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431 The System’s Routine

 "Hiss... I didn't expect it to be so hot." Yuan Zhou frowned tightly.

The plum that had just been clamped out was stuck at the opening and revealed its greenish yellow flesh.

The blisters on his hands were hurting him painfully.

Yuan Zhou closed his eyes and began to call to mind the information he had received carefully.

The information offered by the system was from the masters of meat roasting. Apart from the cooking methods, there were also their understandings and conclusions. Then, Yuan Zhou selected an optimum one from these ideal methods.

As a matter of fact, Roast Goose is relatively greasy. Speaking of which, the Beijing Roast Duck naturally couldn't be neglected.

"The Beijing Roast Duck that I'll make in the future can't be too greasy, but for now, I have to overcome this problem first." Yuan Zhou knitted his brows and looked at the blisters.

He could neither use medicine nor touch the roast goose now as it was too hot.

At the very beginning, people selected geese with 30% lean and 70% fat to make the Roast Goose. These kinds of geese tasted fat and tender as well as delicious and fragrant after being roasted. For now, however, people preferred healthy delicacies compared to greasy ones.

Just like how a lot of people felt the roast duck didn't taste as good as before. However, they didn't know how it was like a long time ago.

If one wanted to entertain others with the roast duck, the guest had to make the reservation three months in advance and pay early at that time in order to feed the goose selected by the customer. Then, the goose would definitely be fed until it was big and fat before the final day came. As people had not many chances to eat meat or fish at that time, the roast duck prepared in that circumstances was naturally plump and sweet as well as delicious and fantastic.

As the living standards improved, people had started eating meat or fish far too frequently in the recent years. Therefore, there was no need for food that was too greasy. Hence, Yuan Zhou stuffed the sour plum into the roast goose.

The green plum had just been pickled and each of them was perfectly round, without any fractures on the surface.

The plums that had just been pickled tasted sour more than sweet. The fruit acid was sealed in the belly of the goose and slowly diffused into the inside of the flesh. Then, it infiltrated directly through the bones into the subcutaneous fat that had been blown.

That way, the delicate fragrance and sourness of the green plum would be scattered throughout the inside of the goose. Halfway through roasting, however, the plums must be taken out and replaced with gravy to allow the flavor to seep into the flesh.

The green plums tend to melt into the flesh of the goose if roasted too long and would carry some bitterness, so Yuan Zhou must take them out before that happened.

Due to that, Yuan Zhou couldn't clamp it out using hard objects. He could not let the gravy flow out nor destroy the pulp but allowed the plum to stay in the belly of the goose. That was also the cause of Yuan Zhou being burned.

"Let me take the remaining ones first. Hiss..." said Yuan Zhou. After that, he directly reached out his hand, but the goose that didn't cool down much scaled him again.

Plus, with the swelling blisters, the feeling was really unbearable.

"Hiss... It's really hot goose meat." While Yuan Zhou was complaining to divert his attention from the great pain, he tried his best to take the green plum out as soon as possible.

However, the blisters on his hand hindered the performance of Yuan Zhou. During the process, four green plums were slightly damaged and all of them were pinched out by Yuan Zhou as it was truly hot.

Right after that, Yuan Zhou picked up the ceramic scissors and immediately cut off the wings and claws with a sound "Ka Ca Ka Ca" so that they wouldn't be scorched and produce the bitter taste.

"Hua La", Yuan Zhou quickly poured the brine into the belly and then hung it up again to continue roasting.

"Hoo..." Yuan Zhou looked at the oven cover that was shut again and felt relieved.

"I used four minutes more than the time limit and broke three green plums. No wonder it's the ideal cooking method, it's so difficult." Yuan Zhou looked at the wound on his hand and sighed slightly.

It was the first failure that Yuan Zhou had encountered since he owned the system. Even the eccentric royal chef gave the cooking method of the signature dish to him in the end.

"Interesting. It's indeed awesome." Yuan Zhou sat down and looked at his hands in a daze.

