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371 Yuan Zhou Buys A House Firs

 Yuan Zhou indicated that he had been quite familiar with such tricks. What a joke! He was, anyhow, a man that read many books recently. For example, books on the making various cooked wheaten foods.

With his decent inner quality and the glistening golden card, Yuan Zhou felt he could show his generousness.

"Hua La", Yuan Zhou shut the door and went out along the side street with his personal belongings.

"Where are you going, Boss Yuan?" Wu Hai stood on the second floor and asked loudly while stroking his small mustaches.

"Buying a house." There was pretty much delight in Yuan Zhou's tone.

"The apartment upstairs is for sale now." Wu Hai pointed at the upstairs and said.

"I'm going to buy a villa," Yuan Zhou said calmly.

"So are you going to live in the villa in future, aren't you?" Wu Hai frowned.

Yuan Zhou looked at Wu Hai with a manner of "Are you stupid?" Of course, he bought the villa to live in it. If not, why would he bother?

"Normally, villas are seated in the suburbs, thus it's fairly inconvenient to come and go to your restaurant. Besides that, it would waste a lot of time and it isn't safe to live in the villa alone," Wu Hai said loudly.

"I'm going to buy one close to the city center." Yuan Zhou felt that what Wu Hai focused on was quite weird, but still, he explained.

"Boss Yuan turns out to be very rich." Wu Hai first praised him and then started to persuade him with his theory of traffic congestion.

Wu Hai said so much to Yuan Zhou only to persuade him to buy a neighboring store. That way, it would be very near and Yuan Zhou could also enlarge his restaurant in the future.

If he bought houses in other places and lived there, he would have to spend much time on the traffic. Wu Hai wasn't a fool and he knew it would waste a lot of time.

"Boss Yuan, this is absolutely sincere advice." Although Wu Hai said so much, he didn't gasp for breath at all.

"Not until today do I know you work in sales." Yuan Zhou signed with emotion.

"Just follow my advice and you'll benefit. This apartment of mine had a great increase in value," Wu Hai said affirmatively.

"Never mind. I have made an appointment already. Let me go and have a look. Good bye." After saying that, Yuan Zhou turned around and left decidedly.

Wu Hai had probably studied the special skills from the Lawyer Jin. He talked, talked and talked so much that even Yuan Zhou was a little scared of him. However, his words were true. After all, both Ling Hong and Su Mu bought a story in this building now.

Of course, Jiang Changxi also bought one next to Su Mu, one up and the other down. Except Wu Hai, however, none of them came and lived here.

"Terrible. You have surprisingly mastered the skills of the garrulous Monk Tang." Yuan Zhou said with lingering fear.

"Master, to Yinchun Road, please." After that, he stopped a cab and reported the destination to the driver.

"Ok. Sit tight." The cab driver agreed readily and the car just whirled away.

Yinchun Road was the most prosperous site of Chengdu. As far as Yuan Zhou knew, the stores and stuff were all very expensive around here, so the houses recommended by the intermediary were definitely very expensive, too.

Yuan Zhou knew nothing about branded products, but he knew that being expensive absolutely equaled to good quality. Therefore, he was prepared to go to the intermediary on Yinchun Road.

At this time of day, people that worked were still working and hadn't got off work. So the traffic was not bad and he soon arrived there.

Having paid the fare, Yuan Zhou stood in the crowded street and became dumbfounded.

"Speaking of which, why are there so many malls around here?"

That's right. The place was indeed the most prosperous place and all around were large malls that sold the luxury goods.

Yuan Zhou, who had never been to such a place to look for intermediaries, muttered to himself thoughtfully, "It's probably in the mall."

After saying that, he started to walk to the large mall behind him.

Many people came and went outside even if it was during the working hours. The several English words on the huge posters of foreign stars hanging on the external wall were quite conspicuous. However, Yuan Zhou didn't know what they meant with his limited level of English.

Through the transparent glass doors and windows, he could directly see the inside of the mall. Then, Yuan Zhou went up and pushed the glass naturally.

One second passed. Three seconds passed. The glass door remained still as before.

"Strange. Is it opened by pulling?" Yuan Zhou looked at the glass door with puzzlement.

He reached out his hands and pulled the door, but the door still didn't move at all.

At that moment, the shop assistant inside noticed Yuan Zhou and then gesticulated for him to enter the store from the other side.

"Damn it. I surprisingly pulled the wrong door. It turns out to be glass." Yuan Zhou ridiculed with a low voice expressionlessly.

Instantly, Yuan Zhou pulled open the glass door at the side very naturally with a faultless look without the slightest embarrassment.

"Hi. Would you like a drink?" A beautiful girl dressed in a black one-piece dress went up and asked with a smile.

"A cup of lemonade." Yuan Zhou said peacefully.

He patrolled conveniently to see if there's a seat. That's right. He thought it was a canteen or coffee shop.

"Ok. One moment, please." After the girl said that, another girl went up and inquired him.

"Sir, what do you want to see today?" With a short hair and a decent makeup, the girl looked fairly cute and pretty.

"Any recommendations?" Yuan Zhou said like a regular customer.

"Recently, Herme has launched several new styles of clothes of the current season. Do you need me to take them here and show you?" The girl led Yuan Zhou to the sofa at the side and then asked him after they sat down.

"No problem. Some leisure styles are good." Yuan Zhou didn't actually know what the English word meant.

However, it didn't stop him from understanding that this was a damn store that sold clothes.

"Why would a clothing store ask me what to drink?" Yuan Zhou ridiculed in the heart expressionlessly.

"Ok. Please wait for a moment. This is your lemonade and here is the catalog of all clothes we have." The female shop assistant arranged everything for him dutifully one after another.

They didn't cold-shoulder him due to the common clothes on Yuan Zhou's body.

Yuan Zhou leafed through the catalog absent-mindedly. He made sure to check the prices three times attentively before he realized they were either tens of thousands of RMB or hundreds of thousands of RMB.

"Ho Ho." Yuan Zhou showed no special feeling in the heart. He just estimated the amount of money in his bank account and then looked at the clothes generously when he found the money was fairly sufficient.

In a little while, the shop assistant came over to invite Yuan Zhou to check the leisure styles of clothes that he had requested. On the second floor, a few sets of single clothes and suit had been well laid out.

Yuan Zhou, who had made a big mistake, chose a set of clothes expressionlessly. After he paid the money calmly, he got out of the shop with a few bags of clothes in one hand and signed with emotion while stroking his forehead.

"I finally get to understand why women like the luxury goods so much. It's because they are expensive." Yuan Zhou looked at the SMS reminder of the deal and said.

Following that, however, Yuan Zhou said deservedly again, "A very important contest is coming. A set of expensive clothes can well represent my social status."

Then, Yuan Zhou walked around in the mall and only found out there wasn't any intermediary here but, instead, it was behind Yinchun Road after he asked the personnel at the side.

He walked out of the warm mall and when the cold wind struck him, he instantly sobered, "The target of buying clothes has been completed. I will continue to buy the house next time."

As for if he had this goal from the very beginning, this was out of his consideration now. After all, what's done is done.

Having bought the luxury goods, Yuan Zhou walked with an extraordinarily steady pace. Even his hands didn't swing back and forth at all. He held the bag firmly and walked to the crossing step by step, preparing to take a cab back.

"Luckily, I told them I would serve BBQ today." Yuan Zhou felt it was very good.

He needed some time to calm down from spending so much money. It was the very first time for Yuan Zhou to shop in the store for luxury goods...