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433 A Special Way of Selling

 "Stop it. Don't quarrel. Let me ask him." Jiang Changxi shouted energetically.

"Eh..." Startled by the shout, all customers in the restaurant shut their mouth subconsciously.

Jiang Changxi looked at the restaurant that calmed down with satisfaction. Only then did she turn her head and said to Yuan Zhou while looking at him.

"Boss Yuan, were you experimenting with a new dish just now?" Jiang Changxi asked directly.

"Yes, a new dish." Yuan Zhou stood in the kitchen and nodded his head seriously.

"What dish is it and when are you going to serve it?" Jiang Changxi was always frank and never beat around the bush when she talked to Yuan Zhou. Otherwise, Yuan Zhou might give her a vaguer answer.

"Roast Goose. The time to serve it is yet to be confirmed." Yuan Zhou looked at the blisters on his hand without a trace and said positively.

"Roast Goose? It's surprisingly the roast goose? OMG. I want to eat it." It was Man Man who said that first.

"Surprising. It seems to be the first time that Boss Yuan served a dish of an entire animal?" A customer said curiously.

"You are talking nonsense. Isn't the Phoenix Tail Prawn one whole?" Another customer beside him retorted back at him without any hesitation.

"I'm not talking about the prawns. I mean the intact chicken or fish. This Roast Goose is certainly intact." The first customer explained smilingly.

"You are right." Only then did the customer who spoke just now nodded his head.

"Why hasn't the time been confirmed?" There was full of puzzlement on the beautiful face of Jiang Changxi .

"I know. It's definitely because he has to respect the goose's mood." Man Man answered with a mischievous tone.

"Haw-haw. Yeah, right. It's presumably because he isn't sure when the goose has a good mood, either." Wu Hai answered delightedly while stroking his small mustaches.

Ever since Yuan Zhou explained once that it depended on the mood of the bees, this excuse had been a funny topic among them.

"No. It depends on my mood." Yuan Zhou knitted his brows and explained seriously.

"Ah? Why?" Wu Hai asked unconsciously.

"I only provide four roast geese every month." Yuan Zhou brought out the reason.

"It truly depends on your mood. So we just wait for you to have a good mood and make the roast goose, right?" As a lettered literary youth, even Wu Hai couldn't help rolling his eyes.

"Boss Yuan, life is all about action." Ling Hong showed his forearm's muscle and encouraged him.

"He's right. Man cannot be too lazy. Judging by the fragrance, four roast geese cannot even fill my stomach." Wu Hai nodded his head continuously.

"If Zheng Jiawei hears that, he will be very happy." Yuan Zhou ridiculed Wu Hai expressionlessly.

He said that because he often saw Zheng Jiawei run after Wu Hai and ask him to draw.

"How can the art be urged? Art is the collision of inspirations." Speaking of drawing, Wu Hai was always so solemn and serious.

"Yes. It also applies to me." Yuan Zhou nodded his head approvingly.

Alright. Wu Hai then found nothing to answer him.

"Everybody, business time commences now. Please take your time." Shen Min made use of every bit of time and said that.

Hearing that, the customers didn't pay attention to the new dish anymore. After all, eating lunch first mattered most for now. The blast of the fragrance just now made them almost drool. Of course, they also swallowed much saliva.

"This old man is going to be extravagant for once. One serving of Dongpo Pig Knuckle and two servings of Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set." The grandpa ordered generously.

"Can you eat the pig knuckle?" The grandma instantly got angry.

"Yes, why not? It is anyhow cooked by Little Master Yuan." The grandpa said with his face full of smiles.

"Only this time, once." The grandma agreed after she pinched the grandpa.

After all, the pig knuckle was obviously greasy. The old man had a weak stomach and thus, it was fairly common for the grandma to be worried about her husband.

"Translucent beef Slices and plain cooked rice." The customers all ordered the meat dishes today.

It was presumably due to the crisp and fragrant taste just now that gave them such good appetite.

Shen Min passed the customers' order earnestly to Yuan Zhou while Yuan Zhou started to prepare it upon hearing that.

When he was making preparations, others inevitably saw the blisters on his hand.

As the time went by, Yuan Zhou had been accustomed to the blisters which were about a pea's size on his hand, which didn't affect his movement, either.

