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384 Yuan Zhou’s Eccentricity

 Just when the other chefs were obsessed with the ancient court lady and couldn't restrain themselves, the waiter came back.

"Sir, here is your crystal rod." The waiter handed the tray to him.

"Well, good. Thank you." Yuan Zhou received the crystal rod and then thanked the waiter.

"You are welcome." The waiter said smilingly.

"Master Yuan, even if you don't need assistants like us to sculpt, you need a person to wash the vegetables, right?" It was Master Cheng that spoke.

"Exactly. You can't wash the vegetables alone, can you?" Other chefs echoed one after another.

"Leaving other things aside, I'm fairly confident in washing vegetables." Master Cheng patted on his chest and said confidently.

Judging from the profound knowledge disclosed in the contest and his god-tier sculpting skills displayed now, his culinary skills were definitely at the level of a great master.

It can definitely enhance their culinary skills if they could do the odd jobs for Yuan Zhou.

That was basically the thought of all these chefs. However, it was the cunning Master Cheng that spoke first.

"Actually, I am also not bad." Even before Yuan Zhou could answer then, another chef also recommended himself at the side.

"There are so many vegetables and I think we can work together and cooperate." A younger chef suggested smartly.

"I think this method is good." Once he suggested that, the idea received all chefs' consent.

That was rarely seen in normal times. The chefs that had so many titles surprisingly all wanted to wash the vegetables eagerly. What a spectacle it was!

"He's really a capable chef." At the side, Xing Min was also relieved. He said with a smile.

"Never giving up on their goals until the end." Lee Yanyi humphed coldly. Obviously, he was discontented with not being able to eat the dishes.

"You eccentric old man, do you mean that he doesn't even need assistants to help wash vegetables?" No wonder Xing Min was Lee Yanyi's deadly foe. He figured out his meaning immediately and then asked in surprise.

"That young guy is way too prideful. It's a waste of time." Lee Yanyi didn't deny, but just looked at the surrounding chefs discontentedly.

"Same to you, the unreasonable stubborn donkey." Even at that moment, Xing Min didn't forget to ridicule Lee Yanyi.

"Humph." Lee Yanyi just responded with a cold humph.

After Yuan Zhou heard everyone's utterance, he answered, "I'm sorry. I'm rich in nothing but eccentricity. I like washing vegetables this way."

While he was speaking, he appeared quite sincere.

Nonetheless, the hearts of all the chefs over there skipped a beat as they felt something was wrong.

Disregarding all that, Yuan Zhou just took up the Jinling Grass prepared just now and intended to give a presentation.

The handful of Jinling Grass wasn't so good as that provided by the system, but it was still quite fresh and tender.

"Aren't the vegetable alright after some rinsing?" Of course, other chefs also knew the crispness and freshness of this vegetable.

Right after that, however, Yuan Zhou began to show his unique awesomeness with his capabilities.

Yuan Zhou first cut the old stalks off with the bamboo knife provided, leaving every piece only one inch long.

Of course, the bamboo knife had also been processed by Yuan Zhou beforehand.

He moved the bamboo knife upward lightly but quickly. Then the Jinling Grass on the kneading board fell into the azure stone basin that he had prepared like the blue jade.

After a sound of "Pi Li Pa La", it fell into the water.

In a rapid sequence, Yuan Zhou picked up the crystal rod sent to him by the waiter just now.

While he was shaking the basin clockwise and making the vortex appear with one hand, he stirred the Jinling Grass with the crystal rod lightly with the other.

His actions were light, but nevertheless fully washed every piece of Jinling Grass.

In the end, Yuan Zhou moved the Jinling Grass out with the crystal rod again. It was then covered with a layer of water mist.

"It's done." Yuan Zhou said that in no more than 3 minutes.

He looked up at the crowds and found the banquet hall was lost in absolute silence. They basically hadn't reacted yet.

"I like to wash the vegetables in this way. It is quite rare." Yuan Zhou said with a seemingly shy expression.

