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415 Shall We Eat Together?

 In regard to General Manager Cheng's words, Director-general Zhang didn't give any comment. He just brought out the total amount of taxes paid by Yuan Zhou emotionlessly.


General Manager Cheng acted as if he had heard a sound of face-slapping. How painful it was!

Are you kidding me? What a joke it was that such a small restaurant could pay so much in taxes!

General Manager Cheng revealed an expression of "You must be kidding". If not it was told by Director-general Zhang, he almost wanted to give a slap straight to his face.

"I'm sorry. Do you mean that small restaurant pays taxes by 10 million RMB every month?" There was full of disbelief in General Manager Cheng's tone. Besides that, he appeared quite astounded.

"Not yet, but very close." Director-general Zhang answered honestly.

"I don't think it is possible. There must be something wrong with the address." General Manager Cheng took a deep breath and said with a euphemistical tone.

"Director-general Zhang, a total of 415 stores paid taxes of 3 million each last year." Assistant Deng took out a document and said timely.

"Well, this number is reported by Division Chief Lin himself." Director-general Zhang answered calmly.

"I see. Sorry to bother you." General Manager Cheng tried his best to refrain himself from roaring.

"That's alright. Goodbye." Director-general Zhang nodded his head.

"Ta Ta Ta", the three people walked out of the door quickly.

General Manager Cheng didn't stop until they walked out of the bureau for a quite some distance.

"Didn't you say that guy dosen't have any background?" General Manager Cheng totally didn't believe that Yuan Zhou could pay taxes of 10 million.

"According to our investigations, no." Assistant Deng said calmly.

"That is right." Niu Li also nodded and echoed at the side.

"Then how is it possible that Director-general Zhang lied to us?" General Manager Cheng asked in puzzlement.

"I noticed the expression of Director-general Zhang just now and he didn't seem to be telling lies. Besides, it's possible for him to pay 10 million if that guy doesn't pay small business taxes, according to my careful calculations." It was another document that Assistant Deng took out this time.

"How is it possible? A restaurant that covers even less than 100 square meters pays taxes on the basis of turnover?" Regardless of the documents, General Manager Cheng was reluctant to accept that fact.

"There's no other explanation except this one." Assistant Deng said positively.

Niu Li was so surprised that she still carried an expression of disbelief on her face.

"Is he out of his mind? How do we play with him if he plays like that?" General Manager Cheng couldn't help scolding. The taxes were really paid by Yuan Zhou as if he was playing a game.

This was no different from being "made invincible". It simply left him no way out.

"Where are we going, General Manager Cheng?" Assistant Deng folded the documents and asked.

"Yeah. What shall we do, General Manager Cheng?" Niu Li couldn't help asking.

They had originally prepared to hold a celebration for the upcoming victory, but never expected that Yuan Zhou would do things in such an unconventional way as to not pay taxes based on the small business tax.

It was really unscientific. This move not only appeased the tax bureau and left them a good impression, but also scored a lucky hit and made General Manager Cheng unable to purchase his restaurant.

Without any difficulty, he solved some invisible crisis.

After all, a large taxpayer and tax-paying model deserved to be protected to some extent.

"What else can we do? Let's go back first and just wait for other opportunities." General Manager Cheng rolled his eyes and said angrily.

"I'm going to get the car. Please wait a moment, General Manager Cheng." Assistant Deng immediately took out the key and said.

"Ok." General Manager Cheng looked at the car in the distance without turning a hair and said calmly.

They were so irritated just now that they passed the place where they had parked the car. Now Assistant Deng had to go back and get it.

After trying to settle this matter, it wasn't early anymore. It was 11 in the morning and Yuan Zhou was preparing his own lunch.

Of course, he had no idea of what happened at all. However, he knew the significance of paying such a large amount of taxes and hence didn't worry about that.

"Let me just cook a vegetable dish and eat some beef at noon." Yuan Zhou looked at the ingredients full of the kitchen and muttered to himself.

"Hua La" "Zi La". Along with the melodious symphony, Yuan Zhou prepared a meat dish, a vegetable dish and a soup as well as a bowl of plain cooked rice for himself very soon.

"Well, my craftsmanship improved again." Yuan Zhou smelled the fragrance of the food and said proudly.

"I'm starting now." Yuan Zhou carried the bowl and directly started to eat.

He had just eaten a few mouthfuls when there suddenly came a sound from outside.

Moreover, it was the melodious sound of Erhu.

At first, Yuan Zhou didn't feel anything special. Only after a long while when the tune of the Erhu was played clearer and more melodious could Yuan Zhou not help saying something.

"Where is the tune of the Erhu coming from?" Yuan Zhou was puzzled.

"Wu Wu Wu...", the beautiful tune of the Erhu was blowing in the wind. Though Yuan Zhou couldn't understand the meaning contained nor could he recognize which tune it was, he was attracted to it instinctively. While carrying the bowl, he was absorbed in that enjoyment.

When the tune came to an end more than ten minutes later, Yuan Zhou found that he hadn't even changed his position.

"That really is an awesome skill!" Yuan Zhou set the bowl and chopsticks down and couldn't help sighing with emotion.

"Pa", Yuan Zhou followed the source of the sound and opened the back door in accordance with his own thoughts.

There was only an alley outside the back door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. The ground paved by the blue flagstones were covered with the mosses, which looked both ancient and dilapidated. Exactly at the back door of Yuan Zhou's pub, there was a person standing there.

A person, who was dressed in a grey business suit and looked clean and neat, was putting the Erhu away meticulously.

"Xi Xi Suo Suo". After quite a while when the person finished, Yuan Zhou then uttered.

"Excuse me. Was that you who played the Erhu just now?" There was still a serious expression on Yuan Zhou's face.

"Yes, sir." Only then did the person turn around and answer.

The man's face was white and clean, but his brows were tight knitted with some wrinkles; his fingers were slender and beautiful; when he stood up, his back was kept perfectly straight. He was obviously an unyielding person. However, his clothes were so old that the original pure black pants had become slightly grey due to too much washing.

All of this was noticed by Yuan Zhou.

"You have excellent skill." Yuan Zhou said with all his heart.

"Thank you for your compliment." The man nodded and thanked him.

"You are welcome. I was lucky enough to hear the tune just now. Could you please eat with me? This meal is served as my return gift. After all, I'm no more than a chef." Yuan Zhou said a long sentence this time, but very slowly.

"Ok." The man looked at Yuan Zhou up and down and then nodded his head and agreed.

"May I bother you to have a seat? I'm going to cook two more dishes." Hearing the person agree, Yuan Zhou revealed a faint smile.

"It's me who is bothering you." The man held the case carefully and followed Yuan Zhou into his restaurant.

"Let's go to eat over there." Yuan Zhou pointed at the only table in the restaurant and said politely.

"Thank you." The man thanked Yuan Zhou softly.

"I'm going to cook." Seeing the person sit down, Yuan Zhou said that.

For a while, there was only the sound of cooking in the restaurant. The middle-aged man stroked the case silently as if it were of great value.

Yuan Zhou cooked very quickly. In no more than 5 minutes, he had prepared two main cuisines well.

A serving of Dongpo Pig Knuckle and a Jinling Grass were carried up onto the table.

"May I ask where you are working?" While they were eating, Yuan Zhou suddenly asked randomly.

The reason why Yuan Zhou treated him to a meal was that he could tell the man wanted to eat something and besides, he had been hungry for quite a while.