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401 A Treat Being Refused

 Business time at noon passed very soon.

"Hoo... Let me have a rest first, then read some books and practice sculpting." Yuan Zhou patted his sleeves.

"What a tasteful man! I am really a prince charming. Even my habits are like those of the prince charming." Yuan Zhou suddenly muttered to himself.

Yuan Zhou was quite satisfied with his own arrangement.

The system displayed, "Congratulations! Host, you have completed the mission."

[Main mission] Entertain at least 1000 foreign customers (completed)

(Mission tips: As a world-class tiny restaurant, how could you continue business without the support of foreign friends since you have an exotic dish now? Host, please work hard to increase your skills. I have confidence in you.)

[Mission reward] A set of western-style dishes with a total of three servings and also one set of standard western food etiquette (available to be received).

(Reward tips: A handsome reward can be a solid foundation for the host to become the Master Chef and Prince Charming.)

"It's finally completed. Can I level up after it's completed?" Yuan Zhou asked curiously.

To level up meant the increase of his profit sharing by ten percent. It was quite a lot."

The system displayed, "Not yet."

"Tsk-tsk. Then why did you mention the main mission?" Yuan Zhou ridiculed.

However, he was quite curious about what the thing in his hand was. It was provided by the system the reminder that Yuan Zhou had completed the mission popped up.

"System, what's this?" Yuan Zhou picked it up and looked at carefully, but still couldn't recognize what it was.

The system displayed, "A CD that can be played on the computer."

"Of course it's a CD. I mean what are the contents." Yuan Zhou first became speechless and only asked after a little while.

The system displayed, "It is a set of the standard western food etiquette from the reward."

"Is the etiquette only a CD? I might have encountered a fake system." Yuan Zhou felt the reward was full of flaws and thus couldn't help complaining.

The system displayed, "Careful observational and learning from it can increase the charm of a prince charming."

"Ohh. Does it have any particular function?" Yuan Zhou looked at the three CD's of unknown origin in his hand curiously.

The system displayed, "If one is well-educated, he will scintillate with it."

"Stupid system, are you kidding me?" Yuan Zhou looked at the CD and then said affirmatively, "This is really are three CD's of unknown origin."

After that, the system vanished again and no longer answered Yuan Zhou's question.

"Let me check the reward first in order to comfort myself." Yuan Zhou flipped through the three side dishes rewarded and checked the introductions carefully.

"After I obtained the system, I always feel that the food I ate formerly was all fake." Yuan Zhou sighed.

In front of the system, Yuan Zhou was always like that. He was no longer the prince charming as shown during the working hours.

Instead, he was the genuine Yuan Zhou that bargained and tried to save money anytime anywhere.

"Hua La Hua La"

Having checked the reward contentedly, Yuan Zhou turned on the tap and began to wash the hands. Not long after, however, his phone suddenly rang.

"Ling Ling Ling"

"Zhou Shijie?" Yuan Zhou turned to look at the screen of his phone and then muttered to himself with puzzlement.

It was the chairman of the China Chef's Alliance that was calling. Yuan Zhou wasn't very close with him, therefore he felt it a little strange.

Having barely completed the mission, however, Yuan Zhou was in a good mood. He wiped his hands dry and then answered the phone.

This call of Zhou Shijie was actually made to Chu Xiao first.

"Ta Ta Ta", a seemingly pretty and cultured girl who was wearing an overskirt and a pair of rimless glasses came straight to Zhou Shijie while carrying the documents. She walked in a swift and imposing manner and gave the impression of an able woman.

"Chairman, who are you preparing to take with you to the exchange of pointers for new French dishes?" The woman handed the documents to him and asked with a slight nasal tone that sounded quite charming.

"Little Zhong, why haven't you gone for your meal?" Zhou Shijie raised his head and asked her mildly when he saw the woman.

"Grandpa Zhou, check this one first, please. It has been more than one month and it's the time for us to give them an answer now." There was some mischievousness of a daughter revealed in the voice of the woman instead of the expected swift and decisive manner.

"Ok, ok." Zhou Shijie agreed smilingly. He received the documents and wrote a name that had been decided by him a while ago.

"Yuan Zhou?" The woman called Little Zhong asked curiously.

"This guy is a prodigy, a real prodigy." Thinking of the delicacies cooked by Yuan Zhou, Zhou Shijie couldn't help praising him.

"Ok, chairman. I will hand his information to them today." Little Zhong said earnestly.

"Ok. Go ahead." Zhou Shijie nodded his head.

Little Zhong first handed the documents to the assistant waiting at the door and then returned to the office again.

"What's the matter?" Zhou Shijie signaled her to sit down.

"Zhi", Little Zhong pulled out the chair and sat down before she spoke.

"Grandpa Zhou, are you not prepared to take Adan there?" Judging from her tone to her behavior, it was obviously a private conversation.

"No, I am not. He's not stable and will not make it." Zhou Shijie said cleanly.

"Do you know your disciples are all waiting for this opportunity impatiently?" Little Zhong said smilingly with a pettish manner while supporting her chin.

"Those guys don't have the talent. It's a waste to give this opportunity to them." Zhou Shijie reached out his hands and patted on Little Zhong's head.

"Well, ok. Shall we go to eat something together, Grandpa Zhou?" Seeing Zhou Shijia not intend to say more, Little Zhong changed a subject.

"Girl, go eat now. Let me make two phone calls." Zhou Shijie stroked his beard and waved his hand to Little Zhong.

"Ok. I'm leaving. Grandpa, remember to eat something." Little Zhong stood up, turned around and then left the office.

"What a cute and mischievous girl." Zhou Shijie shook his head to the back of Little Zhong and said that.

After Little Zhong walked out and shut the door of the office considerately, Zhou Shijie began to make phone calls.

"Du Du Du", the phone was answered after a little while.

"Chairman Zhou, what's the matter?" It was the flaunty and confident voice of Chu Xiao at the other end of the phone.

"This old man wouldn't call you for no reason." Zhou Shijie was quite clear that Chu Xiao was frank and straightforward. Thus, he continued saying that directly.

"This old man wants to treat you to dinner."

"To dinner?" Chu Xiao was a little puzzled.

"Yes. Let's go to Yuan Zhou's restaurant to eat." Zhou Shijie said affirmatively.

"Well... I don't think that is necessary. I have returned to France." Chu Xiao immediately reacted and refused directly.

"You left so quickly?" Zhou Shijie knitted his brows as it was out of his expectation.

"Yes. I went back already." Chu Xiao answered positively.

"Ok. Let's talk about it next time." Zhou Shijie could only give up.

After some small talk, Chu Xiao hung up the phone. He didn't put his phone down immediately, but made a call instead.

"Change the flight ticket to France to today." Once the phone was put through, Chu Xiao said directly.

"Ok, Mr. Chu. I will notify you the precise time later." There passed a melodious male voice from the other end of the phone.

"Um." Chu Xiao answered, indicating that he got it.

"Interesting." Taking the phone, Chu Xiao smiled vaguely. Then he started to tidy things up and prepared to leave.

As for the matter that the original ticket was for two days later, only Chu Xiao and his assistant knew about it.

Since Zhou Shijie said he would make two phone calls, he indeed did so. The second one was made to Yuan Zhou...