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412 Stage Goal

 "What are you talking about? It's obviously mine." Gao Xin revealed a puzzled look, however, he didn't actually slow down his actions of stuffing the food into his own mouth.

"We have reached an agreement that these all belong to me." Ling Hong seized Gao Xin's wrist immediately.

"The deal is off. It's merely a cake. You can buy another one." The more you stopped him from eating, the more he wanted to eat. This was Gao Xin's personality.

He didn't intend to let go of the cake at all.

"I paid the money." Ling Hong appeared to be quite speechless. If only he could get another one!

"I'll pay you back ten times more." When Gao Xin stuck to something, he was likewise very smart.

Just like now, he passed the Frog Cake in his right hand to the left and then took a bite.

The entire movement appeared quite practiced like the floating clouds and flowing water.

"You bastard. Shame on you." Ling Hong took a look at the Frog Cake that was bitten by Gao Xin.

However, Gao Xin had no time to attend or retort to Ling Hong's sarcasm.

The wonderful taste in the mouth made him finally understand why Ling Hong had sighed with emotion while eating a cake just now.

"Slurp Slurp", Gao Xin was taking the cake and eating it quite blissfully very quickly.

"Humph." Ling Hong couldn't help but humph coldly.

"Ho Ho." Gao Xin nevertheless just bared his teeth and smiled proudly to Ling Hong.

According to Ling Hong's hot temper, he would have already rushed to him and beat him. Seeing Gao Xin was about to finish the cake, however, he rolled his eyes and sat down quietly.

Obviously, he was going to be up to mischief.

The regular customers of Yuan Zhou's restaurant all knew a principle that they must eat very slowly. Though such delicious dishes were to be finished in the end, they still slowed down their eating speed properly.

But Gao Xin was new, thus he didn't know that. Since the dishes were so tasty, he naturally started to eat as quickly as he can.

A palm-sized Frog Cake could be eaten up in just a few minutes.

"Perfect. Boss, get me another one." Gao Xin wiped his mouth and said loudly as soon as he put down the lotus leaf.

At the side, Ling Hong just crossed his arms against the chest and looked at Gao Xin with a look of glee.

"Sorry, sir. Each customer may only have one serving of a single dish per meal." Zhou Jia explained expertly.

"Are you so hardhearted to do that to a customer that's eating blissfully? Your strategy of hunger marketing is really awesome!" There appeared obvious displeasure on Gao Xin's face.

"Not really. This is our rule and it has been carried out for quite a long time." Zhou Jia still smiled and said.

"Interesting. Ok, fine. I don't care. Anyway, I don't like it." Gao Xin appeared to be indifferent to that. Of course, it would be more convincing if he didn't look at others' Frog Cake occasionally.

"Then, I decide to buy this restaurant." When Gao Xin said that, he didn't appear to be buying a restaurant, but some steamed buns that were worth little on the street.

"I'm sorry. We don't have any plans to sell our restaurant." Zhou Jia still kept smiling.

"Let your boss come here." Gao Xin waved his head and cared little about Zhou Jia's refusal.

"What can I do for you?" Yuan Zhou happened to hear him and then he went up to come.

"How much is your restaurant? I will buy it." Gao Xin looked up at Yuan Zhou and said straightforwardly.

"Sorry, I don't want to sell it." Yuan Zhou said calmly.

"Just tell me how much money you want. At least, I can afford a restaurant at this location." Gao Xin said with an extraordinarily generous tone.

"Are you a friend of Ling Hong's?" Yuan Zhou didn't answer him this time, but asked back.

"Yes." Gao Xin nodded his head.

Having confirmed the answer, Yuan Zhou smiled inwardly but appeared quite serious, saying earnestly.

"Now that you are his friend, I can make an offer of 100 million." Yuan Zhou said that more casually than Gao Xin did.

