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413 Treating

 While Ling Hong was driving and getting annoyed at his end, Yuan Zhou wasn't actually thinking of that. He was dealing with Jiang Changxi.

Or rather, Jiang Changxi made him struggle to cope with her.

Jiang Changxi, who had been absent for a long time, didn't leave immediately after she finished the breakfast. She was dressed in a white shirt with two buttons undone. Besides that, she was wearing a gray short-tassel jacket outside and black skinny pants. On the whole, she looked refreshing and experienced. As she was leaning against the table, she also carried a little sexual attraction. However, Yuan Zhou didn't have that luck to enjoy.

"Boss Yuan, it's not a good habit to break your promise with me." The voice of Jiang Changxi was leisurely and languorous. Of course, it would have been better if there wasn't the purely teasing look in her eyes.

"No, I didn't. The first time I invited you, you said you would consider it carefully." Yuan Zhou straightened himself up and then said calmly.

"For the second time, you were out on a business trip." Yuan Zhou continued saying.

"Today is the third time and you just came back." Yuan Zhou stared blankly at Jiang Changxi and said earnestly.

"Don't pay attention to such trivia. Is it a fact that you owe me a meal?" Jiang Changxi reached out her white hand and waved them.

"Yes, it's true. Do you need me to treat you today?" Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Of course.... not." Jiang Changxi liked taking long breaths and consequently teased Yuan Zhou again.

"Then business hours have come to an end." Yuan Zhou gestured at the time.

"I just want to accompany you to chat a while in case you feel bored alone." Jiang Changxi shrugged and said casually.

"Haw-haw-haw." Having watched the interesting scene, Wu Hai laughed undisguisedly.

The reason Jiang Changxi flirted with Yuan Zhou lightly like that was because she was their hidden agenda as it was really difficult to find a slow person like Yuan Zhou.

"I heard from Zheng Jiawei that you boiled Ink Eel recently to eat." Yuan Zhou said with a bland tone, like he wasn't taking revenge on him.

"Wait. What is Ink Eel?" Jiang Changxi revealed a look of interest.

"The boiled eel blended with blue ink." Yuan Zhou explained considerately.

"Wu Hai! Why did you cook the dark cuisine again?" Apparently, Jiang Changxi also knew that. On hearing that, she just felt speechless instead of being surprised.

"Not really. That bowl of eel was just like the dark sky glistening slightly with blue color. And the finely divided small pieces of flesh were nevertheless like the countless stars." Wu Hai gasped in admiration while stroking his small mustaches. Obviously, he enjoyed that work of his and was quite proud.

"Was it edible?" Yuan Zhou came to the point.

"Hahahaha." It was Jiang Changxi who was covering her own mouth and laughing loudly.

Yuan Zhou could promise that he really didn't laugh, at least not on the surface. Instead, he said solemnly with his face tightly taut, "Don't waste the ingredients."

"That is art." Wu Hai retorted, being reluctant to admit defeat.

"Yes. But still, it can't be eaten." Yuan Zhou said indifferently.

"Ok, you win. I'm leaving." Wu Hai turned around and left angrily with an expression of "You ordinary people don't know how to appreciate it".

"Little Hai Hai, see you later." Jiang Changxi waved her hands.

"I'm going to close the door and go buy radishes." Yuan Zhou said that.

"Alright. Remember the treat." Upon seeing Yuan Zhou's earnest expression, Jiang Changxi also knew Yuan Zhou's habit of sculpting and thus said approvingly.

"You are always welcomed." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Boss Yuan, you look so lovable with that expression." Jiang Changxi always couldn't help teasing him when she saw Yuan Zhou's prim manner.

"It is actually called handsome." Yuan Zhou frowned and corrected her.

"Haha. Yes, it's handsome." Jiang Changxi walked out while covering her mouth and laughing.

Seeing everybody leave, Yuan Zhou let out a sigh of relief.

"Fortunately, I presented the facts and reason things out smartly and consequently got rid of the stigma of breaking promises with others." Yuan Zhou rubbed his own forehead and praise himself.

It was still early and was merely 9:30 a.m. At that time, some people appeared in the Bureau of Land Management.

One of them was dressed in a decent black suit; his upper pocket was decorated with a silk scarf, which looked a little fashionable; and his hair was combed meticulously. He was none other than Mr. Cheng, who had been humiliated by Yuan Zhou more than one month ago.

However, Mr. Cheng was extremely proud of his success today. He said with a smile, "Niu Li, is everything prepared?"

"General Manager Cheng, all information is here, all complete." Niu Li was still as serious and earnest as always, with some documents in her hand.

"General Manager Cheng, the business achievements submitted by Masterwork Nonsuch is rising steadily and besides, within the first ten among all branch restaurants. Why do this?" Another man at the side asked with puzzlement.

"Exactly because of that, we need that piece of land." General Manager Cheng said affirmatively.

"Assistant Deng, please look at their daily turnover." Niu Li handed him a document.

"Ok." Assistant Deng opened the document and leafed through it quickly.

"The sales in these three days seem to be quite high." Since Assistant Deng could work as the assistant to the General Manager, he naturally had excellent convincing capabilities. At least, he read the documents very quickly.

"Yes. During the three days, that small restaurant wasn't open. Even the turnover in the following few days was higher than that of normal times." Niu Li nodded her head affirmatively.

"Ok. So let's get inside, General Manager Cheng." Assistant Deng got relieved and walked into the Bureau of Land Management quite confidently.

"Um." General Manager Cheng nodded. After that, the several people entered the door in quick steps.

"Hello. I made an appointment with Director-general Zhang." It was General Manager Cheng who said that.

"Ok. Please wait a moment." The female receptionist nodded her head and then went to confirm the schedule before she took them inside.

After a sound of "Zhi Ya", the wooden door was opened. Then, the receptionist went out.

As soon as the door was opened, the middle-aged man seated behind the office table stood up and said smilingly.

"Haha. Manager Cheng, what brought you here?" Director-general Zhang was actually a deputy. He didn't really have much power, but was just in charge of the area of Taoxi Road.

As the saying goes, it's better to find the right person than the big boss. Therefore, General Manager Cheng directly came here.

The several people entered the office one after another.

"I need your help." General Manager Cheng's attitude was enthusiastic, but not of flattery.

After all, the market value of his company was fairly high.

"Now that you came to me, you definitely must have taken a fancy to some place." Director-general Zhang was a middle-aged man with thick hair. He was thin, but was quite spirited.

"You are right. Director-general Zhang knows me so much. Let me tell you now." General Manager Cheng signaled Niu Li standing behind him to hand the documents to him and to Assistant Deng standing at the other side to hand him the quotation.

"Huh. You are well prepared." Director-general Zhang received them smilingly.

"I definitely have to prepare well before I come to see you. I don't want to be kicked out." General Manager Cheng answered fluently.

Speaking of which, the two people indeed knew each other and had come into contact before. General Manager Cheng knew the rules of Director-general Zhang. He didn't accept gifts, but only approved the applications under the condition that it was good for the place and could improve urban constructions.

Last time, general Manager Cheng witnessed clearly a person who came here to send gifts was sent away.

He was far from being commented as great. However, Director-general Zhang was now a deputy and besides, he was no more than 45 years old, still young.

"No. 14 of Taoxi Road? You want to take that land?" Director-general Zhang flipped through the documents and asked for confirmation.