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370 A Serious Problem

 For this serious problem, Yuan Zhou finally decided to consider it carefully in the evening.

He still needed to cook dishes earnestly for now as the most urgent thing was to satisfy the customers' appetite.

The boisterous and joyful business time was soon ending. At that moment, however, somebody walked into the restaurant while shouting something.

"What's the matter? I haven't eaten my meal. How could you say I can't eat it today? What does that mean?" A woman, who was wearing a short skirt, a slim-fit shirt and sky-high shoes, walked into the restaurant with big strides.

"I have explained to you just now. We don't wait for anybody even if you get a number ticket. We have already reminded you of that." The tall and slim guy stopped the woman and then started to explain. Some perspiration even appeared on his forehead.

"I have never seen others do business like you do. How could the number ticket expire? I'm just ten minutes late. In other places, they usually leave half an hour to wait. Only you are special and different?" The woman reached out her white and tender finger and pointed at the tall and slim guy aggressively, saying that.

"Sorry, I'm not the staff here, merely helping voluntarily. If we wait for you, there would be more people behind that would be unable to eat their meals. Therefore, we had already reminded you of that before you left. Besides, there's also the expected time shown on your ticket." The tall and slim guy stood up and said affirmatively.

"I don't care. I come here because of others' recommendation. Otherwise, who would come to such a dirty and shabby place to eat?" While saying that, the woman revealed an expression of disgust.

"I'm sorry. My rule is that we don't wait for anybody that arrives late. Thank you." At that time, Yuan Zhou set down the dishes and said that.

Yuan Zhou said that calmly with a quite indifferent tone. The woman didn't even raise her eyes, nor did she intend to answer Yuan Zhou. She just turned her head and continued shouting at the tall and slim guy.

It was also because Yuan Zhou just looked to be a chef and the tall and slim guy, contrarily, seemed to be a person that handled matters. After all, the head chef was only seen to handle matters in star hotels. In other places, however, the chef wasn't in charge of everything except cooking.

"This young chef is really garrulous. So, you tell me how you are going to compensate me." The woman humphed discontentedly and said to the tall and slim guy.

"I'm sorry, madam. I have made myself very clear why you can't eat. Please don't harass us with unreasonable demands." The tall and slim guy just revealed an indifferent manner without the usual occupational smile on his face.

"Weird people appear every year, but there seem to be more this year." Ling Hong looked at the woman curiously.

"Brains are a good thing. Pity that many don't have it." Man Man muttered with a low voice.

"Madam, we can go out and solve your problem." Wu Hai suddenly stood up and said that.

"Right. Let's go out and solve it." Ling Hong rolled his eyes and instantly understood, thus he echoed.

"What? Afraid of me affecting your business? No, I'll stay until it's solved." The woman sneered at them and kept still there while saying.

"Not really. It's just that you have affected our good mood to savor the delicacy. Thank you for your cooperation." Yuan Zhou straightforwardly uttered and made a gesture of "Please leave".

"I won't leave unless you give me an acceptable reason." The woman revealed a manner of "What can do with me?"

"I'm sorry for the inconvenience." Yuan Zhou slightly bowed and apologized to the customers on site.

"Never mind. It's not your fault." Man Man immediately answered.

"Exactly. No need to apologize, Boss Yuan." Zhuang Xinmu swallowed up the flesh of mussels and said hurriedly. At the same time, he pulled Wu Zhou's arm.

"Yeah. Don't take the person that speaks no reason seriously." Wu Zhou nodded his head continuously.

"It doesn't matter. Boss Yuan, just concentrate on serving more dishes. We are all waiting." Instead of caring about this matter, a customer joked.

"Ok, I will." Yuan Zhou nodded his head.

"I will serve BBQ tonight. I would welcome you all to come and have a taste." Having thought for an instant, Yuan Zhou continued.


The customers all became delighted. For now, they were only looking forward to the BBQ.

What a joke! The BBQ only came out by luck. In order to eat the BBQ, the customers had formed a habit of going out on rainy days, just to check if Yuan Zhou was prepared to serve it.

Although it wasn't a rainy day today, a BBQ was nevertheless a pleasant dish to them.

After saying that, Yuan Zhou walked out of the kitchen and went to the woman. Then he told her calmly, "The rules of my restaurant are all written on the wall beforehand. If you have any doubts, you can ask whatever you want to. But the spoilt behavior is not allowed."

Confidence was the best weapon to bring up a person. Therefore, Yuan Zhou revealed an influential manner and deterrence now when he talked.

"What? Do you want to be unreasonable?" The woman fell back slightly and said irritably.

"I have told you to follow us. Let's reason, shall we?" Having barely finished the meal, Su Mu went up and said jokingly.

"Good. Let's go out." Looking at the several people and the expressions of disgust of other customers, the woman agreed to that request.

"Thank you for your cooperation." Yuan Zhou nodded his head. The expression on his face was still as calm as before when he faced the woman.

"You don't need to go. Let us do it." Ling Hong stopped Yuan Zhou.

"Your work is to cook." Wu Hai stroked his small mustache and said while pointing at the kitchen.

"Go. The kitchen is your battlefield," Su Mu ridiculed smilingly.

Yuan Zhou hesitated for a while and then said with a mild expression, "Thank you".

Then, he went back to the kitchen with the mild look on his face and then started to busy cooking. The remaining lunch time still had to be treated earnestly.

"What did you prepare?" Wu Hai frowned and intended to call Zheng Jiawei here to deal with this matter. He wasn't actually experienced on that aspect.

"A lawyer, a civil lawyer. One of his characteristics is that he talks way too much." Su Mu smiled proudly.

"My brother is talking about Lawyer Jin Weijin. He can tell you one thing with dozens of different sentences." Su Yuesheng continued saying. She couldn't help trembling as she obviously remembered the fear of that bad experience.

"Besides, he can repeat it dozens of times." Su Mu also felt a slight toothache while saying that.

"Then I'm not needed, right?" Ling Hong listened to them leisurely at the side.

"You wish. Let's organize a management committee for the queue." Man Man was a person that showed good leadership. She said that once she opened her mouth.

"A committee for the queue?" The several people asked suspiciously with one accord.

Man Man turned on her phone and started to show them a plan that she had worked out in the recent few days.


The incident was solved very quickly. As soon as Yuan Zhou's business time barely ended, Wu Hai notified him that the matter had been solved.

Wu Hai didn't say much how this matter was solved, but just told them the woman had agreed to the rules of Boss Yuan's restaurant.

Of course, Yuan Zhou knew nothing at all about how they made her agree to his rules. Wu Hai naturally wouldn't tell them that the woman directly became dizzy in the endless and powerful words of Lawyer Jin. She didn't know what he was talking about, but just wanted to leave.

After all, no one would like to be ravaged by the endless and same words repeatedly.

Yuan Zhou thanked them again and then went upstairs to wash up and change clothes happily. With so many cute customers, Yuan Zhou felt he was so lucky, therefore he prepared to go to buy an apartment.

"Is it possible that I would meet a beautiful sales girl? Is it possible that I will be looked down by people? Maybe, I can experience the face-slapping scenes that are only mentioned in rumors." Yuan Zhou pinched the golden card and thought joyfully.