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372 Well-Matched Competitors

 Business in the evening was the same as usual. Of course the BBQ business was even better today, because Yuan Zhou's prior notice had attracted more people to come.

Early next morning, Yuan Zhou dressed himself decently and walked to the front door with a piece of A4 paper quietly. He pasted it on the door by himself and then went to take a cab leisurely.

"Hoo. This reason is definitely just and sincere." Yuan Zhou looked back at the A4 paper pasted on the door from a distance and said complacently.

Today, Yuan Zhou was wearing the clothes that he had bought yesterday. It was a gray-white crease-free leisure suit with collar ornaments, inside of which was a black patterned shirt. This was coupled with black casual pants and a pair of pure-white casual shoes.

He looked both well-built and cultured. Plus with the uppermost button buttoned and Yuan Zhou's serious manner, his whole person carried a kind of confident and reserved temperament.

He reached out to pat on the lower hem of his clothes and then said unreservedly, "Although clothes make the man, the clothes are also picky about different people. Only a prince charming like me can look so handsome in the suit."

Yuan Zhou stood at the crossing happily, preparing to take a cab. It was still early and there were quite a few cabs. In just a little while, Yuan Zhou managed to hail a cab. Once he reported the address, the cab took whisk him away directly.

That's right. Today was the day of the competition. Yuan Zhou didn't request for overnight accommodations, therefore he needed to go there by himself. Of course, chefs that attended the contest could ask for cars to pick them up, but they would only be picked up at 8:00 in the morning.

If it was during that time, Yuan Zhou would definitely have been beaten to death if he left his restaurant with a swagger. Yuan Zhou understood this.

"It's not good to be too popular," Yuan Zhou suddenly uttered.

The driver in the front that heard him turned his head and looked back at Yuan Zhou, saying smilingly, "Since you are dressed so spiritedly, are you going there to take part in an activity?"

The destination that Yuan Zhou had reported to him was a Five Star Hotel. It was most renowned for an oversize banquet hall. Apart from being luxurious, it was also fully functioning. Naturally, this was all heard from others by the driver.

"To eat." Yuan Zhou tilted his head and thought for a while.

In his opinion, people either ate or smelled to distinguish the food ingredients. But if he said "smell", it would sound a little weird. So Yuan Zhou specially chose the best adjective.

"Well... The breakfast there is indeed excellent." The driver indicated that Yuan Zhou's words were truly sudden. Only after a short moment did he say that.

Meanwhile, the driver couldn't help grumbling silently in his heart. Would a normal person take a cab and go to a Five Star Hotel for breakfast before 7:00 in the morning? He would give the person a score of 0 for this acting because it had wounded the soul of a person who hadn't eaten anything.

"Damn it. Why did I drive a guy that wants to act cool to the Five Star Hotel for breakfast? Stupid." The driver took a look at Yuan Zhou and thought in his heart.

"Um. Could one eat there alone?" Yuan Zhou suddenly thought of this very important question.

After all, there wasn't any other restaurant around over there.

"Yes." The driver glanced at Yuan Zhou with a curious gaze before nodding and replying.

"Thank you." Yuan Zhou thanked him.

In a short moment, the park pulled off under the porch of the hotel after a braking sound of "Zi". Outside were the widely opened glass doors, where four doormen stood there straight in red uniforms. Seeing the car pull up there, they went up and bowed before opening the car door.

"Thank you." After Yuan Zhou paid the fare, he got off the car and nodded his head, expressing his gratitude.

"You are welcome. This is the license number of the cab. If you have anything left inside, we can help you get it back." A doorman said carefully and courteously.

"Ok, good." Yuan Zhou received the card from the doorman.

"Which floor is the restaurant for breakfast?" Yuan Zhou asked conveniently.

"It's right on the second floor of the main hall. I will summon somebody to take you there right now." The doorman said smilingly.

Yuan Zhou nodded his head and then in the twinkling of an eye, he saw a sign that read, "Welcome, contestant chefs." When he slightly stepped back, he also saw the conspicuous banner outside.

