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373 Watch Me Act Cool

 "Boss Yuan, please observe the four pieces of tofu carefully and then state when they are prepared under the condition that you stay 45cm away from them." The girl at the door said smilingly as always.

It was the most difficult one of all the twelve exam questions. After all, it required the extremely sensitive smell and precise judgement in the surroundings which were full of disturbance.

He was far away from it; he couldn't touch it; the tofu was even in the water. All those factors made it difficult to give a precise judgement.

Even if it was a piece of pork, the washed one and unwashed one were different, let alone the four pieces of tofu in the water.

"Boss Yuan's fortune doesn't seem to be good." Yan Jia frowned.

Of course, he knew the difficulty of this exam question, therefore he didn't enter the hall but instead waited at the side.

Although the exam question was challenging, it wasn't much too exaggerated as it was just a warm-up procedure. Therefore, Yan Jia hadn't ever thought of Yuan Zhou being unable to answer. He stayed there just to witness Yuan Zhou's abilities.

After all, the speed of answering questions could well reflect one's capability. For example, the person, Chu Xiao, just now.

While Yuan Zhou was taking part in the food ingredient contest earnestly, things were becoming chaotic at Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"Damn it. The queuing machine broke down." After a weird scream, Wu Hai paced around while stroking his small mustaches.

"Wu Hai, can you not fool around?" Man Man glared at Wu Hai discontentedly.

"No, I am not. It isn't functioning now." Wu Hai pointed at the silver machine beside him.

"That's impossible." Man Man went up quickly and checked it.

Other customers at the side also surrounded to watch curiously. Now that they first gathered in front of the queuing machine, they nevertheless couldn't spare some time to check the door to Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

"It surprisingly says not usable." Man Man said with puzzlement while looking at the big characters shown on the queuing machine.

"How strange it is! Why isn't it usable?" A customer said with a suspicious look on his face.

Wu Hai shook his head. He was taking his ID and stroking his small mustaches while looking at Man Man tinkering with the machine.

"Everybody, look there. I'm 500 degrees short-sighted and can't see clearly if it's a written request for leave," a customer suddenly said with his trembling voice.

"What? A request for leave?" Wu Hai strode to the door directly.

Pasted on the door was a piece of A4 paper blowing in the wind. When Wu Hai raised his head, he could clearly see the three conspicuous characters of "Request for Leave".

Request for Leave

I need to take two days off to show my awesomeness. If you don't believe in my words, please come to the contest area to watch.

(P.S.: I will make up for the lost business time later.)

Regards, Yuan Zhou.

"Shit. I'm blind now." Wu Hai covered his eyes and refused to believe it.

"What the hell does showing his awesomeness mean?" Wu Zhou couldn't help uttering.

"I don't know whether or not he's awesome. I just want to know what I should do for my breakfast." Ling Hong just showed a cold face.

"Don't you feel it's also very interesting that Boss Yuan goes to show off his awesomeness?" Tang Xi, a girl who declared herself as a little fan of Yuan Zhou, said curiously at the side.

"That's right. I'm also quite curious. What kind of awesomeness is Boss Yuan going to show off?" Man Man managed to quell her impulsion to beating Yuan Zhou to death and shifted her attention.

"If not considering his abrupt request for leave, I really want to watch how Boss Yuan shows his awesomeness." While Wu Hai was speaking, he could guarantee that he definitely wasn't gnashing his teeth in anger.

"Xi Xi, you are too young. What can Compass do? He definitely goes there to act cool rather than showing off his awesomeness." Ling Hong looked at Xi Xi with a manner of "You are young and naive."

"No, no. I think Boss Yuan is a nice person," Tang Xi said smilingly.

"You deserves to be called the loyal fan." Man Man supported her forehead.

"Boss Yuan is a person who keeps his word. He wrote on the paper that he will make up for the lost business time." Finally, a customer noticed the P.S information left by Yuan Zhou.

"That would be fair. Maybe we can enjoy Boss Yuan's craftsmanship all day long some time later." These customers were always so pure and easy to be satisfied.

