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399 Ling Hong’s Problem

 "Good wine. Good wine. Excellent." Jiang Changxi drank up a full cup of the liquor and smacked the table, saying expansively.

"Unfortunately, Chen Wei isn't here today. Otherwise, it will be more boisterous." Su Mu didn't really like the hard liquor. He just sipped a little bit and then said with emotion.

"That's true." Fang Heng nodded his head approvingly.

"The liquor is both spicy and mellow, with two different tastes. It's so wonderful." Wu Hai gasped in admiration while taking the small wine cup.

"It has an everlasting taste when it's drunk in the winter." Fang Heng sipped again and sighed with emotion.

At that time, everyone in the pub was already red in face except Yuan Zhou and Shen Min. This was all caused by the hard liquor.


The matter that Yuan Zhou's bamboo liquor would turn into very hard liquor when it was drunk along with the new dishes served was soon made known to others. The most conspicuous thing was that Chen Wei brought quite a few disciples here to draw the lottery on the following day.

Chen Wei had never managed to draw the lottery before, even once.

"Good, you are really good. You'll be trained for another half an hour from tomorrow on." Taking a red ping-pong ball in his hand, Chen Wei patted on the shoulder of a new disciple of his and praised.

"Thank you, coach." The new disciple was a sunny youth. Once he smiled, he revealed his snow-white teeth.

"Tsk. New-born calves always make little of tigers. This reward is so horrible." And old disciple said at the side, with lingering fear.

"I think so, too. That half an hour is as horrible as hell." The speaking trainees all trembled subconsciously.

"Luckily I didn't manage to make the draw." Another old trainee said thankfully as soon as he heard the reward.

"Haw-haw. Let's drink together tonight. I will treat you." Chen Wei said contentedly.

"Ok. Thank you, sir." The sunny youth became happier, thus the smile on his face became sunnier, too.

He had long known that dishes served in Yuan Zhou's restaurant were quite famous, however, he had never been here to eat before. After all, the prices were really not low.

While Chen Wei was going to pay for the liquor happily, Ling Hong that had already paid for it was accompanying a girl and strolling around the streets.

That's right, it was the girl from the former blind date who thought Ling Hong was very pathetic and might go bankrupt.

The girl's thoughts were very simple. Since Ling Hong was so frugal, in her opinion, it might be not bad to get along with him.

"It's going to be lunchtime soon. Shall we go for lunch?" The girl turned her head and said considerately.

"Pardon?" Ling Hong was originally in a daze. He answered habitually when he heard that.

"The steakhouse in front of us is fairly good. Dishes there are said to be quite tasty and they are recommended by Big Gourmand." The girl pointed at a western style restaurant in front of them and said.

The girl's EQ was very high. Everyone that had some slight knowledge of delicacies was clear about what Big Gourmand meant.

The Big Gourmand Recommendations of Michelin was for commending those restaurants that served superior dishes with moderate prices, namely, consumption per person less than 200 RMB, Basically, it was short for "high quality and inexpensive"

"I'd like to, but I'm sorry." Ling Hong never compromised himself to eat in a place where there were no delicious dishes. Such a recommendation as this one was not very attractive to him, let alone he didn't really go bankrupt.

"I have made another appointment at noon. I'm really sorry." After Ling Hong refused her, he explained with an apologetic tone.

"Alright. Let's make an appointment next time." The girl answered very cleanly.

"See you next time." Ling Hong stood still and saw her off and only then did he let out a sigh of relief.

"The Poor Childe? How interesting." Looking at the overcrowded restaurant recommended by Big Gourmand, Ling Hong shrugged and said with irony.

"I'm going to Boss Yuan's restaurant for my lunch." Ling Hong checked the time, turned around and prepared to go.

However, he took only two steps forward and then stopped.

The place where Ling Hong strolled around along with the girl wasn't really a special business street. It was actually a comprehensive place where the things weren't expensive and there was a residential area, a kindergarten and even a school for the deaf and the mutes beside.

What made Ling Hong stop walking was a person who came out from the school for the deaf and the mutes, a woman.

Coincidentally, this woman was known by Ling Hong. He didn't really know her much, but had actually seen her before, more than once.

"Isn't she the girl that flaunts her relationship with that shy man every day?" Ling Hong stroked his chin and muttered to himself curiously.

This girl was naturally not the only reason that made him stop, but the place where she came from and the matter that happened just now.

A four or five-year-old boy looking lovely and naughty was running forward when he was suddenly carried up and put aside by the girl.

After a careful observation, Ling Hong found there was a stone in the front. However, the boy didn't know that. He was just scared and stupefied.

The girl crouched down and looked straight at the boy. Then, she pointed at the stone in the front and then at her own throat with her hand.

The meaning was quite clear. There was a threat in the front, but due to the special reason, she had only to use such an abrupt way.

Due to her beautiful appearance presumably, the boy wasn't scared anymore and calmed down. Only then did he understand the girl's meaning and then said with an infantile voice, "Thank you, beautiful sister."

Then, the boy ran away along with the sound of "Ta Ta Ta".

"Interesting. It turns out to be so." Ling Hong turned around and then left. On the way back, he thought while stroking his chin.

Life is full of coincidences. When Ling Hong parked his car and came to the entrance of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, he bumped into that shy man, who was still looking around at the crossing and waiting for the girl.

"Time to line up. It's going to be time to get the number ticket." The warm prompt came from a member of the queuing committee.

"How lucky that I manage to come on time." Ling Hong pulled off the necktie and went up to stand still.

Waiting is boring. Besides, Ling Hong had his own purpose, therefore he uttered first.

"Speaking of which, I had a blind date. The girl is gentle, beautiful and generous as well as scrupulous." What Ling Hong said aroused much interest in others.

"Wow, does Young Master Ling also need a blind date?" Ma Zhida ridiculed him with an evil laugh.

"You are bringing disaster to a good girl." Wu Hai commented concisely.

"Hey Hey. Stop. I'm not here to listen to your criticism." Ling Hong said directly.

"I just want to ask about your standard of spouse selection. You know the China New Year's Day is coming. You'll have to cope with your parents' urging your marriage. " Ling Hong revealed an expression of "I'm kind-hearted, but you don't need to thank me for that".

"Like you said just now, of course. Gentle, generous and beautiful." Ma Zhida said immodestly.

"Let it be." Wu Hai said with an aloof manner while stroking his small mustaches.

"Whatever. As long as I have a girlfriend." The customers said one after another.

"I..." Wu Zhou was instantly interrupted just when he was about to say something.

"You don't need to say anything." The customers all said with one accord.

"It's definitely the discrimination against a married man." Wu Zhou said complacently.

Then, the customers all neglected Wu Zhou with one accord.

"What about you? What's your standard?" Ling Hong suddenly asked the shy man at the side.

"Me? Are you asking me?" The shy man grabbed his sleeves secretly and then said after Ling Hong nodded his head.

"Gentle, mild, good-tempered; 160cm or so; long hair without dye..." Once the shy man uttered, he described his ideal girlfriend as per the appearance of that girl.

"Then can you accept the other half of you having any defect, the kind on the body?" Ling Hong asked with interest.

"What? Does the other half of you has a defect and you like her but your family won't approve?" Wu Zhou imagined a melodramatic scene instantly.

"You are thinking too much." Ling Hong straightforwardly gave a supercilious glimpse at Wu Zhou, letting him guess the meaning by himself.

Ling Hong didn't actually care about what the other people chose, but he wanted to know what the shy man was thinking.

"I don't think I can accept that. I feel that since I'm healthy, I hope my other half can also be healthy and whole." Having thought for a while, the shy man answered earnestly.