In the beginning, Yuan Zhou had thought he could manage to get the green plums out of the goose within three minutes after it was taken out of the oven and then hang the goose up again. Naturally, he knew the roast goose would be scalding, but his sculpting skills were already at the level of a grandmaster.

That meant he could move his hands quickly and wouldn't be so easily burned. Therefore, Yuan Zhou selected the perfect cooking method with confidence.

As a severe OCD victim that must align everything with the ceiling, he would certainly pursue the perfect cooking method.

"Hua La". Fiddled by Yuan Zhou in the plate, the green plums emitted some sound.

"It seems that the initial stage and later stage are easier to get through while the middle stage is a little hard." Yuan Zhou observed the green plums carefully.

It was indeed so. At first, he hadn't adapted to such a high temperature, but he managed to hold on with his willpower. In the middle stage, however, the goose became too hot and thus four green plums were broken. The latter stage was nevertheless easier because he was numb to being burned.

"Speaking of which, do you have any advanced burn ointment, system?" Yuan Zhou shook his scalded hands and asked sincerely.

The system displayed, "No."

"How merciless you are!" There were no such medicines the last time when he was injured and naturally, there wasn't any this time, either. Therefore, Yuan Zhou just asked about that casually.

The system displayed, "Friendly tip: you can soak the wounded part in cold water for half an hour first. Generally speaking, the earlier you soak the wounded part in cold water and the lower the temperature is, the better the effect is. However, the temperature can't be lower than 5 degrees in order to avoid frostbite. But if the wounded part has bubbled and broken, you can't soak it in the water for fear of infection. Host, you can soak your hands and the cold water has been provided."

"You can use the light brine to wipe your wounded part gently for antiphlogosis. Besides, according to the ancient medical books, the Chinese gromwell ointment can be used to cure burns. So is the Jingwanhong oil and natural mink oil. Also, you can wipe the wounded part with Qiu You to treatment."

"Apart from that, you can also cover your injuries with the egg white blended evenly with cooked honey for antiphlogosis and analgesia. You can use whatever you like."

"Tsk--tsk. I didn't expect that you surprisingly have the same functions as Baidu. Thank you." Yuan Zhou ridiculed the system while soaking his hands in the cold water.

However, the system didn't answer him at all. Only the words that appeared in his mind was made bold and became more conspicuous

"Use the rock honey and the eggs laid by hens that eat better even than the Wagyu cows to apply to on the burn? It's really a luxurious home-made scald ointment!" Yuan Zhou broke eggs while laughing at himself.

So it was. After all, it was the truth that the hens ate better than Yuan Zhou.

Yuan Zhou was never idle when he stayed with the system. After all, he was only afraid of dealing with interpersonal relations and was not autistic. Therefore, he started to think about taking advantage of the system again.

"System, look at me. I'm burned, so can you not charge me the cost of the eggs and honey?" Yuan Zhou asked in a seemingly careless manner while applying the medicine to his own wounds gently.

The system displayed, "Host, you are now at level four. We split the cost 50/50."

"No, no, no. This is the injury caused during working hours, which should be called an occupational injury. So it is mine." Yuan Zhou tried to cheat it primly.

The system displayed, "Host, please work hard to level up."

"Ho Ho. It's again like that. When can we exactly have a pleasant conversation?" Yuan Zhou felt rather helpless after he failed.

When he opened the cash box, he really found that he had lost money.

"You move so quickly." Yuan Zhou closed the cash box and spoke no more.

Instead, he looked at the roast goose in the oven.

As it wasn't in the business time, Yuan Zhou's restaurant naturally didn't prevent the scent from leaking out. Immediately, it was surrounded by a crowd of people.

"What a coincidence! I just came back and there's a new dish, again. It smells so nice." The grandpa stood at the door with his wife and appeared quite happy.

"It's indeed a new smell that we have never eaten before." Ma Zhida also affirmed that.

"Waiting to eat. It must be a meat dish." Wu Hai uttered a few words.