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421 “Privileges” of Beauties

 "Hey, what do you mean? I brought her here. Are you going to reject her?" Jiang Changxi smacked the table and asked immediately.

"Sister Jiang, I don't need his treat." Humiliated by Yuan Zhou's word, Yin Ya answered with a flush, naturally from anger.

"No, I'm just informing you that I didn't say that at that time." Yuan Zhou frowned and explained.

Jiang Changxi first pressed Yin Ya down on the seat and then uttered immediately.

"But you also didn't say that I cannot bring others to eat together." Jiang Changxi looked at Yuan Zhou complacently and said.

"I didn't say that too." Yuan Zhou nodded his head positively.

Only then did Yin Ya follow Jiang Changxi's force and sat down. However, the flush on her face was still there. It was probably because she was still very angry about that.

"That's fine. Now is the time for you to keep promise. We want to order dishes now." Jiang Changxi said with a manner of a queen.

"Here is the menu. Please order whatever you like." Yuan Zhou showed them the exquisite lotus-pattern menu on the table.

"I want another menu." Jiang Changxi uttered immediately when she saw there was only one menu on the table.

"Please." Yuan Zhou took out another menu decisively.

Jiang Changxi was known to be loud but the yell just now startled even Yuan Zhou. After all, it was indeed terrible for him. With his sharp ears and eyes, such yelling was no different than setting off firecrackers by his ears.

In order to prevent his ears from being tortured again, Yuan Zhou just allowed her to continue.

"Humph." When Yin Ya received the menu from Yuan Zhou, she snorted coldly at him.

Yin Ya was wearing a black high-neck shirt today. Jade-white buttons ornamented the black shirt and the black shirt served as a contrast with her jade-white skin. She looked extraordinarily pretty.

A beauty is beautiful even when she was angry. Though Yuan Zhou felt her anger came out inexplicably, he still felt she was beautiful.

"If I can order whatever I like, I'd order two servings of Dongpo Pig Knuckle first." Jiang Changxi had long been hankering after this dish, but every time she could only eat one serving. Therefore, she was still a little unsatisfied with that.

"I'm sorry. You still have to respect the rules." Yuan Zhou pointed to the rules on the wall and said.

"Then why did you tell me to order whatever I like?" Jiang Changxi said, not intending to yield a step at all.

"Yes. You don't need to pay and you can order each and every dish on the menu, but only one serving of it, as long as you can finish them." Yuan Zhou nodded his head quite naturally.

"Compass, you'll become a real compass sooner or later." Jiang Changxi was speechless.

"Then for the dishes required advance preparations, we can also order all of them now." Yin YI said affirmatively.

"Yes. They are all well prepared." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and revealed an invulnerable expression.

"Boss Yuan, you'll not be able to find a girlfriend that way." Jiang Changxi let out a sigh.

"Yes, I can. The girls are just too reserved." Yuan Zhou said while looking at the two girls earnestly.

"Ho Ho. Little Ya, you also order one serving of Dongpo Pig Knuckle. This dish is the most expensive one. Just let him have a heartache." Jiang Changxi said to Yin Ya at the side.

"Ok. I also want a serving of Dongpo Pig Knuckle," said Yin Ya while looking at the menu. She intentionally avoided Yuan Zhou's gaze.

"No problem. One moment, please." When Yuan Zhou said that, his voice was soft and gentle but Yin Ya's tone was cold.

"If you two need any other dishes, just continue to order them. I can hear you." Seeing Yin Ya keeping silent and Jiang Changxi thinking hard and preparing to order dishes, he started to pay.

He took out his own money and put it on the table. Then, the two girls turned their sight toward Yuan Zhou.

"What are you doing?" Jiang Changxi asked directly.

"Paying." Yuan Zhou revealed an expression of "You ask, but already know."

"Nonsense. I'm asking why you are paying to yourself." Jiang Changxi felt it was a test of patience to talk to Yuan Zhou every time.

"Pay first before eating. This is my rule." Yuan Zhou said lightly.

