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425 Where Did Broth Come From?

 When dinner time ended, Wu Hong was still there. As soon as Yuan Zhou came out, he spoke.

"Teacher, please take me as your disciple." Wu Hong didn't speak as loudly as before this time, but still earnestly.

Yuan Zhou looked at Wu Hong in surprise at first. Only after he confirmed that Wu Hong was calling him did he say, "I remember that I didn't agree to your request."

"Yes. So please do take me as your disciple." Wu Hong nodded his head vigorously.

"Then, why are you calling me teacher?" Yuan Zhou frowned.

What a joke! As soon as the word "teacher" was uttered, Yuan Zhou almost thought he had suffered from Alzheimer's disease and forgot he took a disciple.

"You'll definitely take me as your disciple in the end. So I called ahead of time." Looking at Yuan Zhou, Wu Hong revealed quite a resolute expression.

"I'm sorry. I do not intend to take a disciple." After Yuan Zhou repeated that once, he entered the restaurant and no longer came out.

Having returned to the restaurant, Yuan Zhou looked at Wu Hong who was still there and faintly knitted his brows with a distressed look. But soon, he said to himself.

"His aunt will come to persuade him." Thinking of that, Yuan Zhou became relieved.

"Boss Yuan, Boss Yuan. Can I watch a football match here in your restaurant?" Wu Hai ran into the restaurant excitedly.

"Is there a football match?" Yuan Zhou wasn't actually clear about that.

"Yes. Atlanta will be playing versus Pescara in the Italy Cup today. I like the goalkeeper of Atlanta, Liny. He is a man that could catch the ball with his face." Wu Hai stroked his mustaches and revealed an excited look.

"Can football be played with the human face now?" Yuan Zhou asked in surprise.

"Boss Yuan, this is only a metaphor." Wu Hai was made speechless by the question.

"Yes, you can watch the match here under the condition you bring the equipment yourself." Yuan Zhou didn't take notice of Wu Hai's expression, but instead answered his previous question.

"As for the electricity charge, I'm happy today, so it's for free." Right following that, Yuan Zhou continued saying.

"So you mean you will charge me for electricity if you don't have a good mood." Wu Hai asked.

"Of course." Yuan Zhou answered frankly.

"I've never thought you were that kind of person. I just want to watch a football match and you, surprisingly, intend to charge me for electricity." Wu Hai pointed at Yuan Zhou and revealed an unbelievable expression.

"It's for free this time. You are welcome." Yuan Zhou said deservedly.

"..." The thought inside Wu Hai was, "Should I say thank you?"

"Well. Remember to take the equipment away when you finish." Yuan Zhou reminded.

"Don't worry. Zheng Jiawei will send them here and then send them back afterwards." Wu Hai waved his hand and said leisurely.

Yuan Zhou just nodded his head without saying anything.

"Finally, I caught up to it. I can watch the match while drinking. Atlanta, great!" Wu Hai said comfortably.

"Humph. I don't think there's anything good with Atlanta. I prefer Pescara." Once the words were uttered, Wu Hai's delight was interrupted.

"How many time has Pescara been defeated? So weak." Wu Hai immediately retorted back at him.

After saying that, he found it was the novelist that often came to drink liquor.

Once Wu Hai said that, the novelist instantly got infuriated. Whoever dared to speak ill about his favorite football team would receive his ruthless blow.

"A small painter as you surprisingly likes watching football matches?" The novelist snorted.

"You are merely a person that writes something. Do you also understand how the football is played?" Wu Hai said sarcastically.

"At least I'm more knowledgeable than you." The novelist answered, unwilling to admit defeat.

I'm doing art. Of course, a writer like you won't understand." Wu Hai didn't even take a glance at the novelist.

In just that little while, the two people got into an argument over a simple matter that could be subsided with a few words.

Furthermore, Wu Hai even threw down his gauntlet for the sake of that football player who could play football with his face.

"It's definitely Atlanta that will win tonight. I'd bet a cup of liquor on that." Stroking his small mustaches, Wu Hai said with a manner of heroism.

"You are thinking too much. Pescara will absolutely win tonight. One cup, no problem." The novelist immediately agreed to the bet.

"Boss Yuan, you bear witness." Wu Hai directly dragged Yuan Zhou out.

"Ok." Yuan Zhou nodded with a serious expression.

After all, it was a great event that was worth a cup of bamboo liquor.

While the people were discussing in Yuan Zhou's restaurant about the liquor over here, there were also other people trying to obtain the liquor by the side street.

"Sweetheart, the liquor served in that small restaurant is said to be awfully tasty. Shall we go have a try?" Wearing high-heeled shoes, a silky long skirt and a black windbreaker, the woman looked both tall and pretty on the whole.

"You refused to come here when I invited you last time. But now, you are eager to come." Her husband was also a sturdy young man with a BMW car key in his hand. Hearing that, he asked smilingly.

"I didn't know it was so delicious." Upon hearing that, the woman wasn't actually embarrassed.

"I heard the liquor is all ordered in advance. We can only go and try our luck." The sturdy man said helplessly.

"It doesn't matter. Let's just try. Wait, what's that?" The woman had originally intended to play the woman when he suddenly saw Broth lying by the door. She tugged the man's sleeve in surprise.

"It's merely a dog. So what?" The sturdy man was puzzled at first, but when he saw the dog, he said indifferently.

"Why didn't I see it when we came last time? It looks so much like Guaiguai?" The woman was still very astonished.

"I have no idea." The sturdy man knitted his brows.

"Do you think it is Guaiguai?" The woman said with puzzlement when she walked closer and saw the fluffy and soft long grey fur of Broth.

"No, it isn't. When Guaiguai was set free, its body was already festering. This dog doesn't look that way." The man stopped the woman and flatly denied.

"Woof." Broth seldom barked at others. This time, however, it barked once in a blue moon, yet in a low voice. Lying on the ground, it just stared at the two people in front of him with its black eyes.

"See? It even barks to me. I think the face is similar." The woman said hesitantly when she was dragged into the restaurant.

"Okay, okay. Don't be sad. Guaiguai was dying when it got skin disease and was set free. If you really feel sad, we can raise another one later." The sturdy man comforted the beautiful woman beside him gently.

The woman indeed looked sorrowful. She remembered the brown dog Maltese that she had always held in arms and loved when she was out. She either let it go to her husband or to herself. How lovable the Maltese was at that time!

"Is it possible that it's still alive?" The woman asked expectantly.

"No, it's not. Even the doctors said the ringworm was incurable. Don't think about it now. Let's go drink the liquor." The sturdy man patted on the woman's shoulder and comforted her.

The sturdy man didn't believe Broth was actually Guaiguai. After all, they had changed two pet hospitals before they threw the dog out. But the ringworm made Guaiguai keep licking its wounds, which made it unable to be cured. Apart from that, they also found it was a false Maltese once the number of baths it had increased.

All these reasons made them let go of him and set him free.

Staying outside the door, Broth didn't even turn his head, nor did it have other reactions. Just as always, he just watched the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant dutifully.