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417 Grand Blind Date Gathering

 "Of course." While passing by, Zhou Jia heard that and couldn't help saying proudly.

"Grand Master Yuan is really awesome! He surprisingly doesn't touch the flesh of the prawns at all, not to mention his miraculous knife skills." Master Cheng gasped in admiration.

"Certainly. If not, why do so many people come here to eat?" Hearing Master Cheng praise Yuan Zhou so much, Zhou Jia nodded her head with a prouder manner.

"The dishes are worth the trip. Is there anything else that Boss Yuan is good at?" Master Cheng didn't move his sight away from Yuan Zhou at all. Even when Yuan Zhou was turning around, he kept staring at the actions made by Yuan Zhou's elbows.

"Of course. My boss is also great in sculpting. The sculptures are so vivid they seem alive." After Zhou Jia greeted some other customers, she turned her head and said.

"I know about that. I have seen it once. He's really awesome." Master Cheng said continuously.

"Everything my boss cooks is delicious and very popular." Speaking of her boss Yuan Zhou, Zhou Jia always appeared proud.

"Of course, that is definitely for sure." Master Cheng revealed an approving expression.

Throughout the entire lunchtime, the two of them discussed things about Yuan Zhou's culinary skills occasionally.

But actually, they praised more than discussed.Yuan Zhou was originally very happy when he heard that at first. After a little while, however, he became embarrassed.

Though Yuan Zhou appeared embarrassed on the surface, he gloated and said secretly, "I want more. More, please. I can endure much more praise."

"Hooo...". When the lunch time ended and sending off all customers and Zhou Jia, Yuan Zhou finally got some time to sit down.

Not long after that, there came a clear and mild male voice from outside. Without looking, Yuan Zhou recognized it was Su Mu as only he could make that sound.

"Boss Yuan..." The voice of Su Mu lingered ceaselessly in the room.

"What's the matter?" Having resumed his solemn expression, Yuan Zhou stood up and asked Su Mu while looking at him walk into the restaurant quickly.

"My goodness! Do you know how miserable I am?" Su Mu flopped down on the chair across Yuan Zhou and sighed.

"I've no idea." Yuan Zhou shook his head quite earnestly and meanwhile kneaded his ears without a trace. The voice of this guy was so high that he could be qualified to sing opera.

"Sigh." Su Mu didn't say anything, but just let out a sigh.

"Where's Su Yuesheng?" Yuan Zhou didn't ask about him directly. Instead, he was asking where the young girl that always carried a cat had gone.

"She's studying." Su Mu answered faintly.

"I see." After a nod, Yuan Zhou sat down and asked no more.

"Why aren't you asking about me?" Su Mu supported his head and looked at Yuan Zhou.

"You'll tell me when you feel it is necessary." While Yuan Zhou was speaking, he put his phone down.

"Alright. I'm going on a blind date." Su Mu suddenly said that.

"That is good. I don't even have a girlfriend." Thinking of those reserved girls, Yuan Zhou felt a little helpless.

"I don't bloody think so. I'm still so young, but my parents want to unite our families through my marriage." It was rare that Su Mu said dirty words.

"You can refuse." Yuan Zhou said straightforwardly.

"I can't." Su Mu shrugged.

"Why don't you ask Ling Hong? He has a lot of experience." Yuan Zhou suddenly remembered that Ling Hong had mentioned that he was set up for a blind date.

"Yeah, you are right." Su Mu patted on his own head and suddenly recalled this matter.

Then, he took out the phone and started to make a call.

"Hi, Ling Hong. I'm in Yuan Zhou's restaurant. Come over here quickly." Once the phone call was put through, Su Mu couldn't wait to say that.

"What's the matter?" Ling Hong asked with a frown.

"About the queuing committee." Su Mu said directly.

He would never tell him it was about his blind date.

"I'll be there in one hour." Ling Hong answered cleanly.

This committee had indeed been discussing something recently.

If they wanted others to obey their management, they naturally needed to give them some benefits. Others might not understand that, but Man Man, Jiang Changxi, Ling Hong and Yin Ya all understood the necessity.

