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403 As You Please

 Accompanied by the two loudspeakers' news broadcasting, even the time taken waiting for the delicacies became shorter.

Of course, Yuan Zhou also liked the two people as they really knew a lot of things. Although they talked a lot, they knew not to bother others. They weren't hated but instead, liked by others.

They talked about the current news everyday with no repetitions, which was also a unique characteristic.

It was now 9:30 in the morning. Zhong Lili, namely Little Zhong, was walking along the street in front of Yuan Zhou's restaurant in her high-heel shoes.

The impact of the shoes against the ground emitted a sound of "Du Du Du", but didn't conceal Zhong Lili's grumbles.

"What an annoying old man Grandpa Zhou is! He surprisingly asked me to come exactly on time, not a single minute earlier or later. I don't understand why is Grandpa Zhou giving the opportunity to a person whose name is unknown to others?" The capable and experienced manner of hers previously seemed to have vanished, replaced by an impatient expression on her pretty face. She knitted her brows and muttered to herself.

"This restaurant really hides itself well." Zhong Lili looked at the surroundings around and frowned even deeper.

Not long after that, she counted the street number and saw Yuan Zhou who was sitting at the door.

"Hooo." Having breathed out, she resumed her normally capable and experienced expression and then walked to Yuan Zhou quickly.

With a professional smile, Zhong Lili straightforwardly asked, "Hi, Sir. Are you Yuan Zhou?"

Of course, she had already seen Yuan Zhou's photos and hence knew him well. But it might be politer to ask that way.

However, Yuan Zhou was sculpting his work very carefully and attentively.

Under such circumstances, even if it was Man Man approaching him, Yuan Zhou would first finish his work and then talk about something else, let alone it was a woman unknown to him this time.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou didn't even raise his head, nor did he answer her. He just quickened the actions of his hands.

Seeing Yuan Zhou giving no reaction after a while, Zhong Lili knitted her brows quickly and asked again.

This time, her voice became much louder. Five minutes later, however, Yuan Zhou still had no reaction.

Zhong Lili had fairly good patience, even if she knitted her brows hard this time and her tone wasn't that gentle anymore. "You are Yuan Zhou, aren't you? I'm the assistant of Chairman Zhou, Zhong Lili."

Speaking of Chairman Zhou, she even stressed on those two words.

Total silence.

"Ho Ho. Interesting." Zhong Lili thought inwardly with irony.

Of course, she saw Yuan Zhou sculpting at the first moment she arrived. But in her opinion, it was no more than a radish sculpture. How could it be more important than her work? Therefore, she went up bluntly and said to him.

"Sir, please stop your sculpture temporarily and continue later. We need to discuss the matter of going to France." Zhong Lili took a deep breath and said stiffly.

Zhong Lili stared at Yuan Zhou carefully this time, but Yuan Zhou still lowered his head as if the radish in his hand had a significant attraction to him.

"Girl, little girl." Just when Zhong Lili couldn't control herself and was about to lose temper, she heard someone calling her.

Then, she tilted her head subconsciously and saw Boss Tong in the dry cleaning shop.

"Are you calling me?" Zhong Lili asked with puzzlement.

"Yes. Once Boss Yuan starts to sculpt, he will never talk with anybody until he finishes." Boss Tong explained. There appeared a mild smile on her skinny face.

"But I have something very important to tell him." Zhong Lili knitted her brows and still insisted.

"But this little Boss Yuan can't hear you now. If you are tired, come here and take a seat.

"No need. Thank you." Zhong Lili shook her head and refused.

"You are welcome. So you can just wait for a little while. He isn't listening to anybody right now." Boss Tong said again.

"Alright, I got it." Zhong Lili took a look at Yuan Zhou and said that helplessly.

Of course, the discontent in her heart reached the apex.

As for Yuan Zhou, he was naturally sculpting carefully. This time, he was trying to sculpt Immortal Zhang Guo Lau of the TV series of Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, who was riding a donkey backwards.

In the end, even the furs of the donkey were clearly seen. So was the wild and intractable expression on the donkey's long face.

Not to mention the clothes of Immortal Zhang Guo Lau. It was naturally also incomparably clear.

In the meantime, Zhong Lili just stood at the door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant and waited for half an hour.

During the short period, she also tried again to call Yuan Zhou, but all ended in failure. If not for Zhou Shijie, she would have already taken the radish away.

As the assistant of the chairman of China Chef's Alliance, Zhong Lili and her family had a good personal friendship with Zhou Shijie. There, even those famous chefs didn't dare to ignore her like that.

Let alone this was just a Yuan Zhou. Thus, she was extremely angry.

Once Yuan Zhou finished his work, Zhong Lili immediately went up and said, "Respected Mr. Yuan, please show me your ID, 2-inch color photos and household register. I will apply for the visa for you with them."

"Of course, if you don't have it now, please go to take a photo first. You wouldn't know the procedures for the visa application and you need not know them. I will get everything done for you." Although she used the words like "respected" and "please", there was not an ounce of respect towards him.

However, Yuan Zhou didn't seem to hear that. He just put a sculpture of Immortal Zhang Guo Lau on the shelf beside him carefully.

Then, he straightened himself up and asked Zhong Lili while looking at her, "I'm sorry. I didn't hear you. Could you please repeat that?"

Yuan Zhou said that with a tepid tone, which let Zhong Lili sensitively realize something went wrong.

She shut her mouth, saying nothing, and chose to keep silent for a moment.

At that moment, Zhong Lili caught sight of the radish sculpture that Yuan Zhou had put on the shelf beside her.

She wasn't good at cooking or sculpting, but knew about such things. For such a sculpture, even the best disciple of Zhou Shijie couldn't do that.

They just couldn't reach the integration of the form and the spirit like that. It was like a miniature figurine of the genuine immortal person.

"Your sculpting skills are truly awesome." Zhong Lili swallowed her indignation just now. She realized she didn't actually wait in vain after she saw his perfect craftsmanship. Therefore, she said more mildly.

"Um." Yuan Zhou answered vaguely. Then he sat down and prepared to sculpt the radish again.

That really scared Zhong Lili. She knew Yuan Zhou was doing the latter part of the sculpture when she came here. Even so, she had waited there for almost 40 minutes.

If he continued to sculpt, she surely couldn't finish the work today and wouldn't know how to answer to Chairman Zhou.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Yuan. A passport is needed for going abroad, but it will take three months to get it if you apply for that by yourself. Chairman Zhou has instructed that you are going on a business trip and thus you can get it very quickly." Zhong Lili let go of her mood and prepared to do the work first.

"How long will it take if you do it?" Yuan Zhou asked lightly.

"One day." Zhong Lili said concisely without any more words.

"Um, but I have no photo today. You can come to collect it tomorrow. Since that is clear now, you can leave as you please." Yuan Zhou nodded his head, indicating he had known that, and then said quite indifferently.

"Ok. I won't bother you anymore." Zhong Lili managed to control her hot temper and repeated inwardly that work mattered more. Only by that could she answer so calmly.

Then, Yuan Zhou no longer spoke to her, but took the radish again and started to sculpt.

He was sculpting Immortal Han Hsiang-Tzu this time. The green part at the top of the radish was used to sculpt the bamboo flute of Han Hsiang-Tzu.

"Damn it!!!" After walking out of the side street, Zhong Lili couldn't help stamping her foot heavily and gnashing her teeth in anger.

However, Yuan Zhou didn't really care about all that. In his opinion, the opportunity for exchanging pointers was rare, but it also wasn't a bad idea for him to go alone.