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407 Evaluation, Goose Liver, and Yuan Zhou

 "Chairman Zhou, you must know the head chef here must be very familiar with him." Yuan Zhou observed the surroundings around them and suddenly said that.

"Really? How do you know that?" Zhou Shijie didn't try to conceal that matter and thus asked curiously.

"One has to make the reservation at least one month prior if he wants to eat in a Michelin Three Star Restaurant. Even though you know the head chef, you shouldn't be able to eat here so quickly." With a frown, Yuan Zhou thought of the rules and then said.

"What if I really made the reservation one month ago?" Zhou Shijie said smilingly.

"You'll definitely tell me about that." Yuan Zhou said confidently.

"Haw-haw. You are right. After eating, you'll know who the head chef is." Zhou Shijie winked at Yuan Zhou and said mysteriously.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded and asked nothing more.

Meanwhile, the dishes in the kitchen also started to be carried out one after another.

"Andrew, come here." At that time, Chu Xiao had put on the face mask, which made his voice sound a little hollow. However, Andrew still heard that immediately and ran over.

"Ok. Shall I scoop it up?" Andrew asked quite consciously.

"Do it one minute later. You watch it now and then scoop it up with this." Chu Xiao took a pair of chopsticks and handed to Andrew directly.

"No problem." Andrew answered him with full confidence.

The beautiful chopsticks had an ivory tone with a light pink color, which was both pretty and fulfilling. They emitted a beautiful glossiness in the cool water.

"Head chef, this goose liver from the Southwest is really very nice. It also has a little bit of fragrance." Andrew scooped the goose liver up and put it down and then couldn't help saying that.

"It's from Strasbourg." Chu Xiao said lightly.

"I still feel the goose liver from the Southwest is the best." Andrew didn't dare to retort, but he still muttered in a low voice.

As a matter of fact, it wasn't surprising that Andrew said so. After all, the cuisine of goose liver didn't originate from France, but from ancient Egypt.

Then, it went to Rome and afterwards, France. During the rule of Louis XVI, goose liver was offered to the royal court as a tribute. After that, it was well-received by the king and became very popular among the people. Besides that, it was praised by many writers, musicians and artists of that time.

Ever since then, it has established itself as a noble delicacy.

The two production areas of the best goose liver were the southwest part and Strasbourg of France. Many people participated in the dispute over the positions of the two places, but they almost always matched evenly with each other.

"The red wine fed in the goose liver in Strasbourg conforms to my aesthetic appreciation more." Chu Xiao said to Andrew.

"I see." Andrew nodded his head.

Right after that, Chu Xiao completed the preparations for the specialty goose liver on his own. Of course, the side dishes were completed by Andrew based on the division of work assigned by Chu Xiao.

"Ta Ta Ta", along with the light footsteps, the brown-haired waitress carried the main cuisine to them.

The main cuisine was nevertheless a little special. Normally, dishes of French cuisines were all exquisite were of small amount; some even had the amount of only a mouthful.

Therefore, there was only one plate. However, this time was different. Including the brown-haired waitress, there were four pretty girls that came up while carrying the trays.

"Please let me change the dinnerware for you two." The waitress was another one who specifically changed dinnerware this time.

"Ok." Zhou Shijie answered.

Naturally, Yuan Zhou nodded his head with his usual aloof manner, indicating his consent.

"The main cuisine prepared by our head chef today is a little special. It's our specialty goose liver. Please have a look." The brown-haired waitress then uncovered the cooking pan.

Almost at the same time, there passed the frying sound of "Zi Zi" from inside. However, the fragrance of the goose liver came to them much quicker than the sound.

A slightly oily flavor yet with a little sweetness and sourness filled the noses of the two people. The fragrance came from the fried goose liver with a beautiful color.

"Hum... It turns out to be top-notch goose liver. Such a mellow fragrance is really wonderful." Zhou Shijie commented first.

"It's indeed very good except the apple." Yuan Zhou immediately revealed that the scent of sweetness and sourness came from an apple.

Even if there wasn't the shadow of an apple at all on the plate.

"Let me taste it first." Zhou Shijie didn't say much, but just signaled Yuan Zhou to eat first.

"The design of the plate is fairly interesting." Yuan Zhou noticed the plate of the dish, yet not because it was good-looking.

After all, the plate provided by the system was more beautiful. It was just that there was a thermometer on the plate showing the current temperature of the goose liver.

"It's exactly 35.5 degrees, the temperature of the human body. At that temperature, the fat in the goose liver barely melts." Before Yuan Zhou came over here, he had made good preparations about French dishes.

Therefore, he was quite familiar with the goose liver, the most famous French dish.

"So it is. The temperature is really controlled well." Zhou Shijie took a look and really found the plate was showing the temperature.

If the dish was carried to them after it's cooked, the temperature naturally wouldn't be as good and precise for people to eat. Actually, the dish was definitely well cooked on the way to them.

Therefore, the goose liver was just perfect to be eaten when it was served on the table. It was quite difficult to make the process so concise. That was also the reason why Zhou Shijie was so surprised.

"Great indeed." Yuan Zhou also nodded his head affirmatively.

After saying that, Yuan Zhou started to enjoy the dish.

At that time, the etiquette of eating western-style dish finally came in handy.

Formerly, Yuan Zhou used the knife and fork as per his own habits. Naturally, there wasn't any aesthetic feeling.

But it was different now. Yuan Zhou lifted the knife lightly and pressed it on the tender goose liver softly.

Then, the knife penetrated it without effort. Yuan Zhou immediately cut a small piece and stuffed it into his mouth.

Instantly, the mellow fragrance of the goose liver alike to the faint fragrance of fresh chestnuts flooded into his mouth along with the intoxicating red wine.

They started to give a dance in the mouth impatiently. As the inlet temperature was close to the body temperature, it wasn't abrupt at all. Because of that, the goose liver contrarily melted immediately upon entering the mouth without even chewing.

Although Yuan Zhou only ate a small piece, its fragrance and fine texture fermented ceaselessly in his mouth, which continuously emitted much fragrance.

The fine texture mixed with the top-notch fragrance made even Yuan Zhou feel difficult to resist.

"As expected of goose liver." There appeared a smile on Yuan Zhou's face.

"Of course. That must be attributed to the craftsmanship and ingenuity of the head chef." Zhou Shijie likewise nodded his head and echoed.

"Absolutely. It's really an originality to blend the apple juice in the butter and make it into the apple butter and then fry the goose liver with it." After only one mouthful, Yuan Zhou recognized the ingredients and said that.

"It turns out they added the butter at the very beginning. Originally, only a little butter is needed. Never have I thought it to be so." Zhou Shijie patted on his head and suddenly found it was really so after he thought for a while.

"Plus with the cooking method of roasting only the iron plate instead of frying the goose liver directly, the temperature can be precisely controlled at 35.5 degrees when it's served to us." Yuan Zhou straightforwardly brought out the reason why two servings of goose liver would need four waitresses.

The remaining two waitresses were naturally approaching to take away the iron plate without leaving a trace.

"Isn't that so, Head Chef Chu?" After saying that, Yuan Zhou turned his head and said that as if he had felt something.