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404 I Don’t Know If My French Is Good

 Early next morning, Zhong Lili went to the company directly. Once she put her handbag down, she started to process the documents on the table.

Having arrived a little later, her assistant Chengzi also placed the breakfast in his hands down hurriedly and started to sort the schedules out earnestly.

However, she knitted her brows upon seeing the schedule for visiting Yuan Zhou's restaurant again.

"The boss was in a bad mood when she came back yesterday and furthermore, she didn't get the work done. It was definitely that chef who caused trouble." Chengdi murmured with a low voice. Having thought for quite a while, she took the schedule paper and entered the office.

"Dong Dong". Chengzi knocked on the door lightly.

"Come in." Zhong Lili gave the impression of a strong and capable woman when she was in the office.

Therefore, she spoke clearly and concisely.

"This is the schedule for today. I have completed it. Please check if there are any problems." Chengzi put the document in his hand on the imperial red solid-wood office table.

"Um, no problem." Zhong Lili glanced at the schedule very quickly. When she saw the schedule of going to Yuan Zhou's restaurant, she frowned unconsciously yet did not say anything.

"I can also manage the matter of collecting information and applying for the passport. How about you go attend the meeting of the China Chef's Alliance with the chairman?" Chengzi proposed considerately.

"No need. I will go alone." Zhong Lili considered for a second and denied the proposal.

Even though she didn't want to see Yuan Zhou, she would never give up since it was arranged by Zhou Shijie.

Judging from his sculpting skills, however, Yuan Zhou had enough reason to be that prideful.

"Alright. I'm going out now." Without saying anything else, Chengzi went out obediently.

"What a bother!" Zhong Lili pinched her forehead. After she checked the time, she took her coat and set out immediately.

She had originally thought a lot of time would be required this round, and therefore prepared to wait there.

And she specifically wore flat shoes. Despite that, Yuan Zhou gave her a surprise again.

"All the necessary information is over there. After everything is done, please return them back to me. Thank you." Yuan Zhou didn't sculpt today. Instead, he was sharpening a knife, a common iron knife.

Seeing Zhong Lili come to him, he directly pointed at the long curved table and said.

"Ok. Thanks, Mr. Yuan." Zhong Lili was stunned for a while and then replied.

After a nod, Yuan Zhou no longer said anything. Having gotten all the information, Zhong Lili became relieved.

"Hooo... Fortunately, I don't need to come again." Zhong Lili felt very lucky while she said that.


The trip to France came very soon. Yuan Zhou was still a little muddled even while sitting on the plane.

"Tsk. Evil capitalism!" Looking at the spacious plane, Yuan Zhou ridiculed expressionlessly.

That's right. Yuan Zhou was sitting in the first-class cabin. The professional aircrews were beautiful and polite and their voices were light and gentle.

"Mr. Yuan, here is your seat." An air stewardess showed Yuan Zhou his seat politely.

"Ok. Thank you." Yuan Zhou followed her instructions and sat down.

"What would you like to drink?" The beautiful air stewardess bowed and inquired courteously.

"A cup of plain boiled water." Yuan Zhou answered calmly. No one really realized it was Yuan Zhou's first time sitting in the first-class cabin of a plane.

Even Zhou Shijie, who was sitting beside him, didn't realize that.

However, Yuan Zhou was ridiculing inwardly, "It's truly a capitalist society. Fortunately, I won't be affected."

The service of the air stewardess was indeed much better than that of the economy class cabin. So were the drinks and the dishes.

"We'll go to Beijing for a flight transfer. That way, we can arrive early." Zhou Shijie turned his head and said to Yuan Zhou.

"Ok. Good." Yuan Zhou straightened himself up and appeared quite earnest.

"Take it easy. We are just going there to watch those chefs' culinary skills. You just watch them carefully and take it as a fun time." Zhou Shijie stroked his beard and said with ease.

"Ok, I will." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Trust me. Those French girls are way too warm. An iceberg like you will probably be melted by their enthusiasm." Zhou Shijie winked at Yuan Zhou saying a teasing tone.

He looked like to be comforting Yuan Zhou.

"Um. I want to have a look at their etiquette." Yuan Zhou thought of the etiquette that he had been learning these few days and said earnestly.

In the past few days, Yuan Zhou had watched the CD provided by the system every night to study. Of course, the books weren't abandoned, either. He specifically brought three books with him to read this time.

"Alright. Let's have a rest. After this flight, we will have another long flight." Zhou Shijie signaled Yuan Zhou to take a rest and then he closed his eyes for a nap.

The flight speed greatly narrowed the distance between different countries worldwide. Yuan Zhou and Zhou Shijie set out from Chengdu, and along with the ten hours of waiting for flight transfer, they spent 25 hours in all to arrive in Paris, France.

It was just 2:30 p.m. and the weather was nice. Although it was a little cold, the sun was shining.

"Huh, it's also a little cold here." Zhou Shijie took out the coat and put it on while speaking of that.

"I have new thermal underwear." Yuan Zhou said naturally at the side.

"Haw-haw. Never mind. I also have one in my suitcase. It's not cold anymore since I put on the coat." Although he had aged, Zhou Shijie patted his chest to show that he was very strong.

"The highest temperature in Paris is 10 degrees right now while the lowest is 5 degrees." Yuan Zhou checked the weather report and said earnestly.

"Alright. I will put on another one later." Zhou Shijie nodded his head obediently.

Only then did Yuan Zhou button his windbreaker and walk away with his two luggage bags.

Although they were invited to have an exchange of pointers, the one that came to pick them up was nevertheless the French disciple of Zhou Shijie.

The Mandarin spoken by the disciple wasn't so good. Yuan Zhou always felt uncomfortable when he heard it. But anyhow, they managed to get to the hotel smoothly. Of course, the hotel was a five-star hotel.

"It's so good to live in tall buildings. The scenery is wonderful. It seems that foreign countries are really not bad." Yuan Zhou didn't encounter anything special the while way, thus he stood at the window and sighed with emotion.

"Ding Dong." The doorbell rang. Then, Yuan Zhou stood up and opened the door.

"Hello, Mr. Yuan. This is the schedule for the exchange of pointers tomorrow." A big-eyed pretty girl handed him a slip at the door.

"Ok. Thank you." Yuan Zhou received it courteously.

"You are welcome. Bye, Mr. Yuan." The big-eyed pretty girl left after she said that.


On the following day,

"Don't be nervous even if you are attending it for the first time. You are only responsible for eating and then think about the taste." While Zhou Shijie shuttling Yuan Zhou back and forth in the conference, he said to Yuan Zhou, who appeared quite solemn, with a comforting tone.

The conference place was dominated by the color white. In the central part was a long table where the dishes were displayed. The names of the dishes were written in front of them in French.

The entire conference looked quite clean and neat. The flowers interspersed here and there gave an atmosphere of vitality, which was pleasing to eyes.

"Cinnamon and Red Wine Boiled Apple?" Looking at the dish in his sight, he said in a simple and straightforward way. In his heart, however, he felt quite puzzled.

"It's named really straightforwardly." He continued to say indifferently.

"Yes, it is. People can easily recognize the main ingredients used in the dish from the names given by those foreigners." Zhou Shijie explained and answered Yuan Zhou earnestly like an elder.

Yuan Zhou nodded his head approvingly. However, what Zhou Shijie said right after that made Yuan Zhou a little puzzled. He became stupefied immediately.

Zhou Shijie, "Little Yuan, your French is pretty good."

French? What? What's that?