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420 Jiang Changxi and Yin Ya

 "What we are looking at now is Yuan Zhou, the boss and chef of the Masterchef Restaurant, the most welcomed small restaurant recently." Presenter Lu introduced Yuan Zhou's identity with only one word.

Along with his introductions, the video lens likewise moved to Yuan Zhou.

Yuan Zhou was sitting upright on a chair with his head lowered and his eyes staring at his own hands. From this direction, people could only see half of his face. As he usually didn't go under the sun, his skin appeared a little white.

With his straight nose and slightly pursed mouth, he appeared a little solemn. Such a serious and earnest manner, on the contrary, reflected his charms.

While the video lens moved downwards, they could only see Yuan Zhou's hands moving slightly and a layer of silver light surrounding the radish in his left hand.

"Shua Shua Shua", the crystal skin and flesh of the radish piled up by Yuan Zhou's feet slowly.

During the process, Presenter Lu continued the introduction ceaselessly.

For example, "Chef Yuan won the Contest of Precious Ingredients last time and gained recognition from all the master cooks. Even the chairman of the China Chef's Alliance greatly praised his culinary skills."

Matched with the swift and graceful knife skills, the compliments were quite convincing.

At least, the audiences in front of the TV now believed so.

"Surprisingly, this episode is introducing a chef." A young man who was staring at the TV looked straight at Yuan Zhou's hands.

"Wait. Is this guy using a kitchen knife to sculpt?" The young man suddenly grabbed his hair and said loudly in surprise.

"Wu Hong, be quiet. Don't you know what time it is now?" Along with a vigorous growl, a beautiful girl appeared in front of the young man.

"Aunt, come to watch this episode of 'Folk Talent'. This person is absolutely awesome!" The young man called Wu Hong cared nothing about it at all. He took the girl's hand conveniently and then said while pointing at the TV.

"Can you not always dream? Maybe he's just putting on a show." The girl looked very young, but the young man called her aunt. The girl also very naturally rebuked him with a tone of an elder.

"No, he isn't. Look, he's really very awesome, aunt." Wu Hong asked the girl to look at TV persistently.

At that time, the introduction was still going on, "This Chef Yuan has created unbelievable miracles within 8 months since his restaurant was opened. Numerous customers go to and fro in constant streams."

"He even uses a queuing machine to maintain the order. Moreover, tourists from other places all take pride in eating Chef Yuan's dishes. Of course, foreign customers aren't rare in Chef Yuan's restaurant, either." Presenter Lu appeared in the video smilingly and then the lens moved to Yuan Zhou again.

As always, Yuan Zhou was still sculpting.

"As far as I know from others, this Chef Yuan won't be distracted as long as he starts to sculpt. So he won't be able to receive greetings from you all."

"However, a serious man has the most charms, doesn't he? He looks awfully handsome now. I am almost fascinated by him." Presenter Lu said in a teasing tone.

"Aunt, do you agree with me? Let's go to Chengdu, shall we?" During the gap for advertisements, Wu Hong immediately turned his head and said to the girl.

The program of "Folk Talent" was specially made after the program division witnessed the great popularity of the program of "A Bite of China". Formerly, it was broadcast on the Chengdu TV Station at 10:00 p.m. every Thursday and had a good audience rating. As for the ranking, it was in around the middle position.

Of course, the timing of the broadcasted was severely ridiculed as it self-torturous to watch a program about delicious food at that time.

Every episode of the program had a name and the name for that day was very simple, Yuan Zhou's Documentary. When this episode was edited in the end, Presenter Lu and Scenarist Li both got relieved.

After all, only Presenter Lu talked, talked, talked and talked ceaselessly during the 23 minutes' broadcasting time. Not to mention saying anything, Yuan Zhou didn't even make any sounds.

"Hooo... Luckily I managed to weather through all this. God knows what I have experienced." The programme had been on TV, but Presenter Lu didn't want to watch it.

Whoever talked ceaselessly for half an hour would feel sick. It was rare for him not to watch his own program, but just rest leisurely there.

As for Scenarist Li, he appeared even more exaggerated.

"I don't even want to see a television today." It was what Scenarist Li had originally said.

The work of photography was supposed to be the easiest. After all, it was just shooting a still scenery. Although profundity was required by the chief editor, it was nevertheless easier than shooting living things.

Although Presenter Lu and Scenarist Li didn't watch the program, many people looked forward to watching it.

These people were naturally the customers of Yuan Zhou's restaurant who had been notified by Yuan Zhou's little fan, Tangxi.

Seeing Yuan Zhou appear on TV, they also felt proud.

Yuan Zhou's Documentary, which was discarded by Presenter Lu as if it were a hot potato, caused strong waves since it was broadcast.

For example, the youths like Wu Hong who dreamed of being a chef, and a big crowd of foodies.

After the broadcasting at 10:00 p.m. yesterday and the rebroadcasting at noon the following day, Yuan Zhou was made known to everyone around the district.

"Did you watch the 'Folk Talent' yesterday? That chef is so handsome!" Two girls were discussing the matter on the bus.

Obviously, one of them was a senior foodie at a glance. During the moment of asking the question, she had eaten up a small bag of potato chips along with a sound of "Ka Ca Ka Ca".

"Of course. I really want to eat up the sculpted finished product in one gulp." The foodie girl always talked about eating as soon as she spoke.

"Hey! Why do you want to eat such a beautiful work? Don't you feel we should keep it?" Another girl pinched the cheek of the foodie girl discontentedly.

"It's so crystal clear like a real crystal flower. It should be edible." The foodie girl defended herself.

Then, the two of them started to discuss whether or not it could be eaten.

The foodie forum that Sun Ming had always stayed active in paid closer attention to that. There had already been heated discussions about it on the forum.

[I have never expected that Boss Yuan would be so handsome on TV. He is even prettier than the flower.] from Leisurely Zi You.

[You didn't get the point. This is the very first time that we saw Boss Yuan sculpt with our own eyes. What flower is this? It's so beautiful.] from Foolish Kid.

[What I see is his incomparable knife skills. Right, it's the knife skills. After all, he sculpted it with a kitchen knife. How awesome that is!] from Reading Makes Me Drunk.

[None of you get the point. Now, I suggest we go to Masterchef's Restaurant this Sunday. Anybody that wants to go together please reports your names here.] from Painting Youth.

Once he made the suggestion, other foodies got back to topic and all reported their names one after another.

Yuan Zhou's influence was spreading out slowly bit by bit while Yuan Zhou was busy preparing dishes for the beautiful girls.

"You said we can order whatever we like." Dressed in a black long skirt and a long-sleeved shirt outside, Jiang Changxi looked beautiful and charming. She sat on the chair and said solemnly.

"What I actually said is that only you can order whatever you like." Yuan Zhou looked at the two people in front of him and said primly.

Another person that was excluded by Yuan Zhou was, naturally, the one that came along with Jiang Changxi. It was Yin Ya.

Sigh... Judging from his words, Yuan Zhou was undoubtedly destined to be single forever.