenter Lu said with confidence.

Presenter Lu knew well that Yuan Zhou was afraid of trouble, so he had prepared only a few questions. Meanwhile, the questions were funny and could enable them to interact with each other. He really had a good command of language."

What a joke! The script was written by the screenwriter under the supervision of Presenter Lu, who had only one requirement. LESS WORDS!

Therefore, Presenter Lu introduced all the questions within ten minutes.

"Here are all the questions." Presenter Lu said smilingly.

"Ok, good. When are you going to shoot?" Yuan Zhou asked.

Before Presenter Lu answered him, however, the system suddenly appeared in his mind.

The system displayed, "Leveling up mission is hereby unlocked."