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390 Posture in Front of the System Continuation

 "Um. Will you release the reward now?" Yuan Zhou raised his wrist and looked at his watch.

It was 16:40. The opening hours for dinner were about to arrive. With regards to the upcoming time, Yuan Zhou gave a rare frown.

The system displayed, "Yes, right now."

"Ok. Thank you." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and seemed to let out a sigh of relief.

"Peng", Yuan Zhou set down the pan and spatula used for practice.

Right now, the pan did not have the appearance it had as of one month before.

It was so bright that it seemed to have been covered with a layer of grease, emitting a dark shine along with the iron sand inside the pan. It looked like the black small diamonds and seemed quite beautiful.

As for the pan and spatula, the part for scooping dishes had been polished until it was very thin and sharp by the abrasion of the iron sand and the pan. It was glistening with the silver light like a blade.

It was the achievement of Yuan Zhou after his practice for one month.

[Side mission] Complete 60 hours of pan-tossing exercises within 4 months. (Completed)

(Mission tips: As a to-be Master Chef, your craftsmanship of pan-tossing is still to be improved. Please work hard to complete the mission. The time of exercises could be arranged on your own, but you need to finish it within the scheduled time.)

[Mission reward] Cooking Method of Vegetable Stir-fried With Button Mushroom. (Available to be received)

(Reward tips: The concealed reward is that you don't need to worry about the overuse injury of your wrists. This system will solve the problem for him automatically. No need for thanks.)

"Receive." Looking at the reward, Yuan Zhou was a little excited.

Then the reward became a light spot and was straightforwardly absorbed by Yuan Zhou.

Yuan Zhou closed his eyes and remained still for quite a while.

It was quiet in the restaurant. After quite a while, the system appeared suddenly.

The system displayed, "Host, can you answer a question?"

"Wow, you surprisingly want to ask me a question?" Yuan Zhou opened his eyes and asked curiously.

However, the system just neglected his query and asked directly.

The system displayed, "Host, why do you want to complete the mission so anxiously?"

Yuan Zhou didn't answer him immediately, but instead, he kept silent for a while.

After quite a while, Yuan Zhou nevertheless said when the system thought he wouldn't answer him.

"It is rare for you to be my backup and hence I have no worries behind. So of course, I will try to work hard to complete it, let alone the benefits belong to me." Yuan Zhou said lightly and then continued.

"It's such a rare opportunity. Perhaps, I won't have such a good opportunity next time." Yuan Zhou didn't conceal his purpose at all.

The system displayed, "Host, you are truly a good chef."

"Thank you for your compliments." Yuan Zhou received this remarks immodestly this time.

This time, the system was really shocked by the Yuan Zhou's speed of completing the mission.

Furthermore, his remarks for Yuan Zhou completing the mission were, "Perfect completion in advance."

On the first day, Yuan Zhou only practiced for half an hour. With the duration of half an hour per day, he needed four months to complete the mission. Instead of making a suggestion, the system only reminded Yuan Zhou.

On the second day, Yuan Zhou practiced for one hour. That time, Yuan Zhou felt slightly tired and aching in the arms. The system also told him dutifully that the ache wouldn't disappear and he could only help to remove the injuries from overdoing it.

On the third day, Yuan Zhou practiced one and half hours. He felt aching in his waist, shoulders and arms more, but he said nothing but just practiced silently like that.

Right after that, Yuan Zhou increased the practicing time to two hours per day. At that time, the system clearly reminded Yuan Zhou.

The system displayed, "Host, excessive practice does no good for your health."

"You help in removing the injuries for me thus it won't affect my health." Yuan Zhou said earnestly.

The system displayed, "Host, your mental exhaustion isn't in the scope of removal made by the system."

"I know. It's just like the aches of the muscles." Yuan Zhou nodded his head, indicating that he understood that.

Then, the system no longer said anything. He just watched Yuan Zhou excessively spend two hours on the practice every day.

