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424 How To Borrow Money Gracefully

 "I can make it." Hearing so many discussions about himself, Wu Hong blushed and said loudly.

Once Wu Hong said that, the restaurant instantly fell silent for quite a while. After that, a customer uttered.

"Young man, it's not we don't have faith in you. Boss Yuan is just too... You will understand." The customer shook his head and said.

"Yes, he's right. Boss Yuan is nice in every aspect, but just too..." Another customer said right after that.

"Exactly. Everyone that often comes for meals knows Boss Yuan has god-tier culinary skills. But he's just like that." A girl likewise couldn't help saying.

"Too what?" Seeing the customers all reveal an expression of "You will understand", Wu Hong became totally muddled. He didn't know what these customers were talking about.

"He sticks to his own rules strictly." The customers said with one accord.

"It's good to stick to rules." Wu Hong was quite puzzled about that, but he still said that.

"Oh, yeah, absolutely. It's good to stick to rules. However, others at least know to compromise in special circumstances. Here in Boss Yuan's restaurant, never. Don't ever think about it. He doesn't compromise at all," said Gu Li'an who initiated the betting game.

"I heard from others that even Boss Yuan's brother has to line up when he comes to eat," said a customer who had seen Sun Ming before.

"Remember a star also came here once last time? She enjoyed the same treatment as others." A customer suddenly remembered that star.

"Yes. So you won't be different from others. Boss Yuan won't take you as his disciple, either." Gu Li'an shrugged and said positively.

"Not necessarily." Wu Hong clenched his fists and was still reluctant to give up.

What a joke! If he gave up now, what had he stood there for three hours for? Wu Hong felt he could still persist for a while longer.

Sometimes, people were unwilling to give up just because he had invested too much previously and didn't want to waste the previous efforts. Therefore, Wu Hong became more resolute now although he wasn't really so resolute before.

"Boss Yuan, Boss Yuan, is a new dish? New dish?" As soon as Ma Zhida entered the restaurant, he asked about the new dish.

After all, he was a man that called himself The Little Prince of New Dishes.

"Mr. Ma, I'm sorry. But we don't have any new dish available recently." Zhou Jia straightforwardly went up and answered him.

"I don't mean to blame you, Boss Yuan. But you have become lazy and degenerated." Ma Zhida covered his chest with one hand and revealed a look of heartache and headache.

"Mr. Ma, you are still as humorous as before." Zhou Jia smiled cooperatively.

Every time Ma Zhida did so, Zhou Jia and Shen Min basically cooperated with him. Those who often talked sarcastically against him were naturally Wu Hai and some other people.

"Oh, what damn humor! He's just pretending to be childish." Wu Hai snorted.

"Scary. I just want to eat a new dish." Ma Zhida revealed an innocent expression.

"Please sit down and eat." Customers lining up behind started to urge them one after another.

What a joke! This concerns on whether or not they could eat the delicacies earlier.

"Yeah, yeah, I got it. I'll order right away. One serving of Egg Fried Rice, please." Ma Zhida turned his head and begged for mercy. Only then did he tell Zhou Jia.

"Ok. One moment, please." Zhou Jia checked the phone and confirmed the money before nodding her head smilingly.

"Please do tell me what you want to order today?" After she received Ma Zhida, Zhou Jia diverted her attention to a young man seated at the side.

"One serving of Egg Fried Rice." This person also ordered the most frequently ordered dish, the Egg Fried Rice.

"Ok. The price is 188 RMB in all." Zhou Jia brought out the price smilingly.

"Pay before eating?" This person seemed to be new here. Stared by Zhou Jia, he was puzzled at first and only then reacted.

"Yes. It's one of our rules." Zhou Jia nodded her head.

"Ok. Wait a second." The young man had quite slender and white fingers. He reached out his hand and searched in the pockets of his black wind coat.

After his hand reached in the pockets, however, the expression on the face of the young man slightly changed and that lasted quite a while. Fortunately, Zhou Jia wasn't in a hurry.

"Jia Jia, one serving of beef here." The customer beside her shouted voluntarily.

The hands of the young man in front of Zhou Jia were still in the pockets and didn't come out.

The pockets of the coat were not big, but the man acted as if he had put his hands in the treasure pocket. Until now, he still didn't intend to take them out.

Nevertheless, his expression became weirder and weirder. There was a little sweat on his flushed face.

"Sir, I'll go there first to take their orders." Zhou Jia said gently, not intending to urge him.

"Ok. Go ahead." The young man nodded his head earnestly with his hands still in the pockets.

"Alright." Zhou Jia nodded her head and then left.

Once Zhou Jia left, the young man became relieved immediately.

"Bro, it's the first time I have seen you in Yuan Zhou's restaurant, but I think you need this." Just when the young man was searching in his pockets hurriedly, Ma Zhida suddenly said that.

There had appeared two brand-new notes of 100 RMB before the young man answered.

The two notes were completely new and same as other new notes which had bright colors and a clear texture. The hand that held the money was also very beautiful. At least, the young man believed so.

"Thank you." The young man took the money and said courteously without hesitation.

"Not at all. Remember to give it back to me when you finish. If you want to express your gratitude, you can treat me to a meal in Yuan Zhou's restaurant." Ma Zhida said in a joking tone.

"No, don't think about that. It's too expensive to eat there." The young man also joked with him.

Having finished taking orders and returned, Zhou Jia found the two people were chatting with each other like others and there wasn't anything special.

The young man likewise paid the money for the Egg Fried Rice naturally and waited there to eat later.

"Boss Yuan, did you tell Zhou Jia to send water to that guy?" After Ling Hong finished the meal, he stood up, came to the other side and asked curiously.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Tsk-tsk. You changed your mind?" Ling Hong asked with interest.

"No." Yuan Zhou treasured his words very much. After all, Ling Hong had deceived him for quite a few times.

With the thought of saying as little as possible to Ling Hong, Yuan Zhou answered earnestly.

"He looks quite enthusiastic." Ling Hong shrugged.

"Enthusiasm of the young." The implied meaning of Yuan Zhou was that Wu Hong wouldn't stay here for long.

"But he has stood there for more than three hours." Ling Hong burst into laughter.

"That's why I sent water to him." Yuan Zhou looked at Ling Hong and said earnestly to him.

"Then why did you give him the Yibao bottled water and even pour it into the bowl?" Ling Hong wanted to know this most.

"Yes, why? The water we are drinking is good." Man Man loved the cup of mineral water provided along with the dishes in Yuan Zhou's restaurant very much and hence asked curiously.

"Because he's not my customer." Yuan Zhou answered deservedly.

"And also because one cannot simply throw trash outside." Yuan Zhou liked speaking in two parts.

Others spoke in one complete part while Yuan Zhou talked with short parts. Luckily, the customers were used to that.

"Master Yuan, will you take him as your disciple?" It was Master Cheng who asked about this.

"No." Yuan Zhou's answer was still unchanged.

Hearing that, Master Cheng wasn't clear whether or not to be relieved.