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380 Spring Water Mantou

 The deserved manner of Yuan Zhou instantly irritated Chu Xiao.

"Master Yuan, I feel that you are thinking too much? We have the same accuracy rate." Chu Xiao laughed scornfully.

"As a grand master, you should know the reason why you lost." Yuan Zhou said lightly while looking at Chu Xiao.

"Ho Ho". The two words uttered by Chu Xiao represented his attitude.

"I also feel their scores are the same. How is it that Master Yuan is so sure that he will win?" Some other chefs below the stage didn't understand, either.

"That's right. Surprisingly, there is a dark horse this year. Some methods of cooking mentioned by him were fairly interesting." This person cared more about the culinary skills.

"I feel it should be a draw too." The chefs preferred this result to others.

What a joke! They were defeated by Chu Xiao in every contest that he took part in. If they were told this time that anybody could defeat him, how shameful would they be?

Therefore, most chefs started talking about their own opinions privately.

"Humph. That Chu guy is so disagreeable. Obviously, he was defeated." Tang Xi pouted her lips and humphed.

"I think Boss Yuan wins the contest because he knows more." Chen Wei said objectively.

"That should be it. It seems that Master Chu isn't as awesome as Boss Yuan." Ling Hong stroked his chin and said smilingly.

"With my insight, Boss Yuan is undoubtedly awesome!" Wu Hai said complacently while stroking his mustaches.

"Originally, Boss Yuan is not likely to lose. He's merely short of a certificate." Man Man had also believed that Yuan Zhou would win.

Basically, everyone that had eaten yz's dishes had the same feeling.

"Everybody, please calm down." The chairman calmed the noisy scene immediately once he uttered. Then, the banquet hall was lost in silence immediately.

"Here's the reason why the result is so." The chairman made a chart on which he recorded the questions that both Chu Xiao and Yuan Zhou had answered.

"Here, on the question about how to process the Beluga, Master Yuan has not only provided a way to process the top-notch food ingredient but also come up with a constructive concept. Nonetheless, Master Chu has only provided a method to process the top-notch ingredient." The aged chairman said orderly.

"Right there, they have the difference of 1 score." The chairman stroked his beard and said earnestly.

"So that is what it is."

This was what appeared in almost everyone's hearts. It seemed that Yuan Zhou surprisingly did better than Chu Xiao.

Chu Xiao had originally wanted to continue asking what the constructive concept was. However, that would be unsightly. Therefore, he kept silent for quite a while.

"Next year you won't be so lucky if you take part in the contest." Chu Xiao uttered that to Yuan Zhou and then he turned around and left before everybody had any reaction.

Chu Xiao was just reluctant to admit failure, but he could afford to lose.

"Being young is so good. They can continue to compete against each other, unlike we old guys that probably couldn't pick up the spatula next year." The aged chairman sighed with a smile but nevertheless didn't look like to be worried.

"Never mind. I can still move my pen." The Research Doctorate of Precious Ingredients said quietly.

"It doesn't matter. I can still move my lips." The great gourmet gave another hit without any


At that time, Yuan Zhou saw Chu Xiao leave the banquet hall and the chefs off the stage also discussing the feasibility of the cooking method earnestly.

"Now is the best time to slip away." Suddenly, the word appeared in Yuan Zhou's mind.

Communication was always what Yuan Zhou wasn't good at, so Yuan Zhou had already left when Wu Hai and his fellows came over.

Of course, Yuan Zhou had the serving girl deliver a message to them considerately to thank them to specially come to see him act cool.

It was getting colder and colder and the night had arrived much earlier than before.

"Please help me call a cab." Yuan Zhou said politely to the attendants passing by him.

"Ok, sir." The waiter nodded his head and notified the person that specially called taxis for customers.

Yuan Zhou rushed back to his restaurant overnight and when he got to the entrance of the side street, he met Broth.

It ran to Yuan Zhou quickly with its silent footsteps.

"Hey. I especially gave you the noodle broth enough for two days before I left, no less at all." Yuan Zhou said immediately while looking at Broth that crouched in front of him.

However, Broth just sat down and looked at Yuan Zhou with an aloof manner. After that, it stood up and went back to the front door again to guard the restaurant earnestly.

"Alright. It seems that I have to cook something delicious tomorrow to compensate him." Looking at Broth and thinking of the customers, Yuan Zhou suddenly muttered to himself considerately.

Yuan Zhou had a very good sleep tonight. In accordance with his biological clock and habits, Yuan Zhou got up, jogged, exercised before he continued to take a shower and cook breakfast.


Having taken the flour and prepared to cook breakfast, Yuan Zhou suddenly realized there was a problem with the system's reward.

"System, there actually does not seem to have 100 cooking methods for the 100 Varieties of Mantou, right?" Yuan Zhou asked curiously.

The system displayed, "This is just the name of the reward."

"Haw?" Yuan Zhou just found it unbelievable.

"So you mean it's only the name of the reward and in fact there aren't 100 cooking method?" Yuan Zhou asked to seek confirmation.

The system displayed, "You are right."

"Tell me who has taught you to be deceitful. Where has the frank and honest system gone?" Yuan Zhou couldn't help murmuring.

"Even if I deceived you to get the reward, you can't play with words." Yuan Zhou broke down in his mind.

However, the system didn't answer him and Yuan Zhou could only stay silent.

After a while, the system still didn't respond to him. Then, Yuan Zhou murmured inwardly, "He uses his own abilities to trick and obtain the reward. Why won't the system give him the entire one?"

"Forget it. Let me cook now." Yuan Zhou washed his hands and then began to cook earnestly.

The breakfast for today was again a new dish, the Spring Water Mantou, which belonged to the 100 Styles of Mantous.

It was a breakfast that sounded easy but nevertheless contained something special.

The flour was still the best one provided by the system while the other leading role today was the spring water.

"System, what was the spring water you said just now?" Yuan Zhou started to doubt whether he had encountered a fake system.

After all, the name of the spring water seemed to be fake.

The system displayed, "The spring water is called Luerde Spring, also known as Laoshi Spring. It has the function of curing diseases and changing color. The intrinsic taste is sweet and mellow."

"Laoshi Spring can cure the diseases? It sounds like the hot spring." Having looked at the spring water and then the flour, Yuan Zhou was a little hesitant.

The system had told him just now that the spring water could change color.

"What color will it become? Yuan Zhou cared about that more.

A good appearance was also one of the significant points of foods."

The system displayed, "Random."

"That'll be great." Yuan Zhou let out a sigh of relief when he heard that.

The system indicated that he was quite puzzled and totally didn't understand what good it had.

Right after that, Yuan Zhou asked, "When does its color change?"

The system displayed, "After the food is steamed."

"Ok." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

Then, Yuan Zhou started to cook it confidently, without revealing any worry that it would become an ugly color.

Quite a while later, Yuan Zhou put Mantous on the food steamer and started to steam them. When he washed his hands and prepared to open the door, the system uttered.

The system displayed, "Host, please tell me why you feel that "randomly" is good."

The system asked the question that gave off the feeling it wasn't ashamed to learn from its subordinate.

"Because I am such a decent human being. It's definitely a good color." Yuan Zhou didn't stop his actions of opening the door and meanwhile said deservedly.

If the system could ridicule him, it probably would say, "With such a narcissistic attitude, you are totally unlike a host that has communication obstacles. I might have met a fake host."

The daily interactions between Yuan Zhou and the system were still harmonious as usual.

Nonetheless, the customers were so excited now that they could eat dishes of Boss Yuan's restaurant. Besides, they still didn't know there would be a new dish again.