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369 Colorful Purple Mussels

 "This dish looks so delicious," the refined man said with a low voice.

The girl beside him merely lowered her head and smiled lightly. It seemed that she strongly agreed with the refined man's words.

That made the refined man, who was looking at her secretly, very delighted. His face under the black-framed glasses even became red due to the embarrassment.

"I'm starting to eat," the refined man took a deep breath and then said calmly.

On the other side, the girl just nodded her head, so slightly that others would barely notice, to answer to the refined man's word. In the eyes of others, the refined man was just talking to himself.

The nod of the girl was indeed inconspicuous. However, the refined man, that had been watching her in private, noticed that delightedly.

The White Wine Mussels in the plates of both people were giving off steam. Over the mussels was the verdant common garden parsley as a decoration. The purple shells along with the luscious flesh revealed from the tiny opening looked to be awfully beautiful.

"It's surprisingly purple! How beautiful." The refined man picked up his chopsticks and slightly turned a mussel.

"As far as I know, the purple mussels are usually exported. It's not produced in this district and hence, we can hardly eat it." With a blush, the refined man explained earnestly while looking at the meal in front of him.

Of course, it was well known to all that he was talking to the girl that sat beside him.

The girl didn't answer him but just tilted her ear toward him and seemed to be listening earnestly.

When the refined man looked at the girl secretly and found that she was listening carefully, his face turned redder, but he still continued explaining earnestly.

"This kind of mussels have a more beautiful name, the East Sea Lady. But nowadays, almost all mussels are cultured." The refined man brought out the elegant name carefully, but then he found the latter part was wrong. Therefore, he added hurriedly.

"Of course I believe Boss Yuan's mussels are definitely grown in the wild. It smells very fragrant." The refined man really smelled it after he said that.

"Besides, these kind of purple mussels growing in the wild are quite rare. The cultured ones wouldn't be so delicious." The refined man pushed his glasses upward and continued to say with a low voice, "God knows where the boss gets these things."

Seeing the refined man hurriedly try to explain, the girl, on the contrary, smiled.

Of course, the refined man dared not look at her directly. He just glanced at her secretly from time to time and then turned his head back and smiled furtively, thinking that the girl couldn't see that.

"I feel that it should definitely be very delicious. I'm eating it right now." The refined man said again lightly.

"Ka Ka", it was the sound of the chopsticks coming into contact with the shell, melodious and beautiful.

The flesh of the mussels had been processed with special knife skills of Yuan Zhou. Therefore, the refined man picked up an entire piece of flesh very easily, including the small pieces of cylindrical flesh at the top. The golden outer flesh and the snowy tongue of the mussels trembled between the chopsticks from the man's strength.

Then, the white and thick broth dripped down. It looked fresh and tender. Along with the burst of fragrance that rushed into his nose, the refined man swallowed up the entire flesh with a single bite, disregarding anything else.

Once this dish entered his mouth, unlike other dishes, the texture arrived before the taste. An extremely fine and tender feeling appeared in the mouth. Right after that was the faint flavor of milk and a little tinge of olives, which wasn't intoxicating. Instead it just perfectly combined with the intrinsic fragrant and sweet taste of the mussels.

"Slurp Slurp". While the refined man was chewing, the intrinsic salty taste of the mussels burst out again and dominated his entire taste buds perfectly.

Just like a skilled and humble commander, displaying the intrinsic freshness and delicacy of the mussels to the best.

"Hum. It's super delicious and gives a fragrant and sweet feeling." This time, the refined man turned his head directly and looked at the girl earnestly.

The girl nodded her head with a sparkling gaze and also started to eat.

The refined man continued eating the dish unreservedly when he saw the girl begin to eat.

The chopsticks emitted a melodious tone upon touching the shells, harmonious and quiet. Along with the girl's smiling face, the scene appeared of great harmony.

"It's so good to be young." Wu Hai turned his head and took a look at them and then sighed.

"Exactly. Being young is so nice!" Ling Hong also sighed with emotion.

"Eat quickly. Do you still have time to sigh with emotion? Can't you see the people at the back are all staring at you guys?" Man Man said smilingly at the side.

"No, no. I haven't finished the meal yet." Wu Hai shook his head.

Then, he dipped the chopsticks in the broth in the plate and sighed comfortably.

"Boss Yuan, get me a serving of plain cooked rice." Wu Hai shouted vigorously.

"Wow, a meat-eater changed to eat plain cooked rice now?" Man Man ridiculed him on purpose.

"Wait. Another serving for me." Ling Hong was unwilling to fall behind.

"What are you eating the plain cooked rice for?" Man Man was puzzled.

Wu Hai eating rice could be attributed to his good appetite. However, Ling Hong, being particular about the food, had never eaten the plain cooked rice alone before.

"You'll understand later," Wu Hai said mysteriously.

At that time, Yuan Zhou carried two bowls of crystal white rice over to them personally.

"Pa", he set them down on the table in front of them and said solemnly, "You understand the significance of that and are really good at eating."

"Of course. If I don't know it well, how is it possible that I come every day for meals? I'm blessed with sharp eyes," Wu Hai shrugged and said deservedly.

"That's because you are too idle everyday." Ling Hong moved his bowl to himself and grumbled unreservedly.

"You are right. It's the time for you to draw." Yuan Zhou nodded his head and agreed with Ling Hong.

"I just held my art exhibition and now I need more inspiration and rest." Wu Hai said primly.

"You're bullsh*tting primly." Suddenly, Yuan Zhou said that.

"What?" Wu Hai was listening but he didn't understand. After all, he didn't really like technological products and was even worse than Yuan Zhou that knew nothing about it. Actually, he didn't use them much at all.

The reason why he surfed the internet was first to go to the gourmet backup group and second, to contact Zheng Jiawei.

"That's right. Boss Yuan always hits the nail on the head. You are just lazy. Don't try to look for more excuses," Ling Hong laughed and then said.

"Boss Yuan, I think you'd better not surf the internet so much. Look, how bad you are now!" Wu Hai reacted and said bitterly.

"I'm keeping pace with the times," Yuan Zhou frowned and said earnestly.

"You are doing quite right. Please pay more attention to the demand of your customers, like the indispensable problems which include prolonging the business hours and enlarging the restaurant." Man Man followed and echoed.

"I'm not capable to act as I would wish," Yuan Zhou answered simply.

"Boss Yuan, let me tell you. Man can never say he's not capable." Ling Hong tried hard not to laugh out and said kindly.

"You are thinking more than necessary. I have six abdominal muscles." Yuan Zhou was way too proud when he said that.

What a joke! He had already wanted to talk about his 6-pack, but just hadn't found an appropriate opportunity. Now was the best one he had ever encountered. After all, Ling Hong appeared to be a second generation tycoon that wouldn't do exercises as frequently