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408 Starting to Posture

 "Isn't that right, Head Chef Chu?" Yuan Zhou didn't stand up, but just turned his head and looked at Chu Xiao.

Chu Xiao was dressed in a pure white chef uniform. The tall chef's hat stood for the identity of the head chef.

There was not a single crease on the uniform. Matched with his pretty face, it seemed to conform to people's appreciation of beauty well and made him appear extraordinarily handsome.

It was likewise rare for Yuan Zhou to wear a business suit, specifically a dark blue striped business suit.

Although Yuan Zhou wasn't fat, he had broad shoulders due to the daily exercises. Therefore, he was quite good-looking in a business suit. On the whole, he looked spirited and mature with great charm.

Even when he was sitting, there emitted a strong aura from him, which was the bonus from his culinary skills.

The aura was impressive. People couldn't touch it, but it did exist.

"That's right. So what do you think, Boss Yuan?" Chu Xiao walked over to him with Andrew.

Walking behind him, Andrew was nevertheless trying to diminish his sense of existence.

What a joke! They had stood still there for quite a while and coincidentally heard Yuan Zhou say that the apple wasn't good.

Who was Chu Xiao? He was the youngest Michelin Three Star Chef in history and always convinced people with his culinary skills in the kitchen. Besides that, he was a man of his word.

Having eaten dishes prepared by Chu Xiao, even the senior and top-level critics wouldn't say anything bad, let alone a layman.

However, this young man that came from nowhere surprisingly said that once he spoke. How was it possible that Chu Xiao would feel good?

The current state of Chu Xiao could best account for that.

"This cooking method is indeed one of the best choices. But there's a problem on the selection of apples and that causes the goose liver to become sourer by one point." Yuan Zhou said quite seriously.

"I sincerely request for your comments, Boss Yuan." Chu Xiao said with a manner of cynicism.

"You are using the Gina apples from France. It's produced in the Mediterranean climate zone in South France. Contrarily, the production area of the goose liver is Strasbourg." Yuan Zhou brought out the producing areas of the apples and the goose liver in one breath.

"T'esvraimenttropfort, monpote!" Andrew immediately spat out an exclamation.

This sentence in French was translated into Chinese as, "Awesome, bro!"

Except Chu Xiao and Yuan Zhou, everybody that understood French on site laughed.

After all, Andrew's manner of surprise was way too conspicuous.

Even Zhou Shijie couldn't help saying, "It isn't difficult for him. You should have been used to that."

"Yes, of course. But I have always thought only Chu Xiao is a genius. Are the young people nowadays all so awesome?" It seemed that Andrews just felt it difficult to accept that.

"Haw-haw-haw. Indeed. Young people nowadays are that awesome." Zhou Shijie burst into laughter. Then he nodded his head and said.

Andrew nodded continuously.

In Andrew's opinion, it was way too amazing that one could tell the origin of the dish just by tasting a little. After all, it was common to give a comment of "delicious", but now he almost brought out everything about it. How could he not be surprised?

"So on the aspect of taste, the two ingredients should complement each other. But there's a defect concerning Gina apples. As its taste is more like the Red Delicious Apple, the sourness will slightly increase after it's squeezed." Having paid no attention to Andrew's praise, Yuan Zhou continued saying that.

"Of course, I know that." Chu Xiao didn't take it seriously.

"So for the sourness, you added a little maltose to adjust the taste. However, the maltose itself contains a little bit sourness." Yuan Zhou didn't have any intention of showing off his knowledge, but instead, he just said lightly.

"I added only one gram!!!" Andrew looked at Yuan Zhou with an unbelievable gaze.

"Is this damn guy really a human? He's really a monster like the boss!" Andrew's gaze moved between Yuan Zhou and Chu Xiao. Of course, the meaning was just contained in his gaze.

"I see." Chu Xiao thought about it inwardly and found it was really like what Yuan Zhou commented.

After heating, the maltose would emit a slight sourness which then went into the butter. Such a taste would undoubtedly penetrate the tender goose liver.

"If the Gina Apple was replaced with Wang Lin Apple, the elegant orchid-like aroma will penetrate the goose liver and it will then taste better. Of course, its texture of 40% sourness and 55% sweetness is better." Yuan Zhou brought out another match of ingredients.

"Besides that, it will be better to use the orchid-like aroma to match the fragrance of chestnuts originally contained in the goose liver." Yuan Zhou added.

Of course, he drank some water without turning a hair after that. Seldom did Yuan Zhou speak such long paragraphs of words.

"The strong orchid-like aroma will affect the pure fragrance and texture of the goose liver." Chu Xiao said quite confidently.

"Yes. So it's the best choice to feed cows with the apples. Then add some drops of the milk into the butter in order to stimulate the fragrance of the Wang Lin Apple." Yuan Zhou continued saying naturally.

"Of course, the feeding time can't be less than one year." Yuan Zhou thought for a while and continued.

After that came a long silence. Chu Xiao was thinking about the feasibility while Zhou Shijie was thinking of something unknown to others; Andrew didn't dare to say anything.

As for Yuan Zhou, he was eating the dishes carefully as if he was irrelevant to this matter.

It was a basic respect to a chef to finish the dishes. Yuan Zhou had realized this problem even last time and likewise had already started to set an example by personally taking part.

"Little Yuan, is there another solution if we don't feed the cows for one year?" Zhou Shijie suddenly faced Yuan Zhou and asked.

"Yes. We can change a variety and put some onions inside. Then, the two types of fragrance will exist side by side and play a part together. Apart from that, it will also have the function of improving health." Yuan Zhou thought for a little while and said straightforwardly.

"Use the spring onion. Its flakes and flesh are all white. The peppery taste is light while the sweetness is strong." Chu Xiao added.

"Correct." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Never have I thought that Boss Yuan also has so much knowledge of French dishes." Looking at Yuan Zhou, Chu Xiao said earnestly.

"Not really. I just read something before and know a little about it." Yuan Zhou was truly not modest while speaking of that.

After all, he was now just a person that hadn't fully mastered a single series of regional cuisines.

He was merely good at several dishes in each regional cuisine which happened to cover the French dishes.

"You are way too modest." Chu Xiao had a more western mindset, thus he said directly.

"No, I mean it." Yuan Zhou said seriously while frowning.

"Why does nobody believe that I'm telling the truth?" Yuan Zhou said inwardly with puzzlement.

"Um." Chu Xiao wasn't in a good mood now. His mistake was easily recognized by others and his conspicuous posturing ended up to become a foolish deed. Of course there were some vague sentiments in his heart.

However, he didn't go so far as to become angry. What Chu Xiao felt proud of were his genius and great efforts.

For a little while, there was only the slight sound of the dinnerware in the restaurant. Andrew tried his best to diminish his sense of existence and meanwhile thought of a Chinese famous saying.

"Being close to the emperor is like being close to a tiger."

"I'm done. It turns out to be a great choice of food. I haven't eaten such an authentic meal for long. Thank you, head chef." Zhou Shijie broke the silence and said contentedly while stroking his well-trimmed beard.

"I'm sorry. The defects today must have affected the experience of you two." Chu Xiao apologized clearly.

"Never mind. That's nothing. But remember that I will treat you to dinner next time since you treated me this time." Zhou Shijie said indifferently at the beginning and right following that, he said earnestly while looking at Chu Xiao.

"Don't stand me up."

"Certainly." Chu Xiao nodded his head.

Seated at the side, Yuan Zhou revealed an indifferent manner, even if he knew Zhou Shijie prepared to take Chu Xiao to his restaurant for the meal.

This was the confidence of Yuan Zhou.