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423 Standing to Wait for Yuan Zhou Respectfully

 "Aunt, you can go back first. I will find a way to make Yuan Zhou agree to take me as his disciple." Wu Hong looked at Wu Qian with a determined look.

"Listen to me, kid. You can also study the culinary skills in the training school." Wu Qian clutched Wu Hong's hand quickly.

"No. I must take him as my teacher." Wu Hong revealed a resolute expression.

"What if you miss me?" Wu Qian was very angry.

"Aunt, just say yes, ok?" Wu Hong still said the same words.

"Ok, ok. You take him as your teacher here alone and I'm going back." Wu Qian turned around and walked away immediately angrily.

"Be careful, aunt." Instead of worrying about her, Wu Hong said to Wu Qian leisurely.

"This little brat!" Hearing that, Wu Qian felt both angry and funny. In the end, however, she didn't look back again and just left.

"Hoo..." Wu Hong relaxed down. After thinking for a while, he said loudly behind the door.

"Yuan Zhou, I definitely won't leave until you take me as your disciple." Wu Hong sounded extraordinarily resolute when he said that.

"He's really a bother." Yuan Zhou let out a sigh of "I really don't understand the young nowadays".

"He will probably leave after some while." Having paid little attention to him, Yuan Zhou continued preparing the ingredients required by the dinner earnestly.

Time passed very soon when one was devoted to one thing seriously, which also applied to Yuan Zhou.

Just as he had managed to get everything prepared, the first several customers likewise entered the restaurant.

"Boss Yuan, did you hire a doorman?" Chen Wei ridiculed Yuan Zhou once he spoke with his coarse voice.

"I don't think so. That person is practicing his ability to stand." Man Man also said smilingly.

"He probably came here to visit Boss Yuan especially because of Boss Yuan's great charm. Boss Yuan, right?" Jiang Changxi didn't beat about the bush and ridiculed him directly.

"Is he still here?" Yuan Zhou was a little astounded.

From his angle, he couldn't see Wu Hong as there were too many customers waiting outside.

"Yes, he's still there. In ancient times, a famous person stood in the snow to wait for Master Cheng respectfully while now, this guy is standing here to wait for Yuan Zhou." Wu Hai gloated while stroking his small mustaches.

"I don't think he has such a good persistence." On the contrary, Man Man had a different opinion.

"Let's wait and see." Jiang Changxi raised her eyebrows and sat down, saying that.

"Yes, why not?" Man Man nodded her head.

"Time for dinner." Yuan Zhou said lightly.

"Jia Jia, come and take orders." Jiang Changxi immediately summoned Zhou Jia to take her order.

"I have to go out and take a look." Seeing Yuan Zhou only start cooking after some time, Master Cheng, who was standing by silently, couldn't help thinking that inwardly.

As soon as he came today, Master Cheng saw Wu Hong standing at the door, but he didn't think too much about it at that time. Afterwards, he entered the restaurant hurriedly to prepare to do any work within his power.

Currently, Master Cheng was basically doing part of Zhou Jia and Shen Min's work. If not for the reason that he had previously only worked in the kitchen and wasn't good at greeting customers, perhaps he would also do this work in place of Zhou Jia and Shen Min.

After all, he did all the remaining work including sweeping the ground, wiping the table and carrying the plates, etc.

At that moment, Master Cheng didn't actually know Wu Hong had come to request Yuan Zhou to be his teacher just like him. Now that he heard about it, he was naturally curious and wanted to ask him.

"Did you also come to request Yuan Zhou to be your teacher?" Once Master Cheng went out and saw Wu Hong, he asked directly.

Of course, he was guessing which master the person was. Master Cheng wasn't really clear about the matter of the program, thus he believed the person was also a cooking master and assumed that.

"Yes." Wu Hong had been there at the door for nearly three hours without even drinking any water. He was too feeble to even speak.

"This way won't work. You are so young and is definitely a talent. Just show him your craftsmanship and you might have an opportunity." Master Cheng was a kind-hearted person, or more precisely, he was in the same situation and had the same feelings as Wu Hong.

"But I don't know anything about cooking. Where can I get the craftsmanship?" Wu Hong said weakly.

"No craftsmanship? A green hand?" Then, Master Chen got surprised.

This time, Wu Hong only nodded his head and didn't say anything.

"Then you do this. Boss Yuan is a thin-skinned and soft-hearted person. You try to keep calling him teacher, no matter what happens. It might work this way." Master Cheng suddenly thought of the story in the martial art novels and suggested immediately.

As for why he didn't use this method, obviously he wasn't foolish. What if Yuan Zhou hated that way very much?

"Would it work?" Wu Hong was a little suspicious. After all, Yuan Zhou hadn't admitted him as his disciple. If he called Yuan Zhou his teacher without his consent, would that annoy Yuan Zhou?

"Of course. I have been with Boss Yuan for quite a long time." Master Cheng had originally intended to say 'quite a few days'. Thinking it wouldn't be convincing, however, he immediately corrected himself.

"Ok, let me try." Wu Hong nodded his head solemnly.

"Come on, kid." Master Cheng looked honest and sincere.

"If he can succeed, I might also be able to succeed. If he is willing to one as his disciple, why can't he take two?" With his seemingly honest and sincere face, Master Cheng thought earnestly.

"Hey, drink some water. My boss told me to give you the water." Master Cheng brushed past Zhou Jia who was carrying a bowl of water.

"Really?" Wu Hong got excited.

"Of course. Boss Yuan is very nice." Zhou Jia nodded her head.

"Thank you, thank you." Wu Hong received a common porcelain bowl and drank up the warm water inside in one breath.

"You have drunk the water. Boss Yuan wants you to leave." Zhou Jia took the bowl back and then said.

"No, I must take him as my teacher." Wu Hong wiped his mouth and became more resolute.

"Suit yourself." Zhou Jia didn't intend to persuade him. After saying that, she took the bowl and went back.

Wu Hong nevertheless strengthened his belief inwardly.

"That person seems to be right. Yuan Zhou is both soft-hearted and thin-skinned. I still have opportunities." Wu Hong encouraged himself secretly.

"Our Boss Yuan has become more and more famous. The first boss offered tens of millions to hire him; a cooking master beat gongs and sounded drums in order to request him to be his teacher; No-Discount Ling wanted to employ him from time to time; and now, this young man insisted on requesting him as his teacher again." The customers in the line started to whisper to one another.

"Exactly. However, that TV program was shot really well, even better than a movie." A customer nodded his head continuously to show his consent.

"That's totally due to the special effects. How could the film be compared to Boss Yuan's authentic ingredients?" Another customer said scornfully.

"That indeed made sense." Other customers echoed.

"How long do you guys think he can stay here?" Customers were quite curious about this point.

"I don't know." The customers shook his head one after another.

"Come on. Let's bet on that. Those who win can raise some money to eat here." It was Gu Li'an who always loved betting.

"It's you, again. What are you betting this time?" As soon as the customers heard 'raise money to eat', they showed great interest.

"Let's bet on how long he can stay here." Gu Li'an said cleanly.

"Three options: two days, three days and the last, more than 5 days. Of course, people who bet can't be more than 100." Gu Li'an pointed at Wu Hong secretly and said.

"Why isn't there the option of one day? I think one day is more or less enough for him. After all, Boss Yuan's rules aren't only for decoration." A customer asked with puzzlement.

"It will be one day by the end of today." Gu Li'an said smartly.

"Yeah, that makes sense. Then I bet 50 RMB on two days." This customer immediately chose the least days.

"I believe he can stay at least three days. Of course, it's because of Boss Yuan's craftsmanship." The customer said right after that.

Instantly, the atmosphere became more boisterous.