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388 The Nickname of Compass

 The timing of the system releasing that mission was fairly good. Just when the lunch time ended, the system released the mission.

The system displayed, "A new side mission is available now."

"What the f*ck. I thought it was my phone that rang." When Yuan Zhou saw the characters displayed by the system, he didn't react immediately.

The system displayed, "Receive or not?"

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Yuan Zhou looked up and down dubiously.

However, the system didn't answer him at all. The several characters of "Receive or not" were still lingering in Yuan Zhou's mind quietly.

"How strange this is!" Yuan Zhou muttered a few words and then said to receive.

[Side mission] Complete 60 hours of pan-tossing exercises within 4 months

(Mission tips: As a to-be Master Chef, your craftsmanship of pan-tossing still has to be improved. Please work hard to complete the mission. The time of the exercises can be arranged on your own, but you need to finish it within the scheduled time.)

[Mission reward] Cooking Method of Vegetables Stir-fried With Mushrooms

(Reward tips: The concealed reward is that you don't need to worry about the injury from overusing your wrists. This system will solve the problem for you automatically. No need for thanks.)

"So this is the reward?" It was rare that Yuan Zhou didn't complain about the mission tips and reward tips of the system, but instead muttered thoughtfully.

"The mission starts from today or tomorrow?" Yuan Zhou asked.

The system displayed, "From tomorrow morning on, the time will be calculated officially."

"Alright." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

Then he took that LED writing board and began to write on it.

[Starting from today, the BBQ business hours will be prolonged by two hours every night until all business hours owed by me are paid off.]

The signature was naturally Yuan Zhou's.

"Well, that's good." After Yuan Zhou wrote that, he looked from left to right and then nodded his head contentedly, preparing to put it outside during the dinner time.

The reason why he didn't put it outside now was very simple. Only in the evening could the LED writing board shine brightly.

However, it was a different matter whether or not the customers liked the flashy colorful LED board appearing outside Yuan Zhou's restaurant. After all, they hadn't been quite used to Yuan Zhou's aesthetic tastes.

When the dinner time arrived, Wu Hai entered the restaurant first again.

"Boss Yuan, what time does the BBQ start?" Wu Hai cared about the foods more than anything else.

"9:00 p.m." Yuan Zhou gave a look of dislike at Wu Hai who only knew eating.

"Then why don't you make it clear? That way, I can come on time." Wu Hai contrarily said discontentedly.

"You live so close to me. You can come whenever you want." Yuan Zhou pointed at the building across the street and said randomly.

"By the way, I have a very serious problem." Wu Hai suddenly stroked his mustaches and said primly.

"Go ahead." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Since you are going to compensate us for the opening hours, do you think it is reasonable to compensate the previous ones?" Wu Hai stroked his mustache on the right side and said earnestly.

"Um?" Looking at Wu Hai, Yuan Zhou was a little puzzled.

"It doesn't matter. If you don't remember how much you have owed us, we can help you." Wu Hai signaled Yuan Zhou to look back at his behind.

As expected, other customers behind all nodded their head one after another.

"Besides, I also have a small notebook that includes that information." Wu Hai took out a notebook and said deservedly.

"No need. I still remember." Yuan Zhou interrupted Wu Hai.

"We seem to be able to eat the BBQ in the recent few months," Man Man said happily at the side.

"Sorry, I don't intend to make up for the leave before." Yuan Zhou frowned and said with an earnest expression.

"Then why are you making up for the leave you took this time?" Then, all the customers became muddled. Wu Hai asked consciously.

"My principle is that I can't let the customer's time be delayed due to my personal affairs. But previously, none of those was my personal affair." Yuan Zhou stood straight and said earnestly.

"Ok. Got it." Wu Hai nodded his head with a spiritless manner.

"No wonder you are called Compass. You really distinguish things clearly." Man Man revealed a speechless manner.

"If they aren't your personal affairs, what exactly are they?" Wu Hai suddenly raised his head and asked curiously.

"Business hours begin now. Please order your dishes." For those questions that he didn't want to answer but didn't know how to refuse, Yuan Zhou would change the subject skillfully.

"Boss Yuan, this change in subject is really too abrupt." Man Man couldn't help complaining.

"No, it's not. I'm serious." Yuan Zhou indicated the time was up.

"It really is. Let's order the dishes quickly." When Wu Hai found the time was truly up, he said to Zhou Jia beside him.

Then, the customers began to order their dishes. After all, they were all under the supervision of the queuing committee. If they ate faster this time, they could also get their turn when they came late next time.

It was difficult to sacrifice for others while easy for themselves.

The advance notice of Yuan Zhou still made many customers feel relieved, as they had felt perturbed when there wasn't such notice days ago.

Previously, Yuan Zhou had promised to make up for the loss of time, but there was no more news after that. Although the customers all wanted to ask about that, they didn't know how to ask. Even the most thick-skinned people, Wu Hai and Ling Hong, didn't ask, let alone others.

Luckily, Yuan Zhou decided to make up for it voluntarily.

The compensation for the loss of time was like winning the prize. Many customers rushed over here from a distance. All ate blissfully and appeared quite happy.


"Boss, I'm clearing these things away." Shen Min went up and said when the BBQ time ended.

"Ok, go." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

It was rare for Shen Min to have so much work to do. Instead of feeling annoyed, she felt quite relieved. Therefore, she started to work quickly.

When she finished her work here, the pub was almost done as well. After clearing everything up, it was the time for her to get off work.

The first day to make up for the lost time passed quietly like that.

On the next day, Yuan Zhou arranged a time to practice tossing the pan in the afternoon.

"System, is this what you have prepared?" Yuan Zhou asked while looking at the newly-appeared pan and spatula as well as the brand--new iron sand.

The system displayed, "Host, you can use it to practice. The injury from overuse will vanish automatically every night when you go to bed."

"Alright." Yuan Zhou took a deep breath and then began to practice.

He took the pan with his left hand and the spatula with the right. Then, a sound of "Hua Hua" passed from inside of the pan.

"Never expected that I still need to practice tossing the pan every day now." Yuan Zhou suddenly complained.

Instead of relaxing, however, he was still practicing earnestly.

"Hua Hua Hua", the rhythmical sound emitted in Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

About half an hour later, Yuan Zhou's phone suddenly rang, unwilling to remain out of the limelight.

"Ling Ling Ling, Ling Ling Ling"

"The time seems to be up." Yuan Zhou put the tools down precisely.

Then, he began to prepare the ingredients required by the dinner.

Right after that, he prolonged the BBQ time as arranged by two hours. Therefore, he had no more time to practice.

It was not until Yuan Zhou went to bed did the system appear suddenly.

The system displayed, "Host, you have only practiced for half an hour today."

"Yeah, right." Yuan Zhou leaned against the bed and flipped the book.

The system displayed, "According to this system's calculation, your limit is one hour."

"It turns out that you have even made the evaluation." Yuan Zhou said calmly.

The system displayed, "Yes."

"You think I'm supposed to practice more?" Yuan Zhou was enlightened and asked.

However, the system didn't answer him anymore.

Yuan Zhou didn't expect the system to answer him, either. It was only half an hour later when his reading time ended did Yuan Zhou reply before he went to bed, "I have my own plans.

As for what Yuan Zhou's plan was, it was unknown to others...