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402 The Pursuit of Perfection

 Yuan Zhou was still a little puzzled when he wiped his hands dry and took up the phone.

After a pause, Yuan Zhou said, "Hello, chairman."

It was only later when Yuan Zhou got some information about this Zhou Shijie. Other things aside, solely based on just one matter, Yuan Zhou admired him.

It was said that Zhou Shijie had once been within the top three of an international chef's league competition, the only Chinese that had achieved that accomplishment.

Of course, it was also the very first time that a Chinese entered the top three of this match. It wasn't exaggerated at all to say it became a legend.

Although the culinary skills of a Chinese chef need not be affirmed by foreigners, Zhou Shijie's craftsmanship had definitely reached the summit and could be said to be faultless, which brought such a score to him.

One should know that those judges weren't really objective nor impartial toward Chinese candidates.

"Is that Yuan Zhou? This is Zhou Shijie." Zhou Shijie said gently this time.

"Um. Hi." Yuan Zhou answered.

"I'm thinking of recommending you to attend the exchange of pointers concerning the new French dishes. What do you think of that?" Zhou Shijie said kindly.

"Thank you, chairman." Yuan Zhou raised his eyebrows in surprise.

"So you agreed, right?" Zhou Shijie said that more happily this time.

"Yes. Since it's your recommendation, I will for sure go there. Thank you." Of course, Yuan Zhou wouldn't refuse such a good opportunity.

"Haw-haw. No need to thank me. This is what your culinary skills brought you," Zhou Shijie said directly.

"Ok, I got it." Yuan Zhou was clear about that in his mind and also said approvingly.

"If so, go make some preparations. Let's go to the airport together several days later. We will need to stay for five days in France and it will take about one week for the whole journey." Zhou Shijie instructed Yuan Zhou carefully like an elder.

"Alright. Thank you, chairman." Yuan Zhou listened to him earnestly.

"Ok. Two days later, my assistant Zhong Lili will come to you. She will speak with you about this matter." Zhou Shijie was in a fairly good mood this time.

Zhou Shijie was in a good mood because he had already known from Lee Yanyi that Yuan Zhou's temper was even worse than his and furthermore, he didn't like going out.

For the time being, Yuan Zhou's character did not seem too bad.

"This young man is talented and also very sincere. Good, good." Zhou Shijie stroked his goatee smilingly and muttered to himself.

On the aspect of culinary skills, Zhou Shijie was more optimistic about Yuan Zhou, although he hadn't obtained any Michelin three-stars. Even now, he didn't know Yuan Zhou's full abilities.

However, that didn't really matter. This was because Yuan Zhou had no teacher and had only worked for two years in an ordinary hotel.

In his opinion, Yuan Zhou's awesome performance was just the manifestation of his infinite talent.

"Flight tickets are supposed to be included in the invitation. For the accommodation, it's also supposed to be included as it's more like a business trip. So that means I only need to go there and bring some money." After Yuan Zhou put down the phone, he started to think.

Then, he thought of his golden card.

"The Euro is used in France. So I'm going to bring ten thousand Euros and can swipe my card for anything else." Yuan Zhou said full of spirit.

"You can only bring a cash amount less than 5000 USD or its equivalent." Suddenly, there passed a male voice from outside the open door.

"Pardon?" As this voice appeared rather abrupt, Yuan Zhou didn't even react.

"Below 5000 USD. Otherwise you have to apply for the cash-carrying permit." It was Wu Hai that entered his restaurant.

"Ok. I got it." Yuan Zhou said calmly.

As for whether Yuan Zhou felt bad about his failure in posturing, it was unknown.

"Apart from that, you need to make an appointment to change the currency." Wu Hai stroked his small mustaches and reminded Yuan Zhou again.

"What are you here for? It's not business hours." Yuan Zhou changed the subject without turning a hair.

"Tsk. I am just passing by here." Wu Hai bullshitted without blinking.

"Um. Ok, you continue passing by. I'm going to sculpt now." With a nod, Yuan Zhou indicated that he got it and then drove Wu Hai away.

"Alright. See you in the evening." Wu Hai didn't say much, but instead turned around and left directly.

"Don't think I don't know you specially come here to tease me with your prim manner." After Wu Hai left, Yuan Zhou ridiculed expressionlessly in the heart.

The reason why Yuan Zhou wanted to go abroad was quite simple. He originally had plans to go abroad.

It was essentially because of the reward provided by the system.

The system had rewarded him with all the etiquette standards of western style dishes and Yuan Zhou would also provide all the side dishes. Therefore, he naturally needed to understand those by himself.

Even though he didn't need to teach others, in his opinion, it was a must that he was proficient in that.

Going abroad was the best way to learn the etiquette of western style dishes, let alone that he was going to France.

"French dishes are also considered a world-class cuisine. There's also the Michelin Three-Star Restaurant. I can learn a lot of things." Yuan Zhou stroked the corner of his forehead and thought inwardly.

It was definitely not because of the free journey to France that made him decide to go to France suddenly. Absolutely not. He wasn't that kind of person.

One day soon passed. Before Yuan Zhou went to bed, he checked the local weather and precautions of France and then went to sleep.


Early next morning, Yuan Zhou got up as usual to jog and exercise before he prepared the breakfast.

At the other end, Ling Hong also got up early and prepared to go out directly.

"Little Ling, why didn't you take the newspaper recently? Did you forget?" A woman dressed cleanly came out after Ling Hong.

"No, I am not. It's unnecessary to read the newspaper in future." After Ling Hong stopped, he thought for a while and then said.

"What happened? Isn't it your habit to read the newspaper? Why did you quit so abruptly?" The woman became more puzzled.

"I have got a more precise loudspeaker than the newspaper now." Ling Hong shrugged with an evil smile on his face.

"Are you sure?" The woman asked again for confirmation earnestly.

"Don't worry, Aunt Zhang. I have another one in my company." Ling Hong comforted her and then left immediately.

As for the loudspeaker mentioned by Ling Hong, it was naturally the customers in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

These two customers came for breakfast in the morning everyday. Every time, they would talk about the latest news covering everything as if they had made plenty of preparations beforehand. Meanwhile, they even explained and ridiculed them.

Once Ling Hong arrived, he heard the latest news.

After Ling Hong, separated by the two men, there were another two men wearing business suits and ties.

The taller one was Liu Zhiming while the other short but handsome one was Pan Ning. They were right now chatting heatedly while others beside them were listening to them carefully.

"Did you read that news on Sohu today?" Liu Zhiming turned his head and started.

"Yes, I did. I feel that the man is definitely self-indulgent. Why did he go to the bar at midnight? No wonder he was assaulted sexually." Pan Ning ridiculed primly.

"Haw-haw-haw. Isn't your remark the first comment below the news?" Liu Zhiming burst into laughter suddenly.

"What a big surprise! A man went to the bar and was forced to drink until he became drunk. Afterwards, he was sexually assaulted by six women. Sigh. I also want such an opportunity, but just one woman is good for me." Pan Ning sighed and said.

"Come on. You are way too handsome, so best be careful. The prophecy might unfortunately come true." Liu Zhiming said earnestly.

"Yeah, I think so, too. But I feel the insulting event of tearing the names is even more unbelievable." Pan Ning suddenly said with a discontented tone.

"Indeed. They dared discriminate so openly and it even happened at Columbia University." Liu Zhiming also shook his head to show his disapproval.


The two people were like the loudspeakers that narrated various news. They were simply the best human-shaped news broadcaster.

Therefore, Ling Hong naturally didn't need the newspaper anymore.