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414 Forced To Posture Again

 "Yes. That place is located in the development zone of the old town. Right now, there are only such commercial buildings such as CBD. We are prepared to build a large integrated catering restaurant." General Manager Cheng said with full confidence.

"Good idea. It not only provides jobs, but also attracts more people." Director-general Zhang nodded approvingly.

"Exactly. There's only a small food street currently, but none of the restaurants can decisively attract more people. If we can get that land, there will be one." General Manager Cheng pointed at the piece of land where Yuan Zhou's restaurant lay and said.

"There are only 8 stores in all in that land. It's still a little small, but likewise not bad." Director-general Zhang looked at the layout plan of General Manager Cheng carefully.

"Because my company has obtained four stores through purchasing them previously." General Manager Cheng smiled and pointed at the current position where his restaurant Masterwork Nonsuch lay.

"I see. Then, it's big enough." Director-general Zhang nodded his head. The approval seemed to be almost done.

"Yes. So I will have to please bother you to approve my request, Director-general Zhang." Seeing his purpose about to be realized, General Manager just sat there still and remained calm.

"For me, there's no problem. But I still have to check if there are any residential buildings there." Director-general Zhang was fairly serious and careful when it came to work.

"Don't worry. It's all commercial land." With a gleam of certainty to get it in his eyes, General Manager Cheng said peacefully on the surface.

"I know. It's just that the position of No. 14 of Taoxi Road seems a little familiar." Director-general Zhang nodded first and the muttered to himself in a low voice.

He found the documents including the 3D map about Taoxi Road on the computer and then started to carefully check the several stores requested by General Manager Cheng.

"There's surprisingly a closed store. It seems that the place really does not have many visitors." Director-general Zhang shook his head and said.

"Yes. That's why we want to build our restaurant there." General Manager Cheng said confidently.

"Haha. Ok, I see." Director-general Zhang nodded.

He picked up the fixed phone and started to make a phone call. Naturally, he needed to ask the tax bureau for the detailed information of stores, as they knew about the taxes better than others.

If he approved the request without a thorough investigation now and a problem popped up later, he would be in big trouble.

On the contrary, General Manager Cheng got relieved when he saw Director-general Zhang starting to call somebody.

"It's finally confirmed." General Manager Cheng murmured in a low voice.

Although this Director-general Zhang was old-fashioned and inflexible when it came to work and wouldn't approve his request directly, no one could ever stop Yuan Zhou's restaurant from vanishing after he investigated clearly.

General Manager Cheng had already investigated Yuan Zhou. He didn't have a strong background nor did he know anybody who had the capability to affect this matter.

"Division Chief Lin, how are you doing recently?" Once the phone was put through, Director-general Zhang uttered and greeted.

"Hi, Director-general Zhang. Are you calling to ask about information again?" Habitually, Division Chief Lin revealed a genial smile on his face.

"Yeah. How's the situation concerning the Taoxi Road area?" Director-general Zhang asked frankly.

"You should find an institute like the Americans CIA in your bureau. Then you can get whatever you want to know." Division Chief Lin joked with him smilingly.

After that, he covered the phone and signaled his assistant to fetch documents about Taoxi Road for him.

"That's really a good idea. Why don't you apply for that and see if you can succeed? If you do, I won't need you to be my spy anymore." Director-general Zhang also started to joke with him.

"That's your own business, so it's better for you to do it yourself." Division Chief Lin took the phone and continued to joke.

"I don't have that ability. So you have to continue to be my spy." Director-general Zhang laughed and said.

"I know, I know. You old fellow always pushing me to work for you." Division Chief Li said angrily. However, he didn't slow down his actions and continued to check the records.

Judging from their conversations, one could tell Division Chief Lin and Director-general Zhang were quite acquainted with each other. Actually, they had been classmates in the university, therefore they could joke around like that.

"Tell me something about the places from No. 10 to No. 14 of Taoxi Road." Director-general Zhang uttered and urged him.

"I'm checking. Wait, which place did you say?" Division Chief Lin was originally searching for the place according to the street number when he heard the familiar place. Then he asked with puzzlement.

"No. 10 to 14 of Taoxi Road." Without thinking more, Director-general Zhang repeated again.