On hearing that, the chefs on site wanted to say nothing but a simple "Ho Ho".

"The vegetables could surprisingly be washed this way. Then what is that when we are washing it before?" A chef couldn't help muttering.

"It's devastation." Master Cheng answered fluently.

"I don't want to say anything to Boss Yuan anymore."

"Can that be called rare?"


"Ta Ta Ta", Chu Xiao straightforwardly went up and brought the washed Jinling Grass closer to have a look.

"Really nice." After quite a while, Chu Xiao remarked.

"Tsk-tsk. I only found out now that I don't even know how to wash vegetables." A chef joined the circle to watch.

"Luckily I didn't say I wanted to do that." Another chef that kept silent while others were volunteering to wash vegetables said that.

"Indeed. Fortunately, I didn't have time to say that. Otherwise, it wouldn't be so interesting." The talking chef looked at the several people including Master Cheng that had tried to do the work eagerly with an expression of ridicule.

"Yeah. Fortunately, we didn't say that." The few persons that didn't volunteer all felt lucky.

Nevertheless, those who had volunteered to wash the vegetables were basically silent now. They couldn't even ridicule now.

After all, they all knew that the Jinling Grass indeed needed to be washed that way.

It was just because they understood that. The way Yuan Zhou used just now was too magnificent and nobody could match against him. That issue made them very upset.

They had been greatly outclassed by Yuan Zhou's sculpting skill and now, again, by Yuan Zhou's technique of washing the vegetables.

"Sh*t. Is it really necessary to wash the vegetables with such a complex method?" Master Cheng could only ridicule in his heart.

"Haw-haw. This little brat is so interesting." There was a contented expression on the old face of Zhou Shijie.

Seeing everybody become silent, Yuan Zhou prepared to continue his presentation and hence directly uttered.

The way he talked was still familiar as always, "Regarding the processing of the beef, I have a rather eccentric method, too."

All chefs on site felt a slight headache when they heard the word of eccentric.

"Go to hell with your eccentricity." It was the thought of all chefs on site.

Of course, it also stood for another meaning, "Thank you for your eccentric technique. Please get a dozen for me."

However, the reason why a chef remained a chef was because they had good decency. Therefore, they only ridiculed him inwardly.

Superficially, they still appeared like, "You continue to act and we'll just watch silently."

"I will use the beef to make my presentation. I'm going to reveal my incompetence now." After Yuan Zhou said politely, he began to take the beef out.

He didn't touch the beef at all from the moment he took out the beef until he put it on the kneading board.

"I am prepared to slice it." Yuan Zhou raised his head and said that.

Then, he took a neat rectangular plate with no edges from behind him.

Having rinsed it with the boiling water, he put it on the beef right after that.

This time, Yuan Zhou didn't use the kitchen knife provided by the banquet hall, but directly took out another one from his body.

It was obviously the Miracle Kitchen Knife that Yuan Zhou had used in his restaurant.

Before he came here, Yuan Zhou specifically inquired the system about that.

Just as expected by Yuan Zhou, the taste-free chopsticks and the spoon were allowed to be taken out. Naturally, so was the Miracle Kitchen Knife.

According to the system, only the food ingredients cannot be taken out of the restaurant.

"Pa", he pressed the plate down and afterwards, he supported it lightly with one hand and took the kitchen knife with the other and then straightforwardly started.

"Damn it. Cutting without measuring?" A chef was surprised.

"It's very normal to cut that way but not so for him." Master Cheng said solemnly.

Other chefs all nodded their head in favor of Master Cheng.

They could also cut without measuring, but they never did it so well. Moreover, after displaying such superior craftsmanship to all others, it was unwise to just cut without measuring.

Only Chu Xiao suddenly said, "Its normal for him to cut it without measuring."

The word was said affirmatively.

Other chefs at the side all looked at Chu Xiao with puzzlement.

Although frowning, Chu Xiao still explained that...