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418 Focus of Attention

 "Ta Ta Ta". Along with the steady footsteps, Ling Hong walked into the main hall from outside.

"Hey, there you are." Su Mu turned his head and looked at Ling Hong smilingly.

"Don't look at me like that. I'm not a woman and won't be fooled by you." Dressed in a grey vest, white shirt and crease-free slacks, Ling Hong said directly when he heard Su Mu.

"Ling Hong, how can you be like that?" Su Mu revealed an incredulous expression.

"Stop please, ok? Let's go to find Wu Hai and talk later." Ling Hong looked at the expressionless Yuan Zhou and said that.

"Ok, ok." Su Mu agreed to the proposal.

"See you in the evening, Boss Yuan." Ling Hong waved his hand and then dragged Su Mu away.

"See you in the evening, Boss Yuan." Su Mu greeted Yuan Zhou, too.

"See you." Yuan Zhou stood up and nodded his head.

Not until when everyone left did Yuan Zhou sit down again. He found the CD about the etiquette of French dishes rewarded by the system and prepared to watch it.

"I'd rather watch the etiquette of French dishes today." Yuan Zhou muttered to himself.

According to old man Murphy, you will never be able to catch a taxi when you are almost late and urgently needed one. As a result, another casual visitor came over again just when Yuan Zhou wanted to watch the video and learn the etiquette in silence.

"Hey, Boss Yuan. For this interview, I hope for your cooperation this time. Of course, this is to notify you in advance. It will start in about two hours." A young man dressed in a black vest said that as soon as he entered the restaurant.

"We are from the program division of "Folk Talent". I'm the scenarist of the program," said the man in a vest when he recalled that he hadn't mentioned the name of the specific program.

"So are two hours enough for you to prepare?" The man in the vest thought of the cold reception they encountered last time and then added.

"Both of them are wearing vests, but why is there so much difference?" Looking at the man's vest, Yuan Zhou thought of the grey one that Ling Hong was wearing and then uttered suddenly.

"Pardon?" The man in the vest was a little puzzled.

"Never mind. Anyway, there is no need for an interview." Yuan Zhou still refused him bluntly and indifferently without a change in his expression, gaze, or tone.

"What do you mean?" The man in the vest asked with an irritated expression.

"It's what it literally means." Yuan Zhou answered with the same serious and earnest expression as usual.

"I don't think you know that we are a municipal-level TV station and have a good audience rating. Anyone that has been interviewed by us all gets an increase in business." The man in a vest controlled his anger and said as peacefully as possible.

"I don't think you understand me. I'm telling you that I don't need it." Yuan Zhou disliked self-conceited people very much and thus refused him again.

"Are you sure?" This time, the voice of the man in the vest was a little louder.

"Yes, 100% sure." Yuan Zhou nodded his head expressionlessly.

"I think you just don't appreciate favors." The man in the vest didn't really want to make it too embarrassing. He just felt bad inwardly and hence couldn't help muttering. The voice was so low that even Yuan Zhou didn't hear him with his sharp ears and eyes.

"I'm sorry. Did you forget your vocal cords at home?" Naturally, Yuan Zhou knew this person wasn't saying anything good. Therefore, he said with an indifferent tone.

"You... Since you are so reluctant, forget all about it." The man in the vest originally wanted to lose his temper but in the end, managed to control it.

"Be careful on the way back." Yuan Zhou was still as courteously as before.

"Ta Ta Ta". The man in the vest seemed to be venting his anger by taking extraordinarily heavy footsteps.

"How strange." Yuan Zhou wasn't actually angry, but was just puzzled.

After all, he depended on his own craftsmanship rather than advertising.

"Let me continue watching the CD." Yuan Zhou continued to play the CD.

At the other side, the man in the vest walked out of the side street and went back into the car.

That's right. This time, Presenter Lu received the order from the chief editor and then came over to interview Yuan Zhou.

"So, how is your communication with him, Scenarist Li?" At sight of the man in the vest getting on the car, Presenter Lu asked.

"Don't mention about him now. That person is still as eccentric as before. He was reluctant to be interviewed last time because we didn't communicate with him beforehand. This time, however, he is still like that even when I spoke nicely." The man in the vest, namely Scenarist Li, sighed as soon as he talked.

"Haha. Then let's go to the alternative restaurant. Have you communicated with that one?" Presenter Lu had originally been reluctant to interview Yuan Zhou, therefore he said indifferently.

"No problem. That Chen's Restaurant is very welcoming to us to go there. They have already prepared lunch. He's just waiting for us." Scenarist Li said smilingly this time.

"Good. Let's go. There are so many restaurants around. Does he really think only his restaurant deserves an interview?" Presenter Lu signaled the driver to move.

"Exactly. That Granny Liu's Restaurant also had great business because of our program last time. Just after that arrogant guy refused us earlier that day, we went to Granny Liu's Restaurant." Scenarist Li followed Presenter Lu's subject and said.

"Yes, that's the one. I heard it developed very well recently. When we have time later, we really need to go there and have a look at its development now." Presenter Lu revealed a complacent smile.

"Absolutely. They have eagerly expected us to go. In my opinion, that little boss just doesn't know how to appreciate favors. We are offering him the precious opportunities for free, but he surprisingly refuses us." Scenarist Li said with a proud and scornful tone.

"Haha. I can't agree more." Presenter Lu also nodded his head and agreed with him.

The chief editor arranged for them to interview Yuan Zhou this time. However, he was also very satisfied last time when they originally planned to interview him but had to interview another person.

Therefore, Presenter Lu specially hinted to Scenarist Li to communicate casually with Yuan Zhou just to obey the chief editor's request. Thinking of the frosty face of Yuan Zhou, he didn't want to face him and bear the coldness.

The shooting of Chen's Restaurant went quite smoothly. Although they didn't finish the job on that day, Presenter Lu still told the instructor in the broadcasting department to get the film prepared so that he could give it to the chief editor.

6:50 p.m., outside chief editor's office, 3rd floor of Mingyang TV Station.

"Dong Dong Dong", Presenter Lu knocked on the wooden door.

"How's your work today? Is it going smoothly?" The chief editor was a seemingly amiable middle-aged man. His face was square and he was dressed in casual clothes that fit well. When he saw Presenter Lu, he raised his head and asked.

"It went quite smoothly. This is the film made today." Presenter Lu revealed a clean smile and then handed the film to the chief editor expertly.

"Good. I heard that person doesn't really say pleasant words." The chief editor had already known about Yuan Zhou's proud and aloof temperament. On hearing Presenter Lu saying so, he smiled and said happily.

"Well, it wasn't bad." Presenter Lu didn't realize that the chief editor was talking about Yuan Zhou and thus he was a little puzzled.

"You don't know that, but even the sharp-tongued Lee Yanyi says that he doesn't like talking with people." The chief editor said while preparing to play the film made today.

"Has Lee Yanyi also remarked Chen's Restaurant?" Only then did Presenter Lu realize something went wrong.

"Chen's Restaurant? What's that?" The chief editor revealed a puzzled expression.

"Chen's Soup Noodles Restaurant at Liushu Street. That's the one." Presenter Lu brought out the address without thinking any bit.

"Didn't you go to Yuan Zhou's restaurant?" The chief editor was still puzzled.

"Well, Chief Editor. We were actually shooting Chen's Restaurant today, because Boss Yuan still rejected us." Presenter Lu suddenly remembered the moment when they decided to shoot Yuan Zhou's restaurant and said with an embarrassing look.

"He still rejected you? What's the problem?" Only then did the chief editor turn his head and looked at Presenter Lu solemnly.