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432 The Fascination of the Roast Goose

 "I think it might be a refreshing dish. After all, Boss Yuan is unpredictable." Man Man also started to guess.

"Isn't that the fragrance of Roast Goose?" Being more familiar with the taste, Ling Hong figured it out immediately.

"We all know that. We are just guessing what taste it would be since it's cooked by Boss Yuan." Jiang Changxi showed a supercilious look to Ling Hong.

"That's right." Man Man nodded her head.

"Do you think you can figure out the taste of Boss Yuan's dishes just by thinking?" Ling Hong rolled his eyes.

"Don't you think that Boss Yuan is eating alone?" Wu Zhou asked weakly.

"Don't say it out. I will be unable to control myself from disassembling the door." Man Man clenched her fist and said earnestly.

"Boss Yuan, Boss Yuan, open the door. Time for business hours." Wu Hai directly carried out Man Man's thought.

"Young people are all in a hurry nowadays. They don't even have good patience." The grandpa said seriously.

"Oh, yeah. Then why are you dragging me forward so quickly?" The grandma did well in counteracting his words.

"Cough-cough. I just don't want you to get hurt in the crowd." The grandpa looked carefully at the grandma and said.

"Come on. Don't lie to me. Let's just move forward honestly so that we can eat it earlier." The grandma was very honest and frank.

Wu Hai's loud knock at the door didn't affect Yuan Zhou at all. After all, anything provided by the system was top level.

Even if Yuan Zhou had just failed in taking out the green plums, the following procedures could never be ignored.

When Yuan Zhou did his homework during his childhood, he always erased the wrong characters after completely writing them even if he had found the error earlier.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou likewise did the following procedures according to the perfect cooking method without stopping.

The most important factor to roast the goose in the ceramic jar was the temperature control. Due to the slow heat dissipation and fast heating rate of the ceramic jar, it was quite difficult to master the temperature concisely. If something went wrong, the goose would become black from head to foot.

"It's almost done." Yuan Zhou said affirmatively when he heard the slight sound of the oil cracking and the wood burning.

He put on the heatproof gloves and uncovered the roasting oven after a sound of "Hu La".

"Judging from the smell, everything is good." Yuan Zhou smelled the crisp and fragrant taste of the roast goose and said while frowning.

Ever since his hand was scalded, Yuan Zhou had been knitting his brows and never felt relieved.

He reached out his hands to take the roast goose out. Then, the fragrance of the roast goose filled the air.

Obviously, the system could have shielded the sound, but it didn't, presumably because of its evil personality. People waiting outside became more helpless when they smelled the fragrance.

"Growling..." The stomach of Jiang Changxi was protesting.

"Sister Jiang, your stomach..." Man Man took the sleeve of Jiang Changxi and said.

"Damn it. It's all Yuan Zhou's fault. He often cooks delicious dishes in his restaurant, but doesn't sell it to us. Sigh. I'm starving." Who was Jiang Changxi? She was the three-lost woman and totally wasn't embarrassed at all. She even straightforwardly complained Yuan Zhou.

"Me, too. I'm also very hungry." Man Man covered her stomach and revealed a bemoaning expression.

"What exactly is the little Boss Yuan cooking? It's so fragrant. This old man is almost drooling." The grandpa tried to look into the restaurant anxiously.

"Boss Yuan, it's immoral to do so. Please open the door quickly. Even if we can't eat, we can enjoy looking at it." While patting on the door, Wu Hai said with a euphemistic tone.

"Little Min, do you have the key? We can just have a look at what your boss is cooking at the door and won't go inside." Ling Hong looked at Shen Min kindly with a smile on his face.

"No, I don't, Mr. Ling." Shen Min swallowed her saliva and said nervously.

"Oh. How long do we have to wait?" Ling Hong was originally very handsome. The melancholy way he talked had great effect toward such girls like Shen Min.

"Ten minutes. After that, my boss will open the door." Shen Min checked the time carefully and then said.

