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427 Hidden Mission

 Sometimes, things would always have a turn for the better, at least to the novelist.

It was just like usual, outside the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Many people were crowded around there to wait for Yuan Zhou's restaurant to be opened.

Of course, the two news broadcasters were indispensable among the crowd. They were Liu Zhiming and Pan Ning.

"Did you watch the football match last night?" Pan Ning uttered first.

Like other men, he enjoyed watching football matches, too. As soon as he spoke, it was about the football match.

"Certainly. Atlanta won." Liu Zhiming said smilingly.

Yes, both of them liked Atlanta Team. That's why they were good friends. Otherwise, they might come to blows for the sake of their favorite football team.

"Humph." The novelist felt both heartache and discontented when he thought of the liquor last night. Therefore, he couldn't help snorting coldly.

The voice of the novelist was a little low. Besides that, the customers were used to his straight face and thus didn't actually feel it strange. Only Wu Hai looked at the novelist with a smile when the two news broadcaster started to talk again at the other side.

"What a pity! Sigh..." Pan Ning suddenly sighed.

"It's truly a pity. Can anybody imagine that Liny surprisingly got into a car accident?" Liu Zhiming followed.

"Yeah. He went drunk driving right after winning the football match. It seems that we are unable to see the miracle of catching the ball with his face anymore." Pan Ning had the same liking as Wu Hai. They both liked watching him catch the ball with his face.

"Huh? A car accident?" With a frown, the novelist took out the phone and started to look up the related news.

Once he entered the word 'Atlanta', all related news that appeared was about Liny's car accident. There were all kinds of versions and all types of speculations about it.

"So it is." The novelist read the news with a strange expression and then looked at Wu Hai.

Meanwhile, he couldn't help thinking inwardly, "Yes, you won my liquor. So what? I can let misfortune befall your favorite football player with my will."

That's right. The novelist indeed thought that way. The key point was that he instantly felt better by thinking that.

With the quirky exultation on his face, he stared at Wu Hai without even blinking.

"It's just a cup of liquor. Even if it's bamboo liquor, he doesn't need to reveal such an abnormal expression." Wu Hai, who had no idea of that and moved closer to Ling Hong while stroking his mustaches.

While it was bustling at the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, Yuan Zhou was nevertheless preparing the ingredients quietly on the other side of the door.

Of course, this word "quietly" didn't mean Yuan Zhou was quiet. It actually meant the outside noises basically couldn't pass into the restaurant because of the protection of the system. Therefore, Yuan Zhou could enjoy such quietness.

The system displayed, "Ding. Congratulations you have completed the hidden mission and become well-known throughout the city."

"What the damn is this?" Yuan Zhou was startled by the abrupt information of the system and gave a start.

The system displayed, "Host, you have completed the hidden mission.

"Hidden mission? What's that?" Yuan Zhou was instantly attracted and then asked curiously.

The system displayed, "The hidden mission means the mission isn't released by the system but is triggered and completed by the host himself."

"So is there any reward?" Yuan Zhou was a pragmatic person and he cared only about that.

The system displayed, "Yes. Host, you can check by yourself."

"The system is really generous." Yuan Zhou started to check it smilingly.

[Hidden mission] Within one year, the fame of the host can reach the extent of being well-known throughout the city under the condition that he doesn't publicize by yourself. (Completed)

(Mission tips: The hidden mission means the mission that isn't released nor told to you by the system but is completed by the host himself.)

[Mission reward] Classical Roast Goose (available to be received)

[Reward tips: Despite whatever others owns, we have the Classical Roast Goose.)

When Yuan Zhou realized the reward was roast goose, he was fairly delighted. But when he saw the tips, he didn't feel that good.

"System, is it really necessary to give tips that way?" Yuan Zhou supported his forehead.

"Hey. You think that if you don't speak, I won't know you are here? If you dare to give such tips, why don't you dare to answer me?" Yuan Zhou was made speechless by the capricious tips.

Without realizing that, he used the popular internet slang currently.

"Damn it. It doesn't suit me at all." Once he said that, Yuan Zhou found the slang didn't suit him.

He was anyhow a prince charming.

"Forget it. Receive the reward." Yuan Zhou sighed and received the reward first.

In his mind, a book-shaped object instantly turned into broken bits of light spots and flew into his deep mind.

Yuan Zhou stood for quite a while before he opened his eyes.

"It's really an interesting cooking method." Yuan Zhou went over the cooking method of the roast goose carefully.

The cooking method provided by the system was quite different from those that Yuan Zhou had ever seen before. That made Yuan Zhou quite happy.

"Coincidentally, I haven't served the western-style food set. I can serve this dish first." While stroking his forehead, Yuan Zhou immediately decided to serve this dish that made his customers would fight for later.

The breakfast time soon arrived. And Yuan Zhou's restaurant was also opened.

"Everybody, opening hours commence now. Please take turns and come on in for breakfast." It was Saturday today and Shen Min was on duty.

"I'm starving." The customers said while getting inside the restaurant.

"Exactly. Seldom do I get up so early on Saturday. Fortunately, I can eat it today," said a customer who entered the restaurant among the first ten people.

"Haha. This old man isn't late, either." It was the grandpa who hadn't been here for long.

"Grandpa, you haven't been here for so long." Wu Hai nodded and greeted him.

"I went out to travel with my kids. Everything was going well except that I missed the dishes here." The grandpa clicked his tongue and then said while recollecting the taste in his memory.

"Then go into the restaurant." Wu Hai smiled and said.

"I have got to see what dish has Little Yuan served. Of course, the Soup Dumplings are still my favorite." The grandpa smiled and said.

"I'm providing Soup Dumplings today," said Yuan Zhou naturally. He also saw the grandpa.

"Good. When I was out, I missed the damn Soup Dumplings so much." The grandpa moved quickly and immediately got seated.

"Shen Min, carry them to him." Yuan Zhou took out the emerald green bamboo steamer and told Shen Min directly.

"Alright." Shen Min took the tray right away.

"I will take advantage of my seniority and eat it." The grandpa said smilingly.

"Soup Dumplings, get me one serving, please." Ling Hong said at once.

What a joke! In order to eat it, he had so much trouble at the beginning. Even so, he had eaten it for a few times only.

"Boss Yuan, you really need to prepare more Soup Dumplings." Ling Hong looked at Yuan Zhou with an earnest look.

"After all, we are not the birds that can eat their fill with a small soup dumpling." Ling Hong said after that.

"It's not small. This size is supposed to be the biggest among the ordinary soup dumplings." Yuan Zhou shook his head and then said.

"You also say it's biggest among the ordinary ones. But Boss Yuan's craftsmanship is not ordinary, so he doesn't need to make a comparison with those ordinary ones." No wonder Ling Hong was a successful fop. He was even skilled at complimenting others.

"Tsk-tsk. This young man really has a nice eloquence," said the grandpa while savoring the delicacy leisurely.

"It's indeed good." Wu Hai also managed to find some time to nod.

"No need. I think it's good this way." Yuan Zhou also received the compliment naturally and then refused Ling Hong's proposal.

Up until now, the most complicated and most expensive dish was about to appear in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.