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419 Yuan Zhou’s Documentary

 "The first time we went to interview him, that Boss Yuan refused us. Even after Scenarist Li communicated with him, he still refused us." Being stared at by the chief editor, Presenter Lu felt slightly stressed, but he still brought out the reason clearly.

"Didn't you go communicate with him again? I told you to film Yuan Zhou's restaurant but you went to film Chen's Restaurant? You even edited the film already." When the chief editor said to the latter part, his anger changed to calmness, which made Presenter Lu feel even worse.

"It's mainly because Boss Yuan had a resolute attitude. As a result, we chose to use an alternative method." Presenter Lu said earnestly.

"A resolute attitude? So you can only eat with your mouth, but not speak anything, right? Where is Scenarist Li now?" The chief editor spoke as if he had tried his best to control his anger and asked.

"He's outside the door." Presenter Lu betrayed Scenarist Li frankly and honestly.

"I'm telling you today that Yuan Zhou's restaurant, alone, has greatly increased the GDP of this region. Furthermore, this single restaurant pays the most taxes among so many minor enterprises. You tell me if Chen's Restaurant can be so awesome." The chief editor brought out a bunch of word in one breath.

"No." Presenter Lu lowered his head and answered.

"Then what are you standing there for? I showed you the focus of attention, but you surprisingly went to interview a restaurant unknown to fame instead of going to Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Are you trying to overturn the heavens?" The last sentence was shouted out loudly by the chief editor.

Conveniently, he threw the film given to him just now right onto the ground in front of Presenter Lu.

"Go to find Scenarist Li and summon him immediately." After saying that, the chief editor sat down and no longer looked at Presenter Lu.

"Ok." Presenter Lu picked up the film and rushed out right away.

"A crowd of pigs. Leaving aside such a hot topic and messing around!!!" The sound of the chief editor scoldings was locked inside the office.

Presenter Lu was right. It must be Yuan Zhou himself.

"Scenarist Li , the chief editor is summoning you." Presenter Lu was muddled by the scolding. When he saw Scenarist Li, he said subconsciously.

"What's wrong? Isn't he satisfied with the film?" Seeing the upset of Presenter Lu who was usually sunny, Scenarist Li asked.

"No, he isn't." Presenter Lu nodded his head.

"I'll go have a look." After saying that, Scenarist Li turned around and entered the chief editor's office.

Just as expected, there came a roar from the chief editor inside.

Having heard the roar, Presenter Lu concluded it as, "If you don't even know how to communicate with people, what are you working here for?"

"That is indeed so." Presenter Lu fully agreed to that.

He had totally forgotten that this program didn't require the scenarist to communicate and arrange beforehand in most cases. Sometimes, they would even launch a surprise attack in order to increase the effects and fun.

Of course, they have never failed. Only when their prideful attitude encountered Yuan Zhou, who didn't accept them, did they start to fail.

For quite a while, Presenter Lu waited for Scenarist Li at a place not far away. When he came out of the office, Presenter Lu even felt he could vaguely see the saliva on the face of Scenarist Li. It appeared to be from the chief editor.

"Scenaria Li, shall we go to shoot Yuan Zhou's restaurant tomorrow?" Presenter Lu asked.

"Yes. Let's go to shoot that damn restaurant tomorrow." Scenarist Li said irritably.

"Take it easy. I have never thought such a small restaurant could be so awesome." While Scenarist Li was being scolded, Presenter Lu did some homework and found some things about Yuan Zhou's restaurant. At that time, he patted on the shoulder of Scenarist Li and comforted him.

"Exactly. I almost suspect that he put marijuana in his dishes. The chief editor said there are long lines of customers there all day long." Scenarist Li was severely scolded and thus he couldn't help venting his anger on Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Forget it. Let's just shoot it tomorrow. But what shall we do with this film?" Presenter Lu took the film and asked.

"The chief editor said it can be broadcast in next episode. In this episode, Yuan Zhou must appear." Speaking of Yuan Zhou's name, Scenarist Li gnashed his teeth.

