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411 Yummy Frog Cakes

 The plate that Zhou Jia carried up to the customers was presumably the simplest one in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

It was but a flat white plate without any patterns on it.

"Is this the lotus leaf?" Ling Hong looked at the verdant leaf laid in the plate and said.

"Yes. It's used to wrap the Frog Cakes." Zhou Jia nodded her head at the side.

"Why the lotus leaf?" When Gao Xin heard that, he muttered and happened to be heard by Zhou Jia.

"Boss Yuan says that the frog should obviously stay on the lotus leaf, therefore he used the lotus leaf." Zhou Jia was quite proud when she said that.

The reason why she appeared so proud was certainly because of Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship.

"This lotus leaf is taken from Sanjia Village." After that, Zhou Jia remembered that she didn't mention the place and hence added.

"It's supposed to be withered during this time of year." Ling Hong said with curiosity.

"There's supposedly a pond of lotus left unwithered during these recent few days." Wu Hai suddenly said at the side.

"Ok. I see." Ling Hong nodded his head.

Gao Xin was still bent over the table indifferently like a dead dog. At least in Ling Hong's opinion, he appeared to be so.

After they debated over the lotus leaves, it was the turn of the main cuisine, the Frog Cakes.

Speaking of which, the Frog Cake was but a palm-sized round cake without any decorations concerning a frog, let alone being made like a frog.

If the lotus leaf wasn't included, of course.

Not long after, however, Ling Hong discovered the meaning of the name.

"Haha. It's really a Frog Cake." Ling Hong burst into laughter and said proudly.

"You are just eating a cake. What are you laughing for?" Gao Xin said impatiently.

"You don't understand." Ling Hong didn't get angry, but just said straightforwardly.

The cake wasn't really in the shape of a frog. Instead, it was a palm-sized regular round cake.

It was supposed to be baked. With a circle of golden-brown color around, the white and soft cake looked fairly crispy and yummy.

Along with the roasted fragrance of wheat flour, it made people unable to resist its attractions.

The Frog Cake was about a finger-width thick. Yuan Zhou made an opening at the lateral side with the knife, making it look like the wide open mouth of a frog.

It was the origin of the name of Frog Cake.

A piece of verdant vegetable was stuffed in the white and soft cake as well as some beef slices that had been wrapped in the red sauce.

The white cake, beef slices in red sauce, fresh vegetables, and scorched crust on the surface made Ling Hong directly pick one up and take a bite.

After a sound of "Ka Ca", Ling Hong bit off a big piece of the cake.

As expected, the skin of the cake was crisp along with a slight scorched fragrance while the inside was incredibly soft.

It was like the Thousand-Layer Mantou's pure wheat fragrance. The strong red sauce rushed straight to his throat before one could feel the bland taste of the cake.

"Hiss." Ling Hong couldn't help inhaling and then chewed immediately.

"Ka Ca Ka Ca", the crisp and fresh vegetable stuffed in the Frog Cake was then chewed up. A refreshing taste of vegetables balanced the pungency of the red sauce out and thus the beef became fragrant, spicy and, tasty.

After chewing it carefully, Ling Hong realized that the beef was the essence of the entire Frog Cake as it had coordinated all the tastes.

With the wheat fragrance of the cake as the basis, the pungency of the red sauce was clear and vivid while the crisp vegetables still carried a spark of the unique sweetness of the salad.

"The beef is way too delicious. It definitely tastes good if it's made into steak." Ling Hong couldn't help saying that.

Indeed. When Ling Hong started to bite the beef, it tasted extraordinarily tender.

Though the beef slices were very thin, the gravy contained therein overflowed slowly from the top of the tongue. After chewing slightly, the beef slid into the throat together with all the food.

During the process, the beef coordinated all the tastes and integrated them altogether.

If Yuan Zhou knew Ling Hong's thoughts, he would naturally agree with him.

Because there were only three pieces of the beef slices in the Frog Cake, but they had an extraordinary background.

"Isn't this piece the coin tendon of the cattle?" Yuan Zhou asked that with puzzlement when he pickled it last night.

The system displayed, "This piece is the anterior tendon taken from the Argentina cattle. It's the part of the joint of the front legs of the cattle."

"As the pattern of the beef slices is similar to that of the ancient coins, it gets this name."

"Besides, as the front legs move less and bear less pressure of the heavy body, this part is better than the beef shin. It's tender and delicious as well as chewy."

"Stop, stop. Please stop." Yuan Zhou supported his own forehead helplessly.

As expected, the system really stopped, but Yuan Zhou couldn't help but ridicule it.

"I posture in front of others calmly everyday while you always show off your knowledge every day." Looking at the introductions of the beef, Yuan Zhou couldn't help saying.

The system displayed, "Getting more knowledge of the ingredients can help to improve one's culinary skills."

"I really don't know what to say now. Ok, then you continue posturing and I will watch you silently." Yuan Zhou paused obviously and then said earnestly.

The system displayed, "For the best interest of the cattle, the system lets the cattle herd move about and graze in the vast grassland freely."

"What's more, the farm actually raises very little cattle. As a result, every cattle occupies at least two meadows, of which the diameter is above 1000 meters, to run freely rather than stay in the narrow cowshed every day."

"Cattle raised in that surroundings are free from the possibility of being infected with diseases and are also happier than those raised in the cowshed. Therefore, this system is actually raising the healthy and happy cattle that grazes in the pasture."

"You are right. It's very good. It just looks like the advertisement for fertilizers." Yuan Zhou said frankly and straightforwardly.

The system displayed, "This cattle is pure white and lives in pollution-free areas. In order to get the top-quality beef, the system only choses the virgin Queen Cattle to raise."

"Instead of fresh pasture, it only eats the cured hay specially blended with soybean, corn and wheat."

"It's truly particular about its food." Yuan Zhou continued ridiculing.

Then, the system started to introduce various living activities of the Queen Cattle.

Yuan Zhou read all the information seriously.

As for other introductions that the system only used the freshest two leaves for the vegetables and collected the remaining ones, Yuan Zhou was already prepared for that.

After all, it likewise only used the core part of the watermelon.

Yuan Zhou also prepared the red sauce personally this time because he wanted to eat the red sauce noodles for lunch. Of course, it was prepared by himself without the system's help.

Ling Hong had such a sharp tongue that he could tell what was good. Therefore, he still couldn't help uttering while he was eating blissfully right now.

His voice was very clear and could be heard by anyone.

"Boss Yuan, when will you prepare to serve steak? It will be perfect if you can use this beef to make the steak." Ling Hong enjoyed the delicacy of the Frog Cake and said.

"Temporarily, I don't have that plan." Yuan Zhou considered for a while carefully and then he answered.

"Pity. What a pity!" Ling Hong didn't forget to talk while eating it blissfully.

"You are way too exaggerated. Is it really so delicious|?" Gao Xin couldn't help asking that at the side.

"Of course." Ling Hong nodded his head.

Just before Ling Hong reacted, Gao Xin took the other Frog Cake and stuffed it into his mouth while speaking.

"Wait. That's mine." Ling Hong shouted.