"Um. It seems to be a very big activity." Yuan Zhou muttered privately in his heart.

Not long after, a hotel waiter summoned by the doormen came up and took Yuan Zhou to the restaurant on the second floor.

As soon as they entered the main entrance, the four doormen standing by the side instantly uttered on one accord, "Welcome to our hotel."

Their voices were sonorous and orderly. Luckily it wasn't scary. Therefore, Yuan Zhou walked into the restaurant very calmly, even if it was his first time entering a Five Star Hotel.

No matter whom they were, all hotel personnel dressed in the work uniform greeted Yuan Zhou with a smile when they met Yuan Zhou.

All the way, Yuan Zhou heard the personnel saying frequently, "Hello, sir!", for which he would then nod his head and smile back ceaselessly.

The contest was to commence at 9:00 in the morning. Yuan Zhou had already received the procedures, which included a preliminary examination at the door and then the official one inside.

There were a total of 12 contestants. The examination at the door was more of a warm-up than an examination.

Of course, it was told by Yan Jia.

Time: 8:57; Address: entrance of the luxurious banquet hall on the fourth floor.

When Yuan Zhou walked out of the elevator, a man happened to be ahead of him. He walked to the entrance straightway and started to do the examination. When Yuan Zhou took a look there from a distance, however, he only saw four clean white plates with four pieces of radishes laid on.

"Master Chu, please reveal which season these radishes were from." A young girl that took charge of the preliminary examination at the door said with her melodious voice.

"Winter, summer, autumn, and when the spring ends and the summer begins." Chu Xiao pointed each of them while saying immediately.

After saying that, he directly strode into the banquet hall before the girl announced the results.

"So quickly." Yuan Zhou stood still and said slowly while looking at Chu Xiao enter the hall.

"He is Chu Xiao, the youngest Michelin chef in history." Suddenly a person answered from behind him.

"Hello." Yuan Zhou turned his head and found it was Yan Jia that was talking.

"Hi, Boss Yuan. According to my teacher, only you two have some sort of decent craftsmanship in this contest." Yan Jia said the totally unkind words with a kind attitude.

Words that could easily offend others.

"Um, thank you for your compliments." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and received the praise.

After all, his taste and understanding of the food ingredients came from the system and his effort. Therefore, Yuan Zhou received such a praise deservedly.

"You are welcome. I haven't savored Boss Yuan's craftsmanship, but it's really rare for my teacher to like something so much," Yan Jia said earnestly.

"Many people like my dishes." Yuan Zhou said modestly.

Although Yan Jia didn't see where the modesty came from, he likewise said in favor of him, "Of course. There's definitely no problem with Boss Yuan's craftsmanship."

Yet in the next breath, Yan Jia continued to say, "But, don't ever look down on that Master Chu."

"It's said that he has a very sharp sense of smell. Just by smelling, he could easily tell the differences of the food within three days after it matures."

"Ok. Thanks for telling me that." Yuan Zhou turned his head and looked at the place where Chu Xiao had gone just now and a joyous feeling arose in his heart.

The reason why he took part in the contest this time was to verify his culinary skills. After all, the system didn't even allow him to apply for the chef certification. Although, the main point was that he couldn't provide any proof of working as a chef before.

"Boss Yuan, we should go inside now." Seeing Yuan Zhou listening carefully, Yan Jia felt very contented in his heart and thus reminded him.

The reason why Yan Jia felt content was naturally because he knew the matter of the old foe of his teacher declaring Yuan Zhou would lose the contest. However, judging from the calm, earnest and modest manner of Yuan Zhou and the situation where his teacher enjoyed Yuan Zhou's craftsmanship so much, he wouldn't lose too terribly in the contest. Or it was also possible that it would end up in a draw.

Naturally, Yuan Zhou didn't know about Yan Jia's thoughts. He just walked to the door and waited to do the entry-level test.

However, the test this time was a little special.