Why was such a small restaurant so awesome?

It was totally unscientific!

Neither Scenarist Li nor Presenter Lu could understand that.


Time passed soon. Early next morning, the staff of the TV station got everything ready and set out by car. Apart from Scenarist Li, Presenter Lu was also responsible for the communications this time. After all, the chief editor had given them a hard order.

When there were still about 50 meters away from Yuan Zhou's restaurant, the two of them started to discuss.

"Let's just be courteous when we get there. Just for once. We'll be alright after the shooting." Presenter Lu said first.

"I know. I will introduce the advantages of our program in detail this time. Back in the day, I was also a salesman." Scenarist Li said proudly.

"Ok. I will be responsible for the public relations shortly. We will only shoot once. If it's not good, you just edit the film after we go back. Don't bother too much." Presenter Lu turned his head and said to the photographer at the side.

"Got it." The photographer nodded his head.

"Ok. Let's go." Presenter Lu started to lead the several people towards Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Boss Yuan, we are the program division of "Folk Talent" of XX TV station. I'm the scenarist surnamed Li. Today we are here with the intention of filming the scene of your cooking." Scenarist Li went up and said courteously and loudly.

"Sorry. I think I refused you yesterday." Yuan Zhou was moving the chair at that time. Upon hearing that, he stood up and said.

"Perhaps, I didn't make myself understood. Let me tell you the advantages of our program now. Every restaurant that has been broadcast in our programme becomes popular without exception, including the last time when you refused us." Scenarist stood in front of Yuan Zhou and said confidently.

"Thank you, but I don't need it." Yuan Zhou answered. After that, he continued moving the chair.

"We will just film the scene where you cook. It's equivalent to a free publicity. This is quite a precious opportunity that others all long for..." Scenarist Li still prepared to keep talking when he was stopped by Presenter Lu.

"Enough. Let me talk to him." Presenter Lu had made it clear that Scenarist Li wasn't really willing to admit failure and just wanted to convince Yuan Zhou of the good effects of their program. However, weren't they here just to film?

"Alright." Originally, Scenarist Li was reluctant to say anything. Now that Presenter Lu wanted to do the work, he felt relieved. Then he took a step backward and stood there.

"Don't say anything now. I'll take charge of the remaining things." After saying that, Presenter Lu took a deep breath and comforted himself in his heart continuously, saying that he would do it only once. It wasn't difficult to pretend to be obedient, therefore he went up and uttered.

"Boss Yuan, we have come into contact with you twice. Last time, we indeed acted rudely and abruptly. This time, however, I'm notifying you beforehand. When you cook in the evening, we will just film the process briefly and definitely won't get in your way of cooking." Presenter Lu went up and started to reason with him.

He was, anyhow, a presenter and had some ability.

When the two of them were discussing how to deal with Yuan Zhou, he had started to sculpt.

In his opinion, he had refused them and they would definitely leave like how they did last time. After that, he would be free. His craftsmanship exercises were naturally more important.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou didn't say anything but just shook his head after Presenter Lu said all that.

"What about we film how you sculpt?" Looking at Yuan Zhou sculpting carefully, Presenter Lu was hit by the inspiration and thus said that.

This time, Yuan Zhou neither said anything nor refused them. Instead, he just sat there.

"Since you agree, we are starting now." Presenter Lu really didn't know what to do. Seeing Yuan Zhou not refuse him, he directly waved his hand and let his people set up the equipment.

Fortunately, it wasn't like the studio and thus could photoshop the later stage after a simple shooting. All the staff got the equipment set up very soon. After a simple opening remark of Presenter Lu, they started the shooting.

During the shooting, Yuan Zhou straightened his back without turning a hair. Even if he was sitting on the chair, he appeared rather serious and earnest as well as extraordinarily charming.

The calm and collected Yuan Zhou still paid a lot of attention to his appearance.