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410 Antagonists Die From Talking Too Much

 "If the Frog Cake counts as one, then what about the Rolling Donkey (a typical Beijing snack)?" Yuan Zhou asked tentatively.

The system displayed, "Yes, that conforms to the requirements."

"So it's ok as long as the name doesn't conform to the dish itself, right?" Yuan Zhou suddenly thought of many names of such dishes all at once.

The system displayed, "The name of each dish must include an animal."

"With the name of animals, right?" Yuan Zhou removed unqualified dishes from his mind habitually.

Having thought for a while, Yuan Zhou suddenly reacted.

"Wait. This requirement wasn't included in the mission at the beginning." Yuan Zhou was quite sure that he had found a bug in the system and thus he said affirmatively

The system displayed, "Since the host has been completing missions smoothly, apart from the reward of One Hundred Ways of Making Mantou, I hereby make this particular requirement so that you can complete the mission better."

"I bet you must have forgotten that at the beginning and made the amendment now." Yuan Zhou said in an affirmative tone.

However, the system had no reaction. After quite a while, Yuan Zhou said again.

"System, don't think that if you praise me, I will neglect that bug of yours. That One Hundred Ways of Making Mantou has been rewarded for quite a long time." Yuan Zhou's purpose was naturally to see if he can get an additional reward.

The system displayed, "Antagonists die from talking too much."

Seeing that, Yuan Zhou became stupefied for an instant but then said confidently, "However, I'm using the protagonist template."

What a joke! Which protagonist do you recall that did not possess excellent speaking skills?

For example, people like Uz*maki N*ruto or M*nkey L*ffy. As a result, Yuan Zhou was quite sure that he could survive until the end of a TV drama rather than just two episodes.

Having thought of that affirmatively, Yuan Zhou ate up the noodles quickly with a sound of "Hu Li Hu Lu" and prepared to feed Broth with the remaining broth.

"Today is noodle broth. You can have some." Yuan Zhou set down the bowl and said to Broth who was about to hold the bowl and leave.

However, Broth just looked back at Yuan Zhou and then left without hesitation.

After that, Yuan Zhou went to bed and fell asleep as quickly as he can. It was the following morning when he opened his eyes, more precisely, the time when he went to do morning exercises.

"Hooo...", Yuan Zhou let out a sigh and became totally clear-headed.

"What a nice day! I can serve a new dish." Yuan Zhou opened the window and said naturally while looking at the gray sky.

Even the bad weather couldn't stop Yuan Zhou from jogging. Therefore, Yuan Zhou only started to prepare the breakfast after his exercise.

This time, Yuan Zhou prepared the dish while leaving the door open. He wanted to let those who hadn't seen him for a week see him in case they missed him too much.

"You are finally back. I thought you were kidnapped by aliens." Wu Hai rushed over here hurriedly and gnashed his teeth while saying that.

"Exactly. We all thought you were kidnapped by muscular men," even Ling Hong said leisurely.

"If I was kidnapped, it would definitely be the pretty girls that kidnap me." Yuan Zhou knitted his brows and said with an extraordinarily earnest tone.

"Boss Yuan, you better cook some delicacies carefully and soothe our wounded hearts." Man Man crossed her arms against her chest and said discontentedly.

"Yeah. We are all waiting." Wu Zhou also went up and joined in the fun.

"You don't come frequently. What are you excited for?" Zhao Yingjun looked at Wu Zhou with puzzlement.

"No, you don't understand. Even if I don't eat it, it's also very pleasing to just look at it everyday." Wu Zhou said seriously.

"The Frog Cakes will be provided as breakfast today." Amidst the great noise, Yuan Zhou straightforwardly announced.

"There's really a new dish. What a smart guy I am!" Ma Zhida, who was known as The Little Prince of New Dishes, became pretty happy when he heard Yuan Zhou.

"I feel terrible. Is it prepared using the flesh of frogs?" A girl in line thought of that the very first moment.