"Damn it. Can you quote a price seriously?" Gao Xin was waiting for Yuan Zhou's quotation earnestly

He was thinking that Yuan Zhou would definitely offer a better price since he was Ling Hong's friend. Never had he imagined that Yuan Zhou would offer such a damn high price.

"By the way, 100 million in USD." Yuan Zhou said considerately.

"Cough cough cough." Gao Xin got choked straightforwardly.

"You are openly robbing. Such a small restaurant is only worth one million RMB. And I give you this price mainly because that you cook well." Gao Xin's white face was turning red. He was only one inch off pointing at Yuan Zhou and scolding him for getting his hopes up.

"If you can't afford it, please don't think about it anymore. People are still waiting for the seats behind." Seeing Gao Xin's speechless manner, Yuan Zhou said quite seriously.

As for Yuan Zhou, he couldn't help laughing out inwardly.

Just when Gao Xin was prepared to say something, Ling Hong said ahead of him.

"Haha. Even if you can afford it, you have to ask these customers for approval first." Ling Hong couldn't help laughing and saying.

"Stupid!" A customer at the side couldn't help but ridicule him when he heard the conversation.

"Exactly. He seems to be brought here by No Discount Ling." Another customer said in a low voice.

"Tsk. By comparison, No Discount Ling is better. At least, he's normal." After comparing the two people, a customer said directly.

With his sharp eyes and eyes, Ling Hong heard that and immediately grinned at the talking customer. In the current society, being normal was also an advantage.

"Stop it. Don't play the fool anymore. Quickly eat it and leave with me." Ling Hong dragged Gao Xin immediately.

"I'm still hungry." Gao Xin said discontentedly.

"Why aren't you like a dead dog now?" Ling Hong turned his head and said.

"I was too hungry to move just now." Gao Xin said angrily.

"It can't be helped. Nowadays, talented people all have various weird requirements." Ling Hong pointed at Yuan Zhou and said.

"He's inordinately proud of his ability. But sooner or later, he's going to be done with it." Gao Xin said affirmatively.

"No, he won't. He really has excellent craftsmanship." Ling Hong gnashed his teeth when he said that.

"Let's stop talking about that. They recommended a place to me. Let's go together." Gao Xin suddenly thought of his friend's recommendation. Then, he said to Ling Hong.

"Ok. This is to apologize for failing to keep an appointment." Ling Hong said helplessly.

Ling Hong and Gao Xin lived close to each other. They had been good friends ever since they were children. However, Ling Hong disappeared every time Gao Xin invited him to meals together recently. Therefore, Ling Hong brought Gao Xin here and treated him to breakfast as an apology.

Gao Xin was different from Ling Hong. He really really really deserved the name of "a profligate son of the rich".

In his own words, his parents had already made such a fortune. If he still made money like his parents, who would spend their money? Therefore, his purpose was just to spend lavishly.

"I thought you were dating girls, but never thought you were out for eating." Gao Xin said sneeringly.

"I'll come again for lunch at noon." Ling Hong totally didn't mind Gao Xin's contempt and still said deservedly.

"Tsk. Let's talk about it later." Thinking of the fragrant, pungent, and smooth texture of the beef in his mouth, Gao Xin gulped down the saliva without a trace and said indifferently.

"Where are you going?" After he drove the car out of the side street, Ling Hong asked.

"A club, one for mixed martial arts." Speaking of that, Gao Xin became very excited.

"Are you serious? You only know about buying this and buying that. Are you thinking of going there to train?" Ling Hong said, without even turning his head.

"I have a plan." When it came to this subject, Gao Xin said in a quite serious manner.

"You changed?" Ling Hong knitted his brows.

"No. I have been there watching twice and it feels good that they patted on each other's shoulder after the fighting." Gao Xin thought for a while and said.

"Huh?" Ling Hong indicated that he didn't quite follow him.

Men are born to like cars, guns and fierce boxing as well as wrestling.

Because all those stand for the beauty of strength. But what is it like with the feeling of patting the shoulder?