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386 Appetite Depends on One’s Mood

 Of course, he was unwilling to agree. The reason was very simple. Since even he himself wasn't the Master Chef, how could he teach others?

Yuan Zhou's thoughts were just that simple, therefore the chefs that watched the scene were destined to be disappointed as Yuan Zhou had calmed down and started to cook dishes.

The chefs were reluctant to bother him while he was cooking earnestly. Judging from his attitude, he looked as if he were creating an exquisite work of art.

"How fragrant!" Without the system's shielding, the fragrance spread little by little among the chefs.

Then, none of them cared about other things anymore. They were all fully attracted by the fragrance.

With Yuan Zhou's current capabilities, the deliciousness of the top-notch food ingredient couldn't be fully displayed, let alone these ingredients weren't that good. That was why the fragrance would spread out.

The best dishes should only emit its flavor just when it was served to the customers in order to stimulate their taste buds first.

"This is the dish of Fish Jumping Back Home prepared by Master Yuan. Please take your time and enjoy." The waiters carried the dishes onto the table one after another. Each of them were steaming hot and were carried to the customers as soon as they were done.

The amount of each dish was not much and furthermore, was split into two servings. Therefore, everything was basically gone after each person took a little.

"Master Yuan, this is way too little." Xing Min wasn't happy with the amount and hence said that loudly.

"The amount of each dish is based on the food ingredients." Yuan Zhou answered during the intervals of cooking.

Yuan Zhou stated very clearly that the ingredients were too little.

Then, Xing Min reacted immediately and said to the chairman, "Grand Master Zhou, you are so stingy. Why did you provide so little ingredients to dozens of people?"

"If you feel it is too little, you can go get more by yourself." Zhou Shijie said disapprovingly.

"You are the chairman, not me." Xing Min said blankly.

"Never mind. After I pass away, I will appoint you to be the chairman." Zhou Shijie said smilingly.

"Come on, man. I still prefer to be leisurely like an old man." Xing Min refused him immediately.

"Haw-haw-haw. Yanyi, he's recommending you to be the chairman." Zhou Shijie wasn't a nice guy, either. He directly turned his head and said to Lee Yanyi.

"I don't want to lower myself to your level. Do you think you are in the right?" Lee Yanyi raise his head and straightforwardly said to Xing Min.

"Ho Ho. None of my business now." Zhou Shijie cared nothing about the two people wrangling beside him.

He reached out his chopsticks and tried to pick up some of the delicious dish which was just carried to them.

However, he wasn't as quick as Chu Xiao who had both body height and long hands.

"Young man, do you know what 'respecting the old and cherishing the young' means? As a young and robust man, you'd better eat less." Zhou Shijie said with a low voice.

"It is just because I'm young that I must eat more." Chu Xiao said while eating, without even raising his head at all.

Then, things became boisterous on the dining table. Just for something to eat, everyone lost their pride as a master.

On another table, the situation wasn't much better.

"Master Cheng, you have requested Master Yuan to be your teacher and will have many chances to eat his dishes. So eat less," said Master Fang with his silver tongue.

"Never. Master Yuan hasn't agreed. Maybe he will after I eat some more." Master Cheng wasn't taken in. Neither his hands nor mouth stopped.

The waiters that passed the dishes would be replaced after each carried one dish up. What a joke! If they didn't change, they would probably take some dishes to eat. Even so, however, those waiters both loved and hated to pass the dishes.

Nevertheless, Yuan Zhou that had caused all that, left an ingredient for the last, the Empurau. It was his favorite ingredient and he prepared to cook a dish of Fish in Boiling Soup for himself.

As soon as the hot oil was poured inside the blue and white porcelain pot, the white and tender fish flesh, the chopped green onion, the crisp fried fish scales with beautiful shapes, and the brilliant red wilder pepper all immediately emitted a sound of "Zi Zi", like a melodious symphonic music.

Along with that, the spicy and fragrant taste instantly filled the whole banquet hall.

