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426 Drinking Water And Sending The Visitor Off

 "Look, this dog really looks like our Guaiguai. What about we take it back home?" The woman took the arm of the sturdy man and said with a manner of a cute woman.

"No." The sturdy man refused her without even thinking a little bit.

"Why?" The woman asked with puzzlement.

"It's a stray dog and is undoubtedly very dirty. Let's go to buy one from the pet shop, ok? That's it," said the sturdy man.

"Alright. I want to drink liquor." The woman humphed sweetly.

"Ok, no problem." The sturdy man answered helplessly.

"Go ask quickly." The woman signaled the sturdy man to go up and ask.

Other drinkers had already gone to the second floor of the pub now while on the first floor, only Yuan Zhou was processing the food ingredients.

According to Yuan Zhou's habit, he arranged the ingredients that could be sorted every day to familiarize himself with these food ingredients, to deepen his understanding, and to cook more delicious dishes. It had been his pleasure by now.

So there are totally three people in the restaurant now, the couples and Yuan Zhou.

"Ah. You must be Boss Yuan. Hello, nice to meet you." The sturdy man nodded his head and then went up to greet Yuan Zhou.

"Hello. The business time for dinner has ended. No customers will be entertained." Yuan Zhou nodded and said straightforwardly.

"I know. I heard you serve liquor here, so I come to inquire if it's true." The sturdy man nodded his head first and then talked about the liquor in a euphemistic way.

"Yes. I provide three bottles of liquor every day." After a nod, Yuan Zhou showed him the menu on the wall beside him.

"That's great. Since Boss Yuan's craftsmanship is so good, the liquor is absolutely tasty, too." The sturdy man continued complimenting.

"Thank you. It's not early." Yuan Zhou thanked him courteously and tried to see him out euphemistically.

Having said that, Yuan Zhou suddenly thought of the scene of drinking water and sending the visitors off in the ancient costume TV drama.

He took the glass cup on the azure stone countertop dumbly and drank a mouthful of the water.

"It's fairly elegant to send visitors off by drinking water." Yuan Zhou nodded to himself in the heart with satisfaction.

"Don't do this, please. We come today to drink the liquor. It's 5888 RMB, right? Can I make the bank transfer?" The sturdy man took out his phone and said with a smile.

"I'm sorry. The liquor has been sold out." Yuan Zhou said earnestly.

"Could you bend the rules for us? Please. Three bottles per day is much little, boss." The woman beside the sturdy man said softly.

"It is the rule of my restaurant to provide three bottles of liquor every day." Yuan Zhou answered lightly.

"The rules are rigid, but we humans are flexible. I think you can bend the rules for us, can't you?" The sturdy man likewise smiled and said.

"I'm sorry. The business time has ended. Feel free to leave, please." After saying that, Yuan Zhou took the cup and drank some water again.

At that moment, it was very clear that he was drinking the water to see them off.

"Are you sure you really can't?" The sturdy man became a little angry by then.

"Rules can't be violated." Yuan Zhou said calmly.

"Humph. Let's go." The woman couldn't help saying that.

"Ok. Let's go." The sturdy man was discontented with that, but he do nothing to change Yuan Zhou's mind.

After all, it was a society governed by laws. Free trading was a basic and universal rule in the markets. No one could force a trade using coercion.

"Um." The woman nodded her head. There was an angry look on her beautiful face, but soon it was well suppressed.

"Ta Ta Ta", the two people then walked out of the door with quicker steps. When they passed by Broth, they didn't even turn their head and take a look at it, not to mention remembering wanting to raise it.

Lying prone on the ground, Broth just watched them go farther and then made a light sound of "Wu Wu". The sound was so low that even Yuan Zhou didn't hear it.

However, it was merely an interlude which was known by Broth and the couples only. As for Wu Hong who stayed at the door, he went to the bathroom. After he came back, he was stopped even before he caught sight of the dog that had barely appeared.

"Wu Hong, don't be naughty. It's too late. Let's go back." Wu Qian looked at her nephew who had stood there for quite a while and then said helplessly.

"Aunt, I haven't made it." Wu Hong was reluctant to leave, but he was truly tired.

"Let's come over here again tomorrow. Can't you see the boss is preparing to close the door now?" Wu Qian took a look at the empty restaurant and persuaded him softly.

"If I leave, will my teacher use this excuse to refuse me?" Wu Hong hesitated.

"Now that you have started to call him teacher, he surely won't do that." Wu Qian said affirmatively.

"Really?" Looking at Yuan Zhou that had no reaction at all and then at his own aunt, Wu Hong felt it not believable.

"Of course. Didn't you call him teacher just now? He might be testing you." Wu Qian wasn't really clear about this matter and thus explained with a well-reasoned logic.

"But in the literary quotation of standing in the snow to wait upon Master Cheng respectfully, the two people waited for so long." Wu Hong thought of his ambition and didn't want to admit defeat. So he said loudly to attract Yuan Zhou's attention.

"But you have also waited for nearly 4 hours. Let's come again tomorrow, ok?" Wu Qian took a deep breath and continued to persuade him.

"Well, okay. We will come tomorrow." Having glanced at Yuan Zhou who didn't even look out again, Wu Hong lowered his head and then said.

"No problem. Let's go." Wu Qian went up and dragged Wu Hong away happily.

"Slow down. Aunt, my legs are aching severely." Wu Hong shouted and explained.

"Look, what a long time you have stood there for? Let's go back. I bought lots of delicious food for you." Wu Qian felt a great heartache with Wu Hong and immediately slowed down her footsteps.

In the meantime, Yuan Zhou was relieved in his restaurant.

"He's finally gone." Yuan Zhou rejoiced at first and then he thought of Wu Hong's last word.

"This guy only stood there for three hours and feels tired. Too weak." Yuan Zhou slightly moved his legs and smiled with irony.

The occupation of the chef was originally laborious. It's very common to stand for one whole day when he was busy.

Take Yuan Zhou who had barely got the system for example, he basically stood for twelve hours per day. Fortunately, the restaurant belonged to him and by now, he had got used to that.

"Hahahahahaha." There passed a roar with laughter from the second floor of the pub. Apparently, it was Wu Hai.

"Humph. Uninteresting." Right after that was the cold snort of the novelist.

"As I said, Atlanta would definitely win. Come on, give your liquor to me." Wu Hai was so proud that the mustaches above his lips could almost dance in the air.

"It's merely the blind cat catching a dead mouse (meaning a sheer blind chance)." The novelist carried a cup of liquor unwillingly to him and still didn't want to admit it.

"Yes, yes, you are right. A dead mouse of 2:0 and 2:1. Haw-haw." Wu Hai totally didn't know where to draw the line and hence continued to show off.

"Humph." The novelist got nothing to say now. He only snorted coldly and then left.

The football match came to an end and so did the opening hours. The drinkers watched the football match contentedly and left one after another.

The novelist felt he lost face and thus was severely indignant. After all, Pescara had always been his favorite team.

Even when he went back home and washed up, he still found it unacceptable. Therefore, he sat on the bed and thought of the match.

"Forget it. Sleep." The novelist let out a sigh and lay down.

At the other side, Wu Hai nevertheless fell asleep delightedly.

Having slept well all night long, Wu Hai went to Yuan Zhou's restaurant early in the morning as usual to wait for breakfast.

So did the novelist. Early in the morning, he rushed towards Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Nowadays, he basically did that every day and longed for the liquor.

The rules of Yuan Zhou's restaurant immediately made the novelist's schedule more regular. After all, he was unable to get up early and draw the lottery if he slept late. Sleeping late meant no liquor.