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377 Face-to-face Confrontation

 "Little brat, what do you mean? Isn't this old man your instructor?" Xing Min reacted first.

"You are right." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"Even if I'm not his instructor, you aren't either." Lee Yanyi went up and directly interrupted Xing Min's words.

"How would you know that? What if the young man feels that I look kind? What do you know about it?" Xing Min fought back without any hesitation.

"That guy is too prideful. Do you think I wouldn't know that?" Lee Yanyi revealed a manner of "I know everything."

"Are you telling the truth? I feel that he is way too modest." Xing Min didn't reason with Lee Yanyi at all when he met him.

"The older you are, the more muddled you become." Lee Yanyi said after a humph.

Yuan Zhou watched them for a while at the side silently and then said softly to the two helpless assistants, "I'm leaving first. Goodbye."

"Take care, Boss Yuan." Yan Jia was more familiar with him and thus he nodded directly.

Xing Min's assistant nevertheless just nodded his head before he went back to his teacher straightforwardly.

What a joke! If their assistants didn't stay with them, there would probably be bloodshed this time.

Yuan Zhou greeted his customers first and then went back into his own room for a rest.

Among the customers that followed him here, only one person left besides Man Man, Tang Xi, Wu Hai, Ling Hong and Gao Shuai. That person was Chen Wei.

Chen Wei is said to have affairs to deal with in the evening, so he went back and prepared to come the next morning.

"So interesting! Wonder if there will be any food ingredients that I have never seen tomorrow?" Yuan Zhou asked himself expectantly before he went to bed.

The mornings of Chengdu were usually foggy when it was cold. Actually, it wasn't smog, but thin fog, like a fine gauze, enveloping the entire city.

"I forgot to set the alarm clock." Yuan Zhou muttered vaguely while sitting on the bed.

After a short moment, he took the phone and found that it was still early. It was the exact time for him to jog.

"I'm so smart." While Yuan Zhou was wearing the sportswear, he felt lucky that he slept after buying the sportswear last night.

"Hu La", the cold water on his face made him more clear-headed.

Yuan Zhou muttered while stroking his own face, "It's said that man will get more handsome if he uses cold water to wash the face."

After that, Yuan Zhou went downstairs to jog. He didn't really like doing morning exercises in the gym of the hotel, thus he directly went to the garden of the hotel to jog.

One lap, two laps. In a little while, Yuan Zhou encountered a person, Chu Xiao.

He was also dressed in the grey sportswear and appeared in the garden.

"It's not fearful to wear the same clothes, but whoever is ugly will be embarrassed." Yuan Zhou took a deep breath and muttered inwardly.

Although Chu Xiao appeared to look like a prodigal, his appearance was still considered to be qualified. However, Yuan Zhou had a six-pack and a solemn temperament as well as a mature uncle style. On the aspect of appearance, the two people were equally matched.

"Hey, you are also jogging?" Unexpectedly, Chu Xiao greeted Yuan Zhou voluntarily.

"Yes." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"You can probably increase your knowledge in the precious ingredient match today." Chu Xiao always spoke so bluntly.

He had known that Yuan Zhou was merely the boss of a tiny restaurant. Although he made an amazing performance yesterday, the food ingredients were all ordinary ones and most of them were frequently seen. Therefore, Chu Xiao really didn't mean anything else.

He just believed the match today could help Yuan Zhou to increase his knowledge.

"Um. If you want to broaden your scope of knowledge, you can come to my small restaurant." After a nod, Yuan Zhou said with an earnest expression.

"You can use strange ingredients to cook strange cuisines?" Chu Xiao asked curiously.

"No. Just some ingredients and craftsmanship that you have seldom seen," Yuan Zhou said modestly.

"Haw-haw-haw. Things that I have seldom seen?" Chu Xiao shook his head and couldn't help laughing out.

"Yes. Also some others that even I have never seen." Yuan Zhou's expression always looked so earnest.

"That's normal." Chu Xiao felt it was quite normal for Yuan Zhou not to have seen that. But for him, it must be a funny joke.

Chu Xiao had stayed in so many luxurious hotels since he was eleven and hence had seen a lot of precious food ingredients.

However, he never knew that Yuan Zhou had a thing called "System".

"Ok. See you in the contest." Yuan Zhou nodded his head without giving an affirmative or negative answer. Since his exercise time had ended, he directly said goodbye to him.

"Spend some more time on studying." Chu Xiao said like a predecessor.

Yuan Zhou laughed ironically behind him, but he didn't try to correct Chu Xiao. Instead, he went back to the hotel straightforwardly to change clothes and prepared to have breakfast in the cafeteria.


"A nice breakfast." When Yuan Zhou got to the cafeteria, he sighed with emotion while looking at the abundant and healthy breakfasts.

The breakfast was cooked with the ingredients that they had guessed yesterday. Those that could be cooked were all made into the breakfast today. Of course, the dinner last night had also been cooked with those 500 food ingredients.

Similar to the opening time yesterday, the contest today also commenced at 9:00 sharp.

The several people including Wu Hai arrived very early today. They sat in the front row ahead of time and just waited to watch how Yuan Zhou act cool.

The preliminary test at the door was removed today, therefore Yuan Zhou entered the banquet hall earlier than yesterday by five minutes. As soon as he entered the door, his great fan, Tang Xi, spoke.

"Come on, Boss Yuan!" Tang Xi encouraged him bluntly.

"Go ahead." Wu Hai and Ling Hong pretended to be indifferent to him.

"Um." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"I hereby announce the exchange activity of the precious food ingredients commences now." The chairman of China Chefs' Alliance changed into a marine blue business suit today, which made him appear much younger. He announced straightway.

"After the exchange activity, a small part of the precious ingredients won't be used to cook dishes. Please follow the rules." The Precious Ingredients Research PhD stood up right after that and then said.

"Correct. Contestant No. 1, please start now." The chairman of the alliance carried a smile on his face as usual.

"One moment, please." It was Fang Tian who was at the third position.

"What's the matter, Master Fang?" The chairman looked at Fang Tian amiably.

Fang Tian appeared very thin and was about 35 years old. He was quite cultured and likewise talked softly. He didn't actually seem to be a chef at all.

"I want to watch the whole course at close quarters, but don't take part in the contest anymore. I hope you can approve of that." Fang Tian said straightforwardly without hesitation.

"Why?" The chairman looked at the other two people at the side and then asked.

"These two people are all young talents. It's inappropriate for a middle-aged man to compete against them." Fang Tian shrugged and said with a free and easy tone.

"Please, let us discuss it." The chairman didn't agree to him immediately.

"Ok. Please do approve of my request." Fang Tian slightly bowed.

"One moment, please." The chairman signaled to turn off the microphone and only then did they start to discuss.

The banquet hall was lost in silence for a while. Some of the chefs that had failed yesterday didn't understand that while some others nodded their head approvingly.

That's right. The chefs that had failed the contest yesterday could also come to watch. The reason why the precious ingredients were so precious was that even the chefs seldom saw them, let alone the varieties of those precious ingredients.

However, they could only watch the whole course off the stage. The request proposed by Fang Tian was fairly good based on the aspect of increasing knowledge.

Five minutes later,

"Quiet, please." The chairman said.

"After our joint discussion, we decide to approve of Fang Tian's request. Meanwhile, we specially allow him to watch at close quarters without touching." The chairman announced the result.

Then, there were only Yuan Zhou and Chu Xiao left in the contest. Now, it became the competition between the two of them. It was just that who, among them, would be the one to increase knowledge?

Yuan Zhou was quite expectant!