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398 Spiciness and Fragrance

 "You are welcome. Just pass me the dishes." Fang Heng pointed at Shen Min's tray with a smile.

"Shen Min, serve the dishes now." Yuan Zhou turned his head and said to Shen Min.

"Ok, boss." Shen Min nodded her head tamely.

"Ta Ta Ta", Shen Min walked to the tables with light steps and started to place the new dish, Oil Fried Chili, on each table in turns.

"This shape is fairly unconventional." Fang Heng rotated the plate in his hand and said earnestly.

"What? Are you going to use it as a reference again when making yours?" Ling Hong turned his head and said ironically to Fang Heng.

"No, it won't happen. I'm just learning." Fang Heng didn't feel embarrassed at all, but instead said respectfully.

"You'd better concentrate on your wine diligently, especially when Boss Yuan hasn't started serving any hard liquor." Ling Hong's words didn't sound good, but were actually reasonable.

Fang Heng had improved the wine in his own pub since he lost his heart to the liquor here.

It was unrealistic to improve the taste of a wine in a short time. However, Fang Heng was a smart person. He learned to be as earnest as Yuan Zhou and also to replace the workers with pretty girls. Furthermore, they were not allowed to apply any scents and the wine could only be handled by one person.

According to Ling Hong, Fang Heng also studied the plate presentation from Yuan Zhou and paid more attention to cold dishes.

However, the taste was still not so good as that of Yuan Zhou's liquor. The only benefit was that the dishes looked more pleasing. And the improvement made by Fang Heng also obtained many compliments from his regular customers.

What Ling Hong said was naturally understood by Fang Heng. His Fang Family Pub mainly sold wine and the cold dishes were just a side business. Of course, he understood that and didn't really mind Ling Hong's sharp tongue. After all, where there is pressure, there is an improvement.

"Yes, of course." Fang Heng answered smilingly.

"Um. Good that you know it." Ling Hong postured while saying that.

"Why are you so shameless?" Wu Hai took a look of contempt at Ling Hong.

"An artist like you definitely doesn't know how a company business runs." Ling Hong said back directly.

"I don't need to know that." Wu Hai said lightly.

While the several people were talking heatedly, Jiang Changxi nevertheless started to eat the new dish together with Su Mu at the other side. Of course, the Drunkard's Peanut could never be abandoned.

"It's really like the lotus flower upon looking closely." Jiang Changxi took out her phone and straightforwardly took a picture of the new dish.

"It's indeed like that. This is the lotus leaf and the red chili is the lotus petals." Su Mu reached out his white and slender fingers and pointed at the dish while saying that.

"That's right. Now, this sister is going to eat it." Jiang Changxi picked up the chopsticks and started to eat.

"It's very spicy. Be careful." Su Mu said with a caring tone.

"Never mind." Jiang Changxi was fully confident.

"Ka Ca Ka Ca". Once the Oil Fried Chilli entered her mouth, the flour that wrapped the chili instantly became soft, which revealed the brown and crisp chili inside. Jiang Changxi directly bit it without hesitation.

Following the light sound of "Ka Ca", the chili was bitten into two parts. The fragrance of the crushed peanuts, wild pepper and the fried oil rushed straight into her mouth first followed by the strong and pungent spiciness.

"Hiss. How spicy this is!" Jiang Changxi said gently.

However, her mouth didn't stop. She was still eating ceaselessly.

"The more I chew, the more fragrant it becomes." Jiang Chang chewed up every chili and ate it up carefully.

"How is it? Is it spicy?" Su Mu wasn't actually in a hurry. He just asked Jiang Changxi while looking at her.

"Pretty good. Although it tastes spicy, it's actually not only spicy but also fragrant. While the wild pepper stimulates the tongue, it also numbs it, which makes the feeling less noticeable. Most importantly, it's so fragrant." Jiang Changxi couldn't wait to pick another one and throw it into her mouth after she said that.

"You are so happy even while eating spicy dishes? Be careful not to get pimples." Su Mu dealt her a blow.

