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406 Chu Xiao’s Signature Dish

 As Zhou Shijie hung up the phone, Yuan Zhou had also figured out a solution at his end.

Yuan Zhou smiled at the tall and handsome blond doorman politely and then shook his head before he turned around and went back to the hotel.

"Ok. Have a nice trip." The doorman said enthusiastically, revealing his white teeth.

Yuan Zhou continued nodding his head and then walked into the hotel courteously.

"Ding", the elevator arrived and afterwards, Yuan Zhou entered it.

Only after the elevator went up for several floors did Yuan Zhou react.

"Wait. Why did I come back? I can go out freely after I refused the doorman." Yuan Zhou stroked his forehead with one hand and revealed a puzzled expression.

"It seems that I was out of my mind just now." Yuan Zhou couldn't help patting on his own forehead and muttered to himself.

As soon as he patted on his own forehead, Yuan Zhou naturally raised his head and saw the monitor camera. Instantly, Yuan Zhou became solemn.

"Damn it. There's surprisingly a monitor camera here. Nobody is supposed to see me. Anyway, no one knows what I'm saying." Yuan Zhou thought inwardly.

For the remaining time in the elevator, Yuan Zhou remained solemn all along until he came out.

"Huh? You come back so quickly? Then come to my room." Once Yuan Zhou went out of the elevator, he was seen by Zhou Shije.

"Um. I wandered around and came back immediately." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"It's good to come back early. Have a good rest today and I will take you to eat something delicious tomorrow." Upon entering the room, Zhou Shijie said smilingly right away.

"Things judged by you as delicacy are definitely good." Yuan Zhou said with a quite serious look.

"Haw-haw, of course. That place is an old Michelin Three Star Restaurant and the chef is also a three-star." Zhou Shijie didn't tell him directly that it was Chu Xiao.

"If so, it well deserves a taste. Thanks, chairman." Yuan Zhou immediately thanked him.

"You brat. Thanking me so quickly. It seems that you want me to treat you, don't you?" Zhou Shijie reacted at once and said with a seemingly angry tone.

"Now that you have said that, as a younger man, it isn't good for me to compete against you on that. So, thank you." Yuan Zhou didn't fear that Zhou Shijie would get angry, thus he continued saying seriously.

"Young men nowadays are all slippery. Fortunately, this old man has already prepared to treat." Zhou Shijie glared at Yuan Zhou and then said that.

"Thank you." Yuan Zhou said extraordinarily sincerely.

"That's fine. Just stop saying that." Having paused a little while, Zhou Shijie continued saying, "Little Yuan, I remember that you are not a picky eater and don't have any dietetic restraint, right?"

"Yes. I can taste anything." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Ok. There are no more problems then. They have prepared 13 dishes." Zhou Shijie said.

"Are we going there in the evening tomorrow?" Yuan Zhou suddenly asked.

"No. At noon."Zhou Shijie reminded.

"Ok. Don't wait for me to eat breakfast tomorrow." After a nod, Yuan Zhou said earnestly.

"What? Are you still overcoming jet lag?" Zhou Shijie asked with a caring tone while looking at him.

"No. That way, I can eat more at noon." When Yuan Zhou said that as if it was obvious.

"..." Zhou Shijie instantly became speechless. What Yuan Zhou said made a lot of sense.

"So, good night. I'm going to sleep." Yuan Zhou waved his hand and parted with Zhou Shijie before he went back to his own room.

While Zhou Shijie and Yuan Zhou were only waiting for the dishes leisurely, Chu Xiao likewise wasn't nervous. However, he was quite cautious.

"Andrew, you and I will prepare the dishes for that table tomorrow." Chu Xiao pointed at the place that he had arranged for Yuan Zhou and said that.

"Alright." The person called Andrew was a middle-aged white man with dark brown hair. He appeared mature and reliable and that was how he was.

"See you tomorrow." After saying that, Chu Xiao said goodbye to him.


The time spent waiting for delicacies always passed quickly, let alone the appointment was made at 12:00 at noon and it would take them 2 hours to drive there.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou did his morning exercises, had breakfast, and took a cab the entire morning before he arrived at the restaurant.

The restaurant was located at the north of Paris. It was a nice day. The sun was shining over the two-storeied red bricks of the restaurant, which looked beautiful and warm.

The canteen had only two floors and was surrounded by the beautiful gardens, where some cold-tolerant flowers were blossoming.

Red bricks, white walls, gardens and the primary-color solid-wood table all looked wonderful. Furthermore, this was only the scenery outside.

"The surroundings here are really nice." Yuan Zhou said while walking.

"Of course it's very good. It was formerly a territory of a nobleman, but was expropriated later. Then, it was redecorated and renovated. Of course, it's good-looking." Zhou Shijie pointed at the shop sign of the restaurant and explained.

"So that's why." Yuan Zhou nodded.

As soon as they entered the door, a pretty brown-haired waitress came up and greeted them.

"Hi, Mr. Zhou and Mr. Yuan. This way, please." The pretty brown-haired waitress showed them a place with much sunshine by the window.

It was Zhou Shijie who answered her while Yuan Zhou just stayed there still. After all, Yuan Zhou could only understand, but couldn't speak.

"This is the sequence of the dishes served today. Please have a look." The pretty brown-haired waitress handed the menu to them.

1st dish, Hors-d'oeuvre Froid (Honey Ham)

2nd dish, Potage (Crisp Onion Soup)

3rd dish, Hors-d'oeuvre Chaud (Creamy Chicken in Puff Pastry)

4th dish, Poisson (Dry Fried Tonguefish Matched with Lemon Juice)

5th dish, Grosse Piece (Homemade Goose Liver)


13th dish, Dessert (Lemon Seed Pastry)

"They look great." Looking at the menu all in French, Yuan Zhou contrarily spoke Mandarin.

"Yes, they are indeed good. Just serve the dishes like that, please." The first sentence was said to Yuan Zhou while the latter one was to the pretty brown-haired waitress.

"Ok. Wait a moment, please." The waitress nodded her head and then walked away politely.

"You must give your comments to the dishes after you eat in return for my treat." Zhou Shijie looked at Yuan Zhou and said earnestly.

"Don't worry, chairman. I will." Yuan Zhou nodded his head seriously.

"Wonderful." Chairman Zhou nodded.

Then, they were seated at the table and waited for the dishes quietly.

"Head chef, here are the ingredients for the appetizer." Andrew handed him the ingredients that had been processed.

Of course, it was totally prepared as per Chu Xiao's instructions. Except for the time he was washing the vegetables, he didn't touch any of them for long.

"Um, good. Put them here." Chu Xiao said that with his brows slightly knitted.

After he came back from the contest, he was stricter with the ingredients more than ever. The vegetables could only be picked one hour before it was to be eaten and besides, they cannot be touched by hand directly. That caused a lot of problems.

Luckily, his strictness was already well known by his workers. Although they often complained secretly, they indeed worked more earnestly, yet with unsightly postures.

"It's a nice day today." Chu Xiao caught sight of Yuan Zhou who sat straight over there through the window. Then, he took a deep breath, took the knife and started to cook.

The dishes prepared today were naturally what Chu Xiao was good at.

Even Andrew couldn't help muttering inwardly, "I haven't seen the head chef work so earnestly in a long time. Those two people seem to be special."

"He surprisingly reserved that goose liver. Finally, I can learn the craftsmanship now." Thinking of the goose liver that had been reserved by Chu Xiao, Andrew felt fervent inwardly.

That was the top of the top. It was also an honor to see him deal with it as his assistant.