"Let's get to the point. What the hell does 'exchange of food ingredients' mean?" Man Man asked while pointing to the request for leave.

"A contest for distinguishing different food ingredients." Ling Hong answered.

"It's said to be a contest in which contestants compete to distinguish different food ingredients." Wu Hai and Ling Hong knew about food best. Thus, they said with one accord.

"It's surprisingly a contest. In the last contest, Boss Yuan defeated that head chef. Who will he defeat this time?" The customer was a little excited while thinking about that.

"Indeed. We have nothing to say about Boss Yuan's craftsmanship. But is there a live broadcast of the contest this time?" One of the customers asked with a caring tone.

"I heard it's a closed-door contest. But I don't actually know." Wu Hai shrugged.

"Let me ask about it." Ling Hong was anyhow a cute rich kid and it was considered quite normal for him to have a Wechat account.

Then, he took out the phone and started to ask.

However, Meng Meng had been taking a training session recently. Once asked, she stared blankly and obviously didn't know the matter. On the contrary, she asked Ling Hong many questions.

"It seems that he went there for the contest secretly!" Ling Hong thought of his breakfast this morning and still felt a little heartache.

When Ling Hong made the call, Wu Hai also called Zheng Jiawei. The almighty broker unexpectedly succeeded in getting the admission tickets, but only five tickets.

"Five people can go with me. Who wants to go?" Looking at other customers at the front door of Yuan Zhou's restaurant, Wu Hai didn't say anything to them but sent this message in the group.

What a joke! Humans all had curiosity. If he said that in public, Wu Hai would probably lose his two tufts of mustaches due to others' forcefulness."

The one who answered him first was Ling Hong. His reply was the most interesting one, "This Boss Ling doesn't need to go with others. I can go on my own."

Wu Hai rolled his eyes in annoyance and totally neglected him. Then, he chose the five people at the side that answered him earlier than others.

"Let's go quietly. Do not make any sound." Wu Hai said a rare joke.

The several people left silently and prepared to go to watch Yuan Zhou posture.

The customers and Yan Jia had two different attitudes. The customers believed that Yuan Zhou went there purely for acting cool, namely he would surely win the contest, while Yan Jia believed that ending in a draw was the best score that Yuan Zhou could reach.

Yuan Zhou, whom his customers believed to be acting cool, however, really made it.

Yuan Zhou pointed at the first piece of tofu and then said, "From the moment it's done until now, it is 3 hours and 20 minutes."

"Five hours for the second one and two hours for the third. As for the last piece, it is comparatively longer." Yuan Zhou checked the time on his phone and continued, "It has been 7 hours."

"Congratulations, Boss Yuan. Come in, please." The young girl reached out her white and tender hand, indicating that Yuan Zhou could get inside then.

Yuan Zhou nodded his head and said lightly after a few steps forward, "Speaking of which, the spring soybean is used for the fourth piece of tofu. In my opinion, spring soybean isn't suitable for making tofu."

"Haw?" The girl immediately got startled. Even before she reacted, Yuan Zhou had entered the banquet hall. During the process, he also greeted Yan Jia at the door.

Yan Jia didn't realize that until Yuan Zhou finished greeting him.

"No wonder my teacher likes Boss Yuan so much. You really are awesome!" Yan Jia signed with emotion sincerely and only then did he walk into the banquet hall.

Of course, he still thought it impossible for Yuan Zhou to defeat Chu Xiao in his heart.

The youngest three-star Michelin chef ever wasn't so easy to be outclassed.

The young girl at the door then reacted and muttered unbelievably, "How could one distinguish the production time of the food ingredients by just watching?"

"He's right. I especially used the spring soybean, but I have never expected somebody could recognize it with a mere glance." A plain-looking middle-aged man beside the young girl said smilingly.

"Really?" With her mouth wide open, the young girl said in surprise.

"Young people nowadays are getting more and more impressive." The middle-aged man didn't answer her, but just signed with emotion while looking inside the banquet hall.

Yuan Zhou, that ran away immediately after acting cool, nevertheless felt quite good...