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400 Occupational Disease

 After the shy man said that, others that lined up fell silent for a while. After some time, Ma Zhida uttered first.

"Your words seem to make some sense." Ma Zhida nodded his head and said earnestly.

"It does. If I'm alright, I naturally hope she could be normal, too." Even some other customers agreed to that.

"Um. So this is what you think." Ling Hong's word seemed casual, with yet some kind of deep meaning.

Only Wu Hai took a look at Ling Hong inexplicably while the others all changed the subject and talked about something else, naturally about women.

When it was almost the time to get the number tickets after a little while, the girl that the shy man had been waiting for arrived.

Just as usual, the shy man went to stand behind the girl swiftly when she started to line up.

There was an expression of bliss and pure happiness on his face.

The girl was still the same as before. No matter what the shy man said, she just stayed silent and smiled gently.

Fortunately, the shy man usually asked a question and answered it by himself, thus she didn't really need to answer.

Therefore, the chatting ability of the shy man was actually negative.

"Haw. It's so interesting." Seeing that, Ling Hong revealed an expression of interest on his cynical face.

"What an eccentric guy!" Wu Hai took a glimpse of contempt at Ling Hong.

"Everybody, the first twenty tickets are open to be taken. Please." Zhou Jia walked to them and reminded loudly.

"Finally, it started. I'm almost dead from starvation." The first twenty customers became slightly relieved.

"Exactly. I feel like I'm able to eat an entire cattle." The customer stroked his belly and said earnestly.

"The problem is that Boss Yuan doesn't sell an entire cattle." The customer behind him couldn't help ridiculing.

"Yes, that's true." Others echoed smilingly.

Then, the subject was diverted again.

"Speaking of which, it seems that Boss Yuan's dishes never make people put on weight." A plump girl said with puzzlement.

"Absolutely. Speaking of that, I have never put on weight since I ate here." A slender girl said happily.

"I think it's purely because we can't eat our fill here but don't want to eat anything else." It was Wu Hai who answered this time. He said with a deep feeling.

"Order each and every dish on the menu and then you'll be full." The rich guy Ling Hong said.

"I would love to, but my thin wallet has tried its best to stop me." The slender girl touched her wallet and said with bitter hatred.

"You can never eat them again next time if you can't finish them by myself." Wu Hai looked at Ling Hong sneeringly.

"I can eat my fill after the dishes increase." Ling Hong answered quite complacently.

"Speaking of which, when will you serve a new dish, Boss Yuan? A mere meat dish is ok for me." Once Wu Hai entered the door, he said to Yuan Zhou.

"I have just served a new dish." Yuan Zhou revealed a quite earnest expression on his face.

What a joke! He was way too diligent.

"That's only a side dish. I'm talking about a meat dish." Wu Hai liked eating meat very much.

"Dongpo Pig Knuckle. You can eat it either hot or cold and you can order it anytime." Yuan Zhou pointed at the menu and appeared rather earnest.

Hearing that, Wu Hai instantly thought of Dongpo Pig knuckle as well as the feeling of the fat being not greasy and the lean melting upon entry the mouth with strong soysauce-like aromas.

"Get me a serving of Dongpo Pig Knuckle, please. Cold." Wu Hai swallowed the saliva calmly and ordered the dish.

"Ok. One moment, please." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

At that time, two people wearing face masks sat to the right of Wu Hai. Yuan Zhou stepped forward and took the order personally.

"What would you like to eat today?" Yuan Zhou asked.

Although he was wearing a face mask, his voice still passed to them clearly and precisely.

After all, anything provided by the system was definitely the best.

"We both want a bowl of Clear Broth Noodle Soup." They were two girls.

They all wore a big dark face mask that almost covered their face. The hollow voice passed from the face masks vaguely.

"Ok. Wait a while, please." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

The scene at the moment was a little interesting. Yuan Zhou was wearing a face mask while the two girls facing him were also wearing face masks.

"How long would it be from the dish being cooked well to cool?" Wu Hai suddenly asked.

"Ten minutes." Yuan Zhou said affirmatively.

"That's enough." When Wu Hai said that, he had walked to the door.

"He's definitely going to piss since he's in such a hurry." Ling Hong said with an affirmative tone.

"No. Brother Wu is definitely going to paint." Tang Xi retorted immediately at the side.

"He merely took you to see Yuan Zhou once. Do you really need to be partial to him?" Ling Hong took a look at Tangxi speechlessly.

"Humph. I'm going to eat and don't want to talk to you now." Tang Xi was originally a young girl and Ling Hong found it inappropriate to argue with her.

Nevertheless, the two face-mask girls that triggered Wu Hai's inspiration started to chat with the face mask still on them.

"How do you like it? It's good here, isn't it?" It was the girl who had been here twice that said that. Her voice was quite gentle.

"Yes. Thank you, Sister You." The girl who answered that sounded a little bit cute.

As they both wore the face masks and had short hair, it was difficult to distinguish them.

"Jiu Jiu, we can come here for meals later when we don't cook." The girl who was called "Sister You", namely the one that had been here twice, was a little taller.

"Ok. Are the dishes delicious?" Jiu Jiu smoothed her hair out with the fingers and still appeared a little nervous.

"Jiu Jiu, don't worry. No one here would feel that we are strange." When Sister You said that, she was rather confident and affirmative.

"Really?" Jiu Jiu glimpsed at the two sides secretly.

The customers were either eating or waiting to eat. And the waitress Zhou Jia wasn't looking at them, either.

Zhou Jia was busying greeting the customers or otherwise looking at Yuan Zhou earnestly, waiting to carry dishes.

"Now you believe me?" Sister You didn't stop her and just let her observe by herself.

"Um. Jiu Jiu nodded her head with more force this time and also looked more relaxed.

"We are not strange, actually. It's our job, instead." Sister You sighed.

"Yeah. The only thing is that we can get a high salary from the job as an odor-smelling master." Jiu Jiu was satisfied with the job, but was just worried about the adjunct questions brought by the job.

"You are right. Besides, there are not many people doing this job. That's why we look strange." Sister You thought for a while and continued saying.

"If there are as many odor-smelling masters like us as those white-collar workers in the office, the occupational disease of us disliking any scent would be as common as the low back pain and neck ache. It will be not so strange at all."

"Exactly. We are always in touch with the scents. After smelling so much, even fragrances start to stink." Jiu Jiu knitted her brows and complained.

Indeed. The odor-smelling master was mainly responsible for identifying some odors of unknown origin, which were unable to be distinguished even with instruments. Then, they will be needed to come and distinguish it.

For example, an enterprise discharged some bad gas, but the measurement results of the instruments showed there was no harmful gas beyond the limit. Then, the method of smelling by the masters was used and in the end, they would judge if the gas was beyond the limit.

Because of the specialty of the occupation, the odor-smelling master was also well-known as the "nurse of air quality".

"This is our job." Sister You patted on the shoulder of Jiu Jiu and said that.

They had no other choices concerning the job but for a place like Yuan Zhou's restaurant to exist was really great for them.