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389 Posture in Front of the System

 A night passed by quickly.

"Ding Ling Ling, Ding Ling Ling". Yuan Zhou woke up to the ringing of his alarm clock.

After he got up early in the morning, Yuan Zhou didn't go out for jogging this time. Instead, he washed up and went to the kitchen downstairs immediately.

"Hoo. I can practice for half an hour." Yuan Zhou took the pan and spatula and adjusted his breathing.

Right afterwards, there came the sound of the pan touching the iron sand in the quiet kitchen. "Shua Shua Shua".

The system was a little surprised at Yuan Zhou getting up early, giving up the morning exercises and practicing the pan-tossing. After all, in the opinion of the system, Yuan Zhou paid much attention to his figure.

However, it was no more than being surprised. Yuan Zhou only practiced for half an hour yesterday and that was the most relaxed way to practice.

Nonetheless, the system made a wrong guess this time.

In the restaurant, somebody found some clues.

"Do you feel that something is wrong with Boss Yuan today?" Wu Hai came every day and hence he was quite clear about Yuan Zhou. He turned his head and asked Chen Wei beside him.

"What is it?" Having gulped down a beef kebab, Chen Wei took a look at Yuan Zhou and asked with puzzlement.

"It seems that his hands aren't placed on the grill at all." Without any hesitation, Wu Hai swallowed up a shrimp kebab down without spitting out the shrimp shell and then said that, pretending to be serious.

"Do you still caring about that?" Chen Wei had never paid attention to that. To him, the meat dishes and good wine occupied all his attention.

No one really cared about where a chef put his hands.

"One of a painter's hobbies was to watch others' hands." Wu Hai answered perfunctorily.

"What exactly do you want to say?" Chen Wei felt quite puzzled and thus he asked.

"Boss Yuan seems to be very tired today. I even saw him frown just now. With his respect toward the food ingredients, he would seldom frown while cooking." Wu Hai said earnestly.

"It's indeed a tiring job to attend to a restaurant alone. Why don't we suggest Boss Yuan employ an assistant?" Chen Wei said seriously.

"We can try." Wu Hai nodded his head.

It was the second day after he started to practice. The reason why Yuan Zhou behaved like that was because he practiced for another half an hour in the afternoon.

Therefore, the consequences of practicing were then revealed. His waist, shoulders and arms were almost all protesting.

"It turns out to be so complicated. It seems that 6 hours of business time per day is the critical point of this body." Yuan Zhou thought that inwardly.

Luckily, there were only two hours for the BBQ time every day. It passed very soon.

When Yuan Zhou took a shower before he went to bed, he did some appropriate stretching exercises in order to relieve the aches of his muscles.

"Luckily I have the system." Yuan Zhou lay on the bed and said thankfully.

On the next day, however, Yuan Zhou found that he shouldn't hold too much hope toward the system.

"Didn't you say it can remove the injury from overdoing it?" Yuan Zhou grasped his aching left hand with the right one and asked the system expressionlessly.

The system displayed, "The injuries from overdoing it has been removed."

"Then why do my arms still ache?" Shown on Yuan Zhou's face was an expression of "Are you fu*king kidding me?"

The system displayed, "After strenuous exercises, the human body will generate much lactic acid. If it can't be gotten rid of in time, it will bring about an aching feeling to the muscles and meanwhile result in the rapid increase of the force and flexibility of the muscles. However, the physical damage that may cause a change to the structural components of muscles has been removed. The problems of the increase of metabolism and the toxicity of the metabolic waste to the organs have all been solved."

"So you mean you only solve the worries behind, but leave the aches to me, don't you?" Yuan Zhou summarized briefly.

The system displayed, "Host, your conclusion is quite right."

Yuan Zhou had already known about the system's usual temperament and hence didn't feel strange at all.

"Ok. Got it." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

Then, he tried to make some stretching exercises in order to relieve his aches.

Time is like the sand in one's hand. The more tightly you grasp, the easier it runs off. By then, Yuan Zhou had insisted on practicing his pan-tossing for more than half a month.

As usual, Yuan Zhou's restaurant was visited by many customers every day. He acted the same while cooking dishes, knitting his brows slightly yet with a solemn and earnest expression. When he greeted the customers, he remained indifferent and earnest and never spoke more than necessary.

The regular customers all noticed that Yuan Zhou spoke less recently and looked to be very tired. Nonetheless, his dishes tasted better than before now.

Even Lee Yanyi agreed.

Almost all the regular customers of Yuan Zhou's restaurant knew now that Lee Yanyi was a well-known gourmet. If he said it was good, it was truly good."

"You are still young. Be cautious not to die from fatigue." After he finished the meal, Lee Yanyi didn't leave right away, but said that.

"Um. Thank you. I will not." Yuan Zhou was lost in a daze for a while and then answered.

"Then get some more rest." Seeing Yuan Zhou not really follow his instructions, Lee Yanyi said that angrily and then left.

"Hey, Boss Yuan..." Wu Hai also prepared to say something, but he was interrupted by Yuan Zhou.

"Don't talk. Look there." Yuan Zhou secretly pointed to a young man and girl that sat together at the table for two today.

"Ah, it's them." Wu Hai and the customers eating beside him controlled their desire to look at them together.

They just took a glimpse at them occasionally.

"I bought many things with me today. Can you, could you please receive them?" The young man was the one that often came for meals. This time, he still talked with a low voice and perturbed manner as always.

The girl was just sitting face to face with him. She was dressed in a white woolen sweater and a chunky cotton longuette, looking gentle and beautiful. Hearing that, she raised her head and looked at the man. Then she revealed a big smile, neither agreeing nor refusing him.

"This is the mini umbrella, this is the notebook, this is the mirror and this is the pen. And this one and this one..." When the young man saw the girl not refuse him, he took out a pile of things from the backpack.

The little things were scattered all over the small table.

"Could you please receive them all?" The man asked anxiously.

For quite a long while, the girl remained silent. The atmosphere was a little quiet. Just when the man lowered his head and dared not look at the girl, being about to give up, the girl reached out her white hand and picked a key ring up.

The action was like a slow motion that replayed in front of the man. With his whole face turning red, the man looked at the girl and again at the things all over the table from time to time and couldn't say anything due to the excitement.

In the end, he surprisingly uttered, "Thank you. Thank you."

And the girl also nodded her head shyly.

When they were sitting together, it was actually like a silent play. The girl never talked and the young man only said something occasionally, but still didn't speak about anything else.

Right now, they started to eat their dishes quietly again. When there weren't any new dishes, the man would not speak as well. They did nothing other than sitting and eating together.

Apart from that, the young man only went to line up when he saw the girl come outside. It was like that every time. What the girl did most was probably to smile.

As Wu Hai diverted his attention away from the two persons, Yuan Zhou had already left to do his own work. Therefore, he had no more opportunity to ask Yuan Zhou.

"This guy is too cunning. I must ask him next time. Eating meals are the most important thing in my life." Wu Hai made up his mind inwardly.

As for Yuan Zhou, he naturally didn't know what Wu Hai was thinking. He was just looking at the two people being intimate over there and smiled faintly.

However, Wu Hai surely wouldn't have any opportunity.

In the evening, the system's reminder came again when Yuan Zhou finished his exercises for that day.

The system displayed, "Congratulations that you have completed the side mission perfectly in advance, host."