"Um. Thanks, Min Min." Ling Hong felt rather helpless inwardly.

He certainly knew there were still ten minutes left. Many customers lining up out there were all counting their fingers to wait for business hours to commence.

On the contrary, Yuan Zhou was observing the roast goose inside.

The roast goose was well done once it became golden red from head to foot, with its eyes slightly protruded, the crack appeared in the middle of the body surface and the whole weight became lighter.

The one held by Yuan Zhou in his hand right now completely met this standard.

"It also looks good on the surface." Yuan Zhou studied the failed roast goose step by step.

It could be considered to be the summary of the experience he had got from the failure.

Yuan Zhou removed the meat hook and tail pin quickly. The gravy inside emitted a light sound of "Hua La".

After that, he picked up the roast goose immediately and poured the gravy in the belly out into a small bowl painted with green leaves.

The small and exquisite white porcelain bowl was filled with brownish red gravy, over which the oil droplets emitted slight heat. It smelled so fragrant and palatable that it made people unable to resist it and couldn't help wanting to taste it.

Following that, Yuan Zhou took out the miracle kitchen knife and cut the roast goose into several pieces quickly when it was still hot.

Then, he moved the roast goose onto a large plate with the kitchen knife.

The whole plate looked like a goose. After the cut roast goose was laid inside, the goose seemed to be sitting on another goose with its forehead held up in the front of the plate. On the whole, it appeared fairly graceful.

With a sound of "Hua La", Yuan Zhou poured the gravy straightforwardly onto the roast goose.

The touch of the boiling hot gravy and the crisp skin emitted a melodious sound of "Zi Zi", which stimulated stronger fragrance.

"The skin is smooth and glossy and looks like it has been brushed with honey. Perfect." Yuan Zhou looked at the finished product and said objectively.

"There's only the taste left for me to try now." Yuan Zhou picked up his own chopsticks and prepared to eat.

After all, there were only a few minutes left before he opened the door.

He picked up a piece of the roast goose and directly stuffed it into his mouth without any hesitation.

Once the roast goose entered his mouth, however, Yuan Zhou knitted his brows.

"It's indeed so." Yuan Zhou gulped down the meat in his mouth and said with an expected manner.

As the green plums had their skin broken, the intrinsic astringency and bitterness contained in them originally suddenly burst out and then went into the goose meat. For that little amount of offensive taste, others naturally couldn't distinguish it, but Yuan Zhou could.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou believed his first Roast Goose had failed.

Nonetheless, Yuan Zhou didn't waste it at all. He ate up the better part of the 3500g Roast Goose and left the remaining bones to Broth.

He just ignored that it was merely a pet dog.

"Hey, a special meal today. You can eat some bones." Yuan Zhou looked at the dog Broth that was waiting to eat and said earnestly.

In his opinion, it was only common that cats eat fish and dogs eat bones. After all, he was the man that fed Broth with the noodle broth.

After doing all that, Yuan Zhou opened the door.

"Well, why are there so many people outside?" The instant Yuan Zhou opened his eyes wide, his serious expression returned immediately. The image mattered most.

However, he was a little puzzled. After the queuing machine was put into use, people lining up out there were usually the first twenty customers who could enter the restaurant first. But now, the big crowd of people outside nevertheless appeared to be more than 20.

However, the puzzlement was dispelled by Wu Hai at once.

"Boss Yuan, you've gone too far. What exactly are you cooking? Can we continue playing together happily after this?" Once Wu Hai entered the restaurant, he looked around.

"Yeah, yeah, you are right. My drool almost reached my chest." The grandpa was strong even though he was old. He took the grandma's hand and crowded into the restaurant directly.

"Eating alone usually comes to no good end." Ling Hong also said that.

"Everybody, please get inside based on your turns. Please line up and come in." Having been pushed by the crowd to the door, Shen Min only squeezed into the restaurant now and said loudly.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou just walked towards the kitchen with quick steps and an indifferent look.

After all, these people seemed to be here to eat him rather than the dishes...