Yuan Zhou ran the restaurant for 6 hours every day. If there wasn't any extra work, it was fairly reasonable and had barely reached the intention of the normal work fatigue. After all, no chef was easy.

If he spent another half an hour on pan-tossing practice every day, he would feel slightly tired and thus the overuse injury would get severe; if one hour, he would be very tired and hence the overuse injury would get more severe.

Only because of that did the system help to remove the injury from overdoing it.

However, another two hours of pan-tossing practice every day would surely be a burden to one's wrists.

The aches of muscles could only vanish after 5-7 days. However, people wouldn't be accustomed to continuous practice the very next day, but instead, would make people feel sorer unless it was done moderately. Apparently, Yuan Zhou wasn't doing that moderately.

In order to complete the mission within one month, Yuan Zhou even tried to practice for two and half hours and three hours per day. Of course, that attracted the system's remark.

The system displayed, "There are still 101 days before you finish the mission."

"Thanks for reminding me." Yuan Zhou didn't immediately react and had thought the system was calculating the remaining time.

Only after quite a while did Yuan Zhou react that the system was actually reminding him the time was still early and don't work so desperately.

However, Yuan Zhou just picked up the pan and spatula again and started to practice. The system didn't appear again, either.

"Hua La", Yuan Zhou pulled the door open and then found the customers lining up outside as expected. The foremost one was still Zhou Jia.

Zhou Jia took a look at the spirited manner of Yuan Zhou and let out a sigh of relief. Then she said smilingly, "Boss, you look so handsome today."

Having worked here for so long, Zhou Jia knew what Yuan Zhou liked listening to. As a lively and vivacious girl, she sometimes really could say something and make Yuan Zhou happy.

"Thank you." Yuan Zhou thanked her seriously with a manner of "You really have sharp eyes."

However, Yuan Zhou was really happy as the system had just displayed a line of words just now.

The system displayed, "Host, you have surpassed the system's calculations."

"Of course. This prince charming always gives others a surprise." Yuan Zhou answered silently in his heart.

This time, the system didn't retort back at him. After all, it had experienced many hosts before.

Some were so lazy that they didn't work hard anymore after they got the system; some were paranoid geniuses; but only Yuan Zhou was an ordinary person who had persistence and desire to advance.

In most cases, ordinary people were really inferior to the talented people. Since there was this opportunity, however, Yuan Zhou would naturally try to seize it, let alone the reward had a special significance to him.

Back to reality. Hearing Yuan Zhou's answer, Zhou Jia was quite accustomed to that. What she felt happy for was that Yuan Zhou finally didn't look so tired but instead, seem fairly spirited.

"Everybody, the opening hours commence now. The first ten customers please come in." Zhou Jia greeted the crowd lining up behind with a smile.

"Whoops. Boss Yuan, you look so spirited today." Once the customers entered the restaurant, they said to Yuan Zhou while looking at him.

"People are in high spirits when involved in happy events. Boss Yuan, please tell us about your good story. Of course, the old rules are..." While speaking of that, the customer looked back at behind.

Other customers behind directly shouted together, "Except taking days off."

"I'm not taking days off. A matter worth being happy will happen tonight." Yuan Zhou gave a rare answer.

"Is it a blind date?" A customer who was being bothered for a blind date couldn't help uttering that.

"Have you thought of some new dishes?" Wu Hai always cared about eating more than anything else.

"Have you finally made up your mind to go on a business tour with me?" Ling Hong broke in timely.

"In my opinion, he's going to employ an assistant." It was the customer mentioned by Chen Wei.

"None of the above. Please order your dishes." Yuan Zhou shook his head and then said seriously.

"Of all important things, eating mattered the most. Jia Jia, time to order dishes." Wu Hai looked very happy today. He said while stroking his small mustaches.

"Ok. Coming." Zhou Jia nodded her head and answered.

After Wu Hai ordered his dishes, other customers followed.

Yuan Zhou was standing in the kitchen with an earnest expression and his arms crossed against his chest while Zhou Jia was taking orders busily outside. Everything appeared harmonious and nice...