"Look! Was Boss Yuan burned?" Yin Ya, who didn't want to talk to Yuan Zhou because of the matter of the treat last time, found it first.

"It seems to be so." Jiang Changxi never cooked, so she didn't really know about that.

"It's definitely a burn with such big blisters." Anyhow, Man Man was the boss of a patisserie. Upon seeing his hand, she nodded her head positively.

"Well..." Yin Ya didn't know what to say for that moment.

"He needs to use the medicine now. I don't think he has used any. Look at the shiny blisters." Man Man turned her head and took a look at Yin Ya and then said while frowning.

"Burn ointment?" Yin Ya wasn't clear about that, either.

"It's of little help. I have a bottle of mink oil that my friend has brought for me. It's especially useful for burns." Man Man got a shine in her eyes and suddenly remembered.

"Man Man, if Boss Yuan's burns get worse, he might need to rest again and then we'll be unable to eat the delicacies. Do you think it's necessary for you to donate your mink oil to him?" After Yin Ya heard that, she said to Man Man immediately.

"Ok, sure. But I won't give it to him directly in case he shows off too much. Ya Ya, you go give it to him." The evil smile on Man Man's face was even noticed by Jiang Changxi, but Yin Ya only concentrated on Yuan Zhou's wounded hand.

"No problem. Give it to me after lunch." Yin Ya agreed straightforwardly without hesitation.

She had forgotten the embarrassment that she encountered last time when she had a meal here.

"Um. Then it's settled." Man Man winked secretly at Jiang Changxi before she said that primly.

While cooking earnestly with a face mask, Yuan Zhou nevertheless didn't know the blisters on his hand were cared about by three beautiful girls.

As Yin Ya had accepted the work, Jiang Changxi specially instructed Ling Hong and Wu Hai who had also found the blisters not to butt in, leaving this work to Yin Ya.


Time flies when one is busy. Two hours passed very quickly and Yuan Zhou had forgotten the pain of the blisters.

"Thanks for coming. See you in the evening." Like always, Yuan Zhou stood in the kitchen and said courteously.

That also meant the complete end of the lunch time.

"Boss, I'm going back now." After Shen Min saw the last customer off, she said to Yuan Zhou.

"Be careful on the way back." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Ta Ta Ta". Not until Shen Min's footsteps receded did Yuan Zhou sit down and have a rest.

Just a few minutes later, a human head appeared at the door. It was Wu Hong.

Yuan Zhou almost couldn't help but frown.

Having thought for a while, Yuan Zhou opened one side of the long curved table and walked out of the restaurant.

"Master Yuan Zhou, are you done now? Do you want to take me as your disciple now?" Seeing Yuan Zhou come out, Wu Hong asked at once.

Without saying anything, Yuan Zhou first looked at the small camp chair that just appeared at the door today. When he turned his head and saw Wu Hong's leisure state, he knew it was carried here by him. Then, he took a deep breath and said.

"Wu Hong, I won't take you as my disciple. No matter how long you stand here, one day, one week, one month or one year, I won't change my mind." While saying that, Yuan Zhou appeared incomparably earnest and serious.

"Why?" Wu Hong opened his eyes wide and blushed instantly and then he asked loudly.

"You lack a most important thing to be a chef." Looking at Wu Hong, Yuan Zhou just remained indifferent to his anger and rage.

"What is it? How do you know I don't have it?" Wu Hong didn't really believe Yuan Zhou.

"Wu Hong, you have to know that only an iron rod can be ground into a needle while the wood can only be ground into a toothpick. But obviously, you haven't even made the effort of being a toothpick." Yuan Zhou looked at the small camping chair meaningfully.

"You! Humph!" Wu Hong couldn't help uttering that.

Yuan Zhou just refused Wu Hong at the very beginning, but now, he straightforwardly said in his face that he hadn't made any effort. Hearing that, Wu Hong totally couldn't accept this statement as he felt that he had truly been very sincere.

Having taken a look at Yuan Zhou, he turned around and prepared to leave.

"Please take your camp chair away with you. Be careful on the way back." Yuan Zhou said coldly behind him.

That made Wu Hong simply overwhelmed with shame and rage. He ran over there with quick steps, took the camping chair and ran away immediately.