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428 Elaborate Roast Goose

 "Teacher, teacher, can you take me as your disciple today?" Wu Hong's voice passed to Yuan Zhou from a distance and was extraordinarily loud.

Yuan Zhou couldn't help but want to support his forehead. Thinking of his aloof prince charming figure that he had shaped with difficulty, however, he managed to refrain himself from doing that.

Instead, he just knitted his brows severely.

"Little Master Yuan, you have taken a disciple?" The grandpa looked at Wu Hong who ran into the restaurant rashly and asked in surprise.

"Haha. Oh, yes. Boss Yuan, your little disciple came again," said Wu Hai. Obviously, he knew that Yuan Zhou didn't like trouble, but still showed no mercy towards him.

"Don't say that. Wouldn't that waste our time if Boss Yuan suddenly agrees to his request?" Ling Hong was a little more conscientious than Wu Hai, although he said that also for food.

"No, I have no intention of taking anyone as my disciple." Yuan Zhou uttered and clarified seriously.

"Besides, there are not many people qualified to call me teacher, which includes you." Yuan Zhou said that quite seriously.

"Teacher..." Wu Hong got a little embarrassed and angry, but he still wanted to say something.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou knitted his brows and interrupted him, "I'm sorry. I think I have made myself understood quite well yesterday. I have no intention of taking a disciple at the moment."

"Teacher, you also say you won't take anyone at the moment. Perhaps, you'll have the intention later." Wu Hong wasn't swayed by Yuan Zhou's refusal at all and he still insisted.

"Now is the opening hours of this restaurant. If you want to eat, please go to line up. If you don't, please leave." Having paid no attention to Wu Hong's words, Yuan Zhou straightforwardly started to drive him away.

"Young man, you can't call him teacher even if he has the thought of taking a disciple," said the grandpa meaningfully before Yuan Zhou spoke.

"Who are you?" Wu Hong didn't have any other meaning in asking that. He was just curious.

"It doesn't matter whom I am. I'm just a customer, but you have bothered me." The grandpa burst into laughter.

"Oh. Yuan Zhou, what do you think?" Upon hearing the grandpa was merely a customer, Wu Hong didn't say anything else. He turned his head and looked at Yuan Zhou expectantly.

"Not mentioning anything else, why do you still address Boss Yuan disrespectfully by name since you are here to acknowledge him as your teacher?" Ling Hong waved his hand and interrupted Wu Hong again.

"I can't address him by name?" Wu Hong revealed a puzzled look.

"Of course you can't. Don't ask me about the reason. Just think about it on your own." Ling Hong answered him bluntly.

"Are you going to eat here?" Seeing Wu Hong flush but still stay in the restaurant, Shen Min went up and asked.

Yuan Zhou was relieved silently. After all, it was fairly tiring to talk with someone that wouldn't listen to your explanations at all.

"No, no, no. I have eaten breakfast." Wu Hong shook his head.

"I'm sorry. Our restaurant is in the middle of running its business and it's a little crowded inside." Shen Min said with a euphemistical manner.

"No problem. I'll wait outside." Wu Hong didn't give up. He clenched his fist and said earnestly.

"Thank you, sir." Shen Min answered courteously.

"Boss Yuan seems to be in big trouble." Ling Hong shook his head.

"Indeed." The grandpa nodded his head approvingly.

"Never mind. I really never intended to take a disciple and even if I'll take one, he's not my choice." Yuan Zhou said earnestly.

With his resolute attitude, Yuan Zhou made his customers feel relieved.

Meanwhile, Yuan Zhou whispered secretly in his mind, "He has absolutely no discernment and is simply far worse than me."

Once the breakfast time ended, Yuan Zhou shut the door after a sound of "Hua La". He totally ignored Wu Hong who was prepared to greet him.

"I'm going to concentrate on the Roast Goose carefully today." Yuan Zhou clapped his hands and said to himself.

Naturally, the door blocked the sight of those people outside.

"He surprisingly shut the door and went to sleep so quickly." Wu Hong put down his raised hand and said helplessly.

"Shall we go, my dear nephew?" His aunt, Wu Qian, appeared and said to Wu Hong.

"Ok. I'll come by again at noon." Wu Hong said energetically.