"Oh. What a marvelous scent!" Xing Min sighed with admiration.

Without saying anything, Lee Yanyi directly stood up and walked to Yuan Zhou. The matter of quarreling with his old rival was totally unimportant.

As a very smart person, Yuan Zhou wasn't likely to stand still and just wait there. He had already carried the pot and slipped away.

At that time, the effect of exercising every day was well shown.

"It's really incomparably fresh and delicious with some special fragrance like the avocado. It's worth it." Yuan Zhou revealed a contented expression while eating the fish meat, of which one simple gulp was worth over 600 RMB.

"It's said that the fish can only be steamed in clear soup, but the spicy and hot taste also seems good." While eating, Yuan Zhou said blissfully.

"Things provided by others for free are so tasty." With his chopsticks moving continuously, Yuan Zhou sighed with emotion ceaselessly.

No one really knew why things of others tasted better than one's own.

The fish was eaten with great difficulties. The chase just now made Yuan Zhou feel that the fish was even fresher and more delicious.

He deserved to be chased. An entire 1.5-kilo fish was cooked by Yuan Zhou into a dish of Fish in Boiling Soup for himself, not leaving any broth to them. Even the edible fish scales were all deep fried and eaten.

Therefore, Yuan Zhou wiped his mouth clean elegantly after eating up the whole dish and then went out of the hotel from the back door that he had found beforehand. After that, he took a cab and left in plain sight.

"Ka La", after the back door was shut, Yuan Zhou couldn't help laughing out loudly.

"It was a really impressive day." Yuan Zhou clenched his fist excitedly.

Looking at the brand-new high-tech kitchenware all over the kitchen, Yuan Zhou genuinely felt that he was very fortunate.

"Ta Ta Ta", Yuan Zhou took a few steps and came to the window of his own room. He craned his neck and looked down at the entrance downstairs, happening to see Broth sneeze.

"Tsk-tsk. It seems to be a sunny day tomorrow." Yuan Zhou said with a smile.

The elderly often said, "Dogs sneezing welcomes a sunny day."


Just as Yuan Zhou thought, he had a good sleep overnight. Early next morning, he got up and exercised as usual, preparing to cook breakfast afterwards.

Customers came and went as always. None of them knew that Yuan Zhou had showcased his great brilliance at the end of the contest yesterday and almost received an inner disciple.

Time passed by among the hustle and bustle. Not long after, lunch time came.

"Hello. What do you want to eat today?" Zhou Jia asked politely as usual.

"Same as before. One meat dish, one vegetable dish and one soup." The man said gently and courteously.

"Ok. Please tell me." Zhou Jia nodded her head and prepared to take the order.

"One serving of Silk Twined Rabbits ordered yesterday, one serving of Jinling Grass and one serving of the Clear Broth Noodle Soup Set." The man was quite earnest when he ordered dishes. Only after Zhou Jia finished jotting down the order did he take his look away.

"One moment, please. The dishes are to be served right away." Zhou Jia nodded her head.

"Um. I am not in a hurry." The man in a suit said mildly.

"Of course you are not worried. You're someone who would sit there for two hours." Upon hearing that, Zhou Jia couldn't help muttering inwardly.

However, someone helped her to ask him this time. It was Ling Hong. This person normally cared little about others. He only acted normally when he was talking to Yuan Zhou.

"Are you staying here for so long every time to learn Boss Yuan's technique secretly?" Once Ling Hong talked, he attracted a lot of hatred.

"This young man who never eats discounted dishes, I don't think I know you." The man in suits raised his head and said while looking at Ling Hong.

"Hey, this nickname is interesting." Ling Hong's attention was instantly diverted.

However, the dialogue between the two people attracted Yuan Zhou's attention. He was also curious why this person stayed for so long every time. He looked so mild, but nevertheless refused to give his seat to others when he was asked to.

It was a little strange, oh no, it was very strange...