"Do you also pay when you treat? Don't tell me you also pay when you eat the dishes yourself." Jiang Chang asked back with a speechless manner.

"Of course." Neither of the girls expected that Yuan Zhou would nod his head.

"You even pay for your meals in your own restaurant? Are you actually a compass that has evolved into a human?" Jiang Changxi said in surprise.

"I'm making myself an example." Yuan Zhou appeared rather serious.

"Boss Yuan, you win. Yes, you win." Jiang Changxi felt quite helpless and couldn't help admiring him.

It was fairly difficult to persist on one thing for a long time. Take getting up early every day for example, one can hardly insist on that for long. Besides that, it was more difficult to insist on one's principles. Therefore, Jiang Changxi and Yin Ya admired Yuan Zhou inwardly very much.

Only in that way could Yuan Zhou make them obey the rules that he had set.

"Dumb and slow-witted." When Yuan Zhou turned around, Yin Ya suddenly said.

Yuan Zhou knitted his brows and looked at Yin Ya with puzzlement.

In his heart, however, he speculated, "She might think I am a little stupid to pay to myself. But I'm wrongfully accused."

Even so, Yuan Zhou couldn't bring that out. After he returned to the kitchen range, Yuan Zhou abandoned all the distracting thoughts and started to prepare the ingredients attentively.

When he carried two servings of Dongpo Pig Knuckle to them, Jiang Changxi and Yin Ya had also ordered the remaining dishes.

As usual, Yuan Zhou paid himself first and then began to make the delicacies.

"This Boss Yuan is so persistent." Jiang Changxi sighed with emotion toward Yin Ya.

"He's just too clumsy." Yin Ya ridiculed.

"Haha. Exactly. Our big beauty, Yin Ya, is here, but he surprisingly doesn't know to pay his respects to you. He's totally ignorant of romance." Jiang Changxi burst into laughter and then began to joke with Yin Ya.

"Sister Jiang, I'm not talking about that." Instantly, Yin Ya's white and pretty face turned red due to the embarrassment.

"Then what's that? You have watched the TV programs about Yuan Zhou's restaurant recently, haven't you? So many more girls falling in love with Boss Yuan. Don't you feel worried?" As a three-lost woman, it was easy for her to joke with a young girl.

"It has nothing to do with me." Yin Ya turned her head and said naturally.

"Haha. Ok, whatever you say. Let's eat the dish now. This is a special treat by Boss Yuan and caused Wu Hai to be envious of us very much." Seeing Yin Ya blush, Jiang Changxi stopped joking with her and started to say something else.

It was known that Jiang Changxi was both patient and caring toward pretty girls.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was harmonious while the fragrance of the delicious dishes likewise drifted faintly about in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. After all, it wasn't the business hours right now.

The atmosphere at the TV station was also quite joyous. The chief editor was praising Presenter Lu.

"The audience rating for the program 'Folk Talent' this time has risen by two positions. I hereby congratulate everybody." Once the chief editor spoke, everyone else calmed down.

However, whispering was inevitable.

"That person, Yuan Zhou, seems really popular among the audience." Scenarist Li snorted.

"It is lucky that we have finished the shooting." Presenter Lu smiled and said generously.

According to Murphy's Law, however, the more reluctant you are to see a person, the higher the probability that he appears in front of you.

"The shooting of this episode 'Yuan Zhou's Documentary' is really good." After the chief editor congratulated the staff, he turned his head and said to Presenter Lu beside him.

"Thank you, chief editor." Presenter Lu stopped smiling and said reservedly.

"Well done. Keep going." The chief editor patted on the shoulder of Presenter Lu.

"Um, alright. Wait, what do you mean by saying 'keep going'?" Presenter Lu nodded proudly at first and then he suddenly reacted and asked.

"As it has received great popularity, we decide to make a series on Yuan Zhou's restaurant," answered the chief editor with a smile.

"Oh, no...." Presenter Lu couldn't help but freak out inwardly.