"Ok. Accompany me to wander around." Wu Qian dragged Wu Hong away.

At the other side, Yuan Zhou started to go upstairs and wash up in preparation for cooking the Roast Goose.

Wiping his face, cleaning the hands, and changing the clothes. Yuan Zhou finished all the preparatory work solemnly before he went downstairs.

After all, the cooking method of the Roast Goose was quite complicated and very difficult. Doing these actions were to calm him down.

Just like what those top martial artists did before the decisive battle. Everything was for bringing his best mental state into play.

"The first Guangdong cuisine of my restaurant." Yuan Zhou breathed out.

"Wait. System, do I need to kill the goose by myself this time?" Yuan Zhou suddenly asked that before he opened the cabinet.

The system displayed, "No need. The system has provided the defeathered goose."

"Great." After saying that, Yuan Zhou immediately pulled the door of the cabinet open.

Once the door was open, a trace of coolness came out from inside.

"It's surprisingly a freezer." Yuan Zhou took out a goose from inside expressionlessly.

Yuan Zhou had already been accustomed to the advanced technology of the system.

"Sometimes, I really feel I'm living in a space filled with technology from the future." After a while, Yuan Zhou's ridiculing voice passed from his face mask.

The system displayed, "The renovation provided by the system is absolute."

Yuan Zhou didn't know why, but he always felt there was a prideful feeling from the ice cold words.

Besides observing the ingredients, Yuan Zhou also got used to smelling, looking and touching them in sequence.

"Um. It seems the goose hasn't been killed for more than half an hour. The abdomen is still warm and the color is also very beautiful." Yuan Zhou was observing the naked goose on the chopping board silently.

The system displayed, "Yes. The goose was killed at 9:05 a.m. It only takes 10 minutes from killing to cleaning the feathers."

"It's really as expected." Yuan Zhou took a look at the clock on the wall. It was barely 9:20.

While Yuan Zhou was distinguishing the flesh of goose at his end, Ling Hong suddenly thought of the girl that came from the school for the deaf and mute.

The answer given by the shy man that day was in accordance with Ling Hong's expectation but also contrary to his expectations.

Not long after he asked the shy man that day, the girl came to line up. Just as usual, the shy man walked quickly to the back of the girl and looked at her silently, yet not preparing to greet her voluntarily.

When they entered the restaurant, however, he quickly took a seat next to the girl. He moved really really quickly.

Occasionally, he talked as if he was muttering to himself, but once the girl took a glimpse at him, he became quite delighted with a blush on his face.

"I happen to be free now. Let me go have a look." Ling Hong slightly turned the steering wheel and drove to that street.

Ling Hong was just curious if they would end up as a couple in the end. However, he would never reveal the girl's problem.

"A shy man who's eager for the physical health and a mute girl who's kind and optimistic. Cupid is really interesting." Ling Hong tittered and thought that. Then he changed direction and drove back to his company at the next crossing.

"I would be seen as abnormal if I go watch her this way. Forget it." Ling Hong put on the sunglasses in a posturing way and drove across the street fast.

Naturally, Yuan Zhou had no idea of that as he was also in shock.

"Did you say it is the Eastern Zhejiang White Goose?" Yuan Zhou picked the goose up and observed it carefully.

"As far as I know, the raising history of the Eastern Zhenjiang White Goose was as long as 1600 years, isn't it?" Yuan Zhou had an impressive memory now. Once the breed was confirmed, he thought of the related information immediately.

"But this goose doesn't seem to be from Xiangshan or Fenghua. Instead, it's seemingly from Shaoxing." Yuan Zhou said positively.

The ingredients provided by the system was always top-notched. Although Yuan Zhou likewise felt suspicious sometimes, it broadened his scope of knowledge invisibly.

The system displayed, "The breed provided by the system is the Eastern Zhejiang White Goose that is native to Shaoxing. The beak, shin, and web of the goose are all bright orange during their infant stage while those turn reddish orange when it's grown up. Its feet are jade-white color; the color of its caruncle is a little lighter than that of its beak; its eyelids are golden yellow and the colors are bright and beautiful."

"It likes drinking Shaoxing yellow rice wine."

"Pigs that eat watermelon and geese that drink wine..." Upon reading that, Yuan Zhou only wanted to laugh bitterly.