Of course, there were also some who didn't understand. For example, Wu Hai.

"I don't care how you do with it. Just come to me if money needs to be donated." Wu Hai said generously.

"I'm all in favor of Boss Yuan." This was Tang Xi, the little fan of Yuan Zhou.

"Whatever you do. I can take charge of the beauty parts." Su Mu raised his eyebrows and said earnestly.

The words simply made the other few people speechless. Moreover, they couldn't even retort.

Wu Hai was a well-known young artist and indeed didn't lack money. As for Tang Xi, she was 100% supportive as long as it was about Yuan Zhou. With regards to Su Mu, the several people all looked at him with one accord.

"Well, there's nothing wrong with his words." Looking at the exquisite and beautiful face of Su Mu, Jiang Changxi said affirmatively.

Therefore, the remaining several responsible people straightforwardly decided to build some common facilities to accommodate people to wait inside. Of course, there must be a toilet in the facility.

What a joke! Just because of the matter of toilet, Jiang Changxi, Ling Hong and Su Mu all bought their own place in the apartment building across Yuan Zhou's restaurant so that they could go to the toilet anytime.

That was probably the so-called "rich and capricious", which was unexpected even by Yuan Zhou.

"Queuing committee?" Yuan Zhou asked with puzzlement.

"Yes. It's in charge of the queuing matters. The tall, fat, thin three guys are also included." When Su Mu told a lie, it was even truer than the truth.

"I see. I heard that Ling Hong pretended to be poor and afterwards, they broke up." Yuan Zhou didn't go into this matter seriously, but started to talk about Ling Hong's blind date.

"Yeah, I heard about that too." Su Mu thought of Ling Hong's word at that time for a while.

"Um. Something about hobbies." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"I will follow suit and see if it work." Su Mu revealed a troubled look.

In any case, he looked to be a poor noble. It was a little difficult for him to pretend to be poor.

"What if she's a pretty girl?" Yuan Zhou only gossiped once in a blue moon.

"So what? She wouldn't be as good-looking as me." Su Mu said affirmatively.

"...", Yuan Zhou finally experienced the feeling of being speechless similar to Wu Hai. Su Mu's word made great sense and he didn't even know what to answer.

"Isn't Wu Hai here?" Su Mu asked naturally, not realizing Yuan Zhou's embarrassment.

"No." Yuan Zhou shook his head.

"Why hasn't Ling Hong appeared?" Waiting was painful for Su Mu, even if Ling Hong had told him he needed one hour to get there.

"It's only been 15 minutes since you called just now." Yuan Zhou checked the time secretly and said.

"He's so slow." Su Mu lowered his head and sighed.

"You can play some games while waiting for him." Yuan Zhou suggested.

"What are you playing?" Su Mu found that Yuan Zhou had begun to stare at his phone attentively since the very start.

"A game." Yuan Zhou said concisely.

"Of course it's a game. I mean what game?" Su Mu asked curiously.

Su Mu did not just inquire curiously, he also bent forward to look at the screen of Yuan Zhou's phone.

On the screen, various colorful fruits were flying as if they were having a party.

"Cutting fruits?" Su Mu uttered in surprise before Yuan Zhou could answer him.

"Yes." Yuan Zhou nodded his head. Meanwhile, he passed another barrier swiftly and evaded the bomb perfectly.

"Boss Yuan, are you still playing this game? It's already outdated." Su Mu simply couldn't understand him.

"This game can help to train the speed of my hand movement. According to the research from Virginia, U.S.A, it can increase the flexibility of the human's nervous system by 7% if one played the game long term. Apart from that, it can also train the receptivity of human's eyes. Only those who don't know these things say this game is outdated." Yuan Zhou happened to pass a level. Then, he raised his head and said to Su Mu earnestly.

"Well, Boss Yuan, you are so devoted. You play a game not for fun, but to train the speed of your hand movement." Su Mu raised his eyebrows.

In the meantime, he had a deeper understanding of Yuan Zhou's devotion in the mind. As for the matter of why Yuan Zhou was still playing this game even after he passed the level, only Yuan Zhou himself knew that.