"Then you don't eat it anymore. Look at your smooth face. You still have to make a living with your beautiful face." Jiang Changxi said wittily instantly.

"No. I can take spicy foods very much. Even if there is a pimple, it won't affect my beauty, let alone that I still have my talents." Su Mu raised his eyebrows and then said deservedly.

Only when he found almost everybody had eaten the Oil Fried Chilli did Yuan Zhou say something.

"Whoever wants to drink hard liquor can drink some now." Yuan Zhou signaled to the customers the liquor on the table.

"Oh? Does it have this function?" Ling Hong got a shine in his eyes and savored it first.

"Hiss." In fear of the taste not being strong enough, he drank half a cup of the liquor extravagantly with one single gulp.

Instantly, his face went red and he knitted his brows.

"Don't open your mouth. Swallow it up." Yuan Zhou immediately uttered.

"Gu Dong", Ling Hong followed his instructions and really swallowed that up like that.

Quite a while later, Ling Hong breathed out.

"Hooo. This is so cool! The spiciness reaches my throat, then lungs and last, my heart." Ling Hong said that and afterwards looked at Yuan Zhou in surprise.

"Spiciness?" Su Mu looked at the liquor as clear and transparent as the pear juice and felt a little puzzled on thinking of its sweet taste.

"You'll know the taste by trying." Ling Hong took a deep breath two times continuously and then said to Su Mu.

"Interesting. Does it suddenly become a hard liquor?" Fang Heng carried up the wine cup with great interest.

"Anyone who can drink hard liquor can have a try." There wasn't any specific expression on Yuan Zhou's face, even if he was so proud that he was wagging his tail like Broth in his heart.

"I'm going to have a try now." Fang Heng prepared to try the liquor.

"Eat some Oil Fried Chilli before drinking." Yuan Zhou said quite considerately.

"How much should I eat?" Fang Heng asked curiously.

It was known that the Drunkard's Peanut provided in Yuan Zhou's restaurant also had the spicy and fragrant taste. When it went with the liquor, however, it didn't have that effect. Therefore, Fang heng asked curiously.

"At least three pieces." Yuan Zhou said affirmatively.

The event here even attracted Shen Min who was doing her homework earnestly over there.

"Then let me eat three first and then increase the number gradually." Fang Heng felt quite lucky that he was alone this time and didn't need to share it with others.

"Ka Cha Ka Cha", three Oil Fried Chilies were swallowed up by Fang Heng in several gulps.

Although there was the spiciness of the chili left in the mouth, the fragrance also lingered around. Fang Heng drank a small gulp of the liquor cautiously.

The originally soft and smooth liquor seemed to have undergone some unnoticeable changes instantly upon entering his mouth.

Immediately, a blast of spiciness rushed straight into his nose. Luckily, it was within the tolerance of an old drunkard like Fang Heng. However, he still couldn't help but intend to open his mouth to let go of the spicy flavor.

"Shut your mouth. Don't open it." Yuan Zhou's voice sounded suddenly.

Fang Heng shut his mouth subconsciously and straightforwardly gulped down the liquor.

He acted as if he had swallowed up a gulp of steaming-hot broth with an overwhelming spiciness that burned straight into his heart. Just when Fang Heng thought that he could no longer endure that, the spiciness suddenly became lighter and instantly, the mellowness and sweetness of the liquor burst out.

It was like a good rain after a long drought in the dry desert, which made all pores on the body open.

"Awesome!" Fang Heng shouted.

"The liquor is so impressive. It's like a kind of very strong hard liquor in the martial art fictions at the start but, meanwhile, still tastes mild and smooth like Boss Yuan's bamboo liquor in the end. Awesome! Impressive!" Despite his usually gentle temperament, Fang Heng suddenly became bold and unconstrained.

"Please take your time and enjoy." Yuan Zhou carried a slight smile at the corner of his mouth.

Other drinkers that listened to them at the side couldn't hold back, either. They started to eat the Oil Fried Chili along with a gulp of liquor occasionally one after another.

Then, the fragrance of the liquor dispersed and the atmosphere became higher. A nice dish that goes with wine is also extremely important to a liquor.