"The flesh is still acceptable. But the skin is, well.... I just can't bear it." The tall girl accompanying Yuan Yuan had a lingering fear on her face.

"I think frogs are very cute and the taste is supposed to be good." While looking at Yuan Zhou's restaurant, Yuan Yuan remembered the nice taste of the Beef and Blueberry Jam and thus said expectantly.

"Ho Ho." The tall girl took a look at Yuan Yuan helplessly.

Meanwhile, she decided not to eat it later if it was really made from the flesh of the frog.

"Everybody, the business time for breakfast is to about to commence. Please line up." The voice came from the queuing committee.

The queuing committee was founded by the senior foodies of Yuan Zhou's restaurant. The core members included Wu Zhou, Wu Hai, Ling Hong, Sun Ming, Jiang Changxi and Yin Ya, etc.

They were responsible for maintaining the order of the daily queueing. Therefore, this work need not trouble Zhou Jia anymore.

However, they actually did that for mutual benefits. After all, if everyone saved time for others, they could also be able to eat the dishes next time even if they were late. It was a positive cycle.

Of course, those several rich people likewise prepared to repair some common facilities. If others agreed to obey you, you had to do something to maintain their relationships.

"Everybody, please line up now and enter the restaurant as per your number." Zhou Jia went up and said smilingly.

"Hey, you brat. You refuse me everytime I invite you to eat together. It turns out that you have been staying here?" Ling Hong wasn't here alone this time. He brought a friend along with him and this friend said that with a ridiculing tone.

"I am treating today. So don't let me down, ok?" Ling Hong put his arm over his friend's shoulder and walked into the restaurant.

The friend of Ling Hong was Gao Xin. He was 1.8 meters tall, more or less the same height as Ling Hong. However, he looked much thinner than Ling Hong and also revealed an unsatisfied expression on his face.

He wasn't as handsome as Ling Hong, but appeared more like a good-looking youngster, except for the dark purple hair. He was dressed in a flaxen jacket, colorful pants, and a pair of white casual shoes.

On the whole, he looked fashionable and eccentric, appearing difficult to get along with.

"Come on. What delicious food could this shabby restaurant serve?" Gao Xin directly shook off Ling Hong's arm and revealed a look of contempt.

"No problem. You can leave after you order the dishes and I will eat them alone." Ling Hong didn't really care whether or not Gao Xin ate here.

He didn't intend to introduce the delicacies in Yuan Zhou's restaurant to him, either. In this regard, he was like Lee Yanyi who was reluctant to write any comments about Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Ok. I'll stay, for the sake of our friendship." Gao Xin shrugged and indicated that he didn't care.

"Good." After a nod, Ling Hong turned his head and said to Zhou Jia.

"One Frog Cake for him and one for me."

"Ok. One moment, please." Zhou Jia nodded her head and didn't ask anything more.

"It's so rare to see you behave yourself." Gao Xin supported his head and said curiously.

"Among eating, clothing, housing, and transportation, eating always ranks among first. That's why." Ling Hong shrugged.

"If you like, why don't you buy this restaurant? Everything has a price. Why go through so much trouble?" Gao Xin said as if it were obvious.

Nevertheless, Ling Hong didn't answer him, but just shook his head.

"Forget it. Whatever you like." Gao Xin appeared bored to death. He bent over on the long curved table like a dead dog.

There were only 100 Frog Cakes prepared by Yuan Zhou, but he still ate three ahead of all others.

"Frog Cakes for you two." Zhou Jia carried two plates to them this time.

"Huh, are the leaves also edible? They are so beautiful." Instead of straightening himself up, Gao Xin just raised his eyes and took a look.

"Haha. It's indeed so. I'm going to eat now." Ling Hong didn't answer him, but just moved the food toward himself.

Only when seeing Gao Xin truly have no interest in the food did Ling Hong start to observe his Frog Cake earnestly.