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422 Enthusiasm of The Young

 "The producer and I have decided to shoot a series. Since it's a documentary, 20 minutes are not long enough." The chief editor patted the shoulder of Presenter Lu smilingly and continued saying.

"You did great in the shoot this time. I will give the series to you to do. While the iron is still hot, we will work harder to make it surpass the first two positions." The chief editor was fairly ambitious.

The program that had obtained the highest audience rating on their TV station was a very famous program concerning law and the presenter was also an influential leading light. Presenter Lu didn't dare to think of surpassing him.

"But the shooting of Chen's Restaurant last time is halfway done." Presenter Lu said, not willing to give up.

What a joke! When they interviewed Yuan Zhou last time, he didn't say a single word nor did he even make a sound all along. It's really an awkward experience.

"Never mind. Just postpone it until we finish the documentary." The chief editor waved his hand and said indifferently.


"I have faith in you."


"Presenter Lu, this important task is given to you now."


"By the way, remember that you must communicate with that chef. Although he didn't say anything in this episode and it wasn't bad either, you still have to pay attention to mutual communication."

Having been interrupted for three times continuously, Presenter Lu had nothing to say now.

The chief editor lowered his head and sorted the documents for a while. When he raised his head, he couldn't help asking, "Um? Presenter Lu, do you still have something to tell me?"

"No, I don't... I'm going to work, chief editor. Presenter Lu said helplessly.

"Go ahead. Remember don't give yourself too much pressure." The chief editor specially instructed.

"..." Presenter Lu nodded his head.

Then, he left silently.

After he returned to his own seat, Presenter Lu looked at the audience rating and couldn't help sighing, "It's really painful, yet somewhat happy."

Naturally, Yuan Zhou had no idea about the problems of Presenter Lu. He was still studying the etiquette of the western-style food. After all, he had obtained it for quite a long time and thus, it was about time to reveal it. However, Yuan Zhou was not lacking in patience at all now.

It was 3:00 p.m. and the sunshine was just right. It was a rare occurrence where Yuan Zhou wasn't sculpting this time, but was just sitting at the door of his restaurant.

"The sunshine is so nice today, isn't it?" His neighbor Boss Tong said smilingly to Yuan Zhou while squinting at him.

"It's indeed nice. Very comfortable." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Little Yuan, listen to me. You really should find a girlfriend." At her age, Boss Tong naturally cared more about Yuan Zhou's marriage.

"Yes. I'm trying." Whenever he spoke of this subject, Yuan Zhou always nodded his head seriously.

"It's good that you realize this problem. I see many girls coming and going in your restaurant. You'd better be hurry." Boss Tong said smilingly.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

While Yuan Zhou was chatting with his old neighbor and enjoying the warm sunshine on this side, Wu Hong and his aunt nevertheless weren't so harmonious.

"Wu Hong, let me tell you. That chef won't take anybody as his disciple. Don't be silly." It was the beautiful girl. However, this beautiful girl was losing her temper at the moment with a flush on her pretty face.

"Aunt, why do you still worry about this problem now that you have come here with me?" Wu Hong asked with puzzlement.

"Do you think I want to be here? I'm just worried about you." The beautiful girl knitted her brows and asked quite helplessly.

"Even if he's reluctant to take disciples, I am able to make him do so. I have a lot of patience." Wu Hong said with a resolute gaze.

"You have promised me to go back with me if you fail." This time, the beautiful girl said with an anxious tone.

The two people debating were Wu Hong and his aunt who came to Chengdu after they watched the program of "Folk Talent".

Wu Hong just graduated from the university this year. His dream was to study culinary skills and become a Michelin three-star chef. His aunt, named Wu Qian, was his senior based on generation, but actually she was only one year older than him.

Due to some family reasons, his aunt really did take him as the younger generation and hence cared about him a lot. Except for this matter of taking a master, Wu Hong had always respected her.

Of course, his aunt loved him very much. Otherwise, she wouldn't come after him to Chengdu from such a distant place just because of Wu Hong's obstinacy.

"I know. But if I can manage it, that will be my capabilities." Wu Hong said confidently.