"No. 14 of Taoxi Road? No, you can't move that place." Division Chief Lin instantly became excited.

"What? Is that place your son?" Director-general Zhang was surprised with the excited tone of Division Chief Lin.

"It's more intimate than my son. Do not ever think of moving it." Division Chief Lin said in a resolute tone.

"What? Is there really an inside story?" Only then did Director-general Zhang start to knit his brows.

"Are you asking me about that because somebody wants to purchase that land? They can take wherever they like except that area." Division Chief Lin picked up the phone and said in a serious tone.

"Even if you approve it, I will try my best to stop it." Division Chief Lin thought for a while and added.

"I'm asking you about that. It's of no use if you can only show your resolution but don't come to the point." Director-general Zhang said speechlessly.

"General Manager Cheng, see?" Niu Li anxiously signaled General Manager Cheng to look at the changing expressions of Director-general Zhang.

"No problem." General Manager Cheng nodded positively.

"Ok." Niu Li stood back securely and meanwhile became happy inwardly.

"I'm so sorry, Boss Yuan. It's you who won't cooperate with us. You can't blame us." Thinking of Yuan Zhou's astonished expression when his restaurant was purchased, Niu Li couldn't help saying inwardly.

"Leaving others aside, the taxes paid by the stores No. 13 and 14 of Taoxi Road are within the first three positions of our municipality. Do you think we can approve the request?" Division Chief Lin threw out a heavy bomb.

"Really?" Director-general Zhang became astounded and couldn't believe that.

Although the stores of the municipality didn't include companies, the amount of the first three positions were quite terrifying already.

Let alone they were only two tiny stores.

"I'm telling you the truth." Division Chief Lin said positively.

"That place is no more than 100 square meters. What business is it? Gambling?" Director-general Zhang looked carefully at the two places and then brought out his judgement.

"Humph. That's because you don't know the restaurant operated by Little Yuan. If not because of business hours being too short, he will easily pay the most taxes and get the first position." Speaking of the business hours of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, Division Chief Lin also gnashed his teeth.

Occasionally, he also went there with Vice Division Chief Li for meals.

However, that didn't mean they could be able to eat there every time they went there.

"Do you mean it's also an eatery, the kind that serves delicious food?" Director-general Zhang sank into deep thought in silence for a while and then asked.

"Correct." Division Chief Li nodded cleanly.

"How much taxes can they pay every month? You tell me so that I refuse them." Director-general Zhang said under his breath. This time, General Manager Cheng and his people didn't hear him. After all, it was impolite to stare at others talking when on the phone.

"As you know, the higher the turnover is, the more the taxes are. So..." If it wasn't because he had no beard, Division Chief Lin would have stroked his beard blissfully.

"Hiss, got it." After Director-general Zhang heard that, he couldn't help hissing and then nodded his head.

Hearing Director-general Zhang hanging up the phone with a sound of "Pa", General Manager Cheng and his people turned their heads and looked at him with certainty.

"I'm sorry. I can't approve you getting the land." As soon as Director-general Zhang spoke, he refused them.

"Could you please tell me why? I think we are quite qualified and can bring huge business and glory to Taoxi Road." Once General Manager Cheng heard the refusal, he couldn't believe it at the beginning. Only then did he ask calmly.

"I'm speaking seriously. Why don't you look at this place? The Fuqing Road also meets your requirements and comparatively, it's more prosperous." Director-general Zhang took out another document and said.

"Based on our integrated business planning, we need that place at Taoxi Road." General Manager Cheng shook his head.

"I really can't approve it. I don't have the authority nor do the others have it." Director-general Zhang took the documents back and said that.

"Can you tell me the reason?" General Manager Cheng kept silent for a little while and uttered to ask.

"The stores No. 13 and 14 of Taoxi Road pay very high taxes. It's a store that has substantial value." Director-general Zhang said directly, not intending to conceal anything.

"So it's that reason, right? We can also do that. Director-general Zhang, you also know the power of my company." On hearing that reason, General Manager Cheng got relieved and slightly leaned backwards against the chair.

"The taxes that they pay every month almost reaches 10 million. Can you?"