"I had searched for his information before we came. Even a master-level person failed in asking him to be his teacher, let alone you." Wu Qian snorted and said loudly.

"I'm different from him. I'm smarter." Wu Hong said persistently.

"I won't say anything more with you. The restaurant is right in front of you." Seeing Yuan Zhou's restaurant was right in front of them, she didn't debate with him anymore.

"Hoo..." Wu Hong took a deep breath when he saw Yuan Zhou sitting at the door leisurely.

"Don't go if you are afraid." Wu Qian said in a low voice.

She knew much about this nephew of hers. He talked loudly but seldom actually acted. After all, the teacher he was going to ask for guidance previously didn't answer him at all. At that time, he could only give up.

To be frank, Wu Qian felt this nephew had just read too many novels. He could straightforwardly pay and study the culinary arts. Why would he go take others as his teacher? However, Wu Hong insisted on his own opinion that a teacher mattered a lot. And on that point, no one could persuade him.

"Hello, Yuan Zhou. I'm Wu Hong. I witnessed your sculpting skills on the program 'Folk Talent'. It was awesome! It simply reaches the acme of perfection and displays superlative craftsmanship. So I want to request to be your disciple." Wu Hong went up and introduced himself and brought out his purpose bluntly.

And he didn't give Yuan Zhou a single opportunity to speak before he brought it all out.

"Hello. But I don't intend to take anybody as my disciple." Yuan Zhou sat up straight and listened to Wu Hong silently. Only after Wu Hong finished did he say earnestly.

Looking at Wu Hong's fervent expression and nervous posture of clenching his fist, Yuan Zhou naturally responded seriously.

"I'm obedient. Besides, I know you are unable to do all the work in your restaurant alone. I can do any work including carrying dishes, sweeping the ground and washing the bowls." Wu Hong promoted himself eagerly.

At that time, Yuan Zhou stood up and looked into the distance. Then, he naturally saw Wu Qian who paid close attention to them.

With Yuan Zhou's sharp ears, he clearly heard their conversations about seeking him to be Wu Hong's teacher just now, but Yuan Zhou felt he was indeed unable to teach a disciple. Even when Wu Hai made the request, he treated it as an exchange of skills rather than teaching him directly.

Considering Wu Hai's destructive power to the kitchen, Yuan Zhou dared not to eat it.

After all, the dish of the Rainbow Beef Brisket was still lingering in his mind. Yuan Zhou totally didn't want to eat pigments.

"I'm sorry, but I don't need any manpower to do those work. Besides, some of the work is in the charge of my staff. Go back with your aunt." Yuan Zhou said lightly.

"I can work for you for free. I don't require any salary." Wu Hong felt no one would refuse such a condition.

He was merely a free helper.

"Thank you, but I don't need it." Yuan Zhou refused him again earnestly.

"Why won't you take me?" Wu Hong asked straightforwardly.

Perhaps because Yuan Zhou didn't have the arrogance that other chefs usually had, Wu Hong became confident and thus dared to ask directly.

Yuan Zhou indeed had a good temperament. If other chefs were stopped and asked inexplicably to take a disciple, even the good-tempered one would turn around and leave without hesitation.

Some bad-tempered chef might scold him directly. Contrarily, Yuan Zhou refused him in a quite serious manner.

"Because I don't intend to take disciples." Yuan Zhou still refused with the reason that he had told Master Cheng.

"Yuan Zhou, I will never leave until you agree." Wu Hong suddenly said that.

"No need to waste your time. Just go back." Yuan Zhou finally knitted his brows and said that.

However, Wu Hong just stood at the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant and looked at Yuan Zhou perversely.

"My goodness! He is really a persistent young guy." Boss Tong muttered to himself with a smile.

However, Yuan Zhou didn't answer him at all. He directly moved the chair back into his restaurant and started to prepare the ingredients required for the dinner.

"You failed, so go back with me." Seeing Yuan Zhou go back, Wu Qian went up and said to his nephew.

"No. I will wait here." Wu Hong said decisively.

"But you have promised me." Wu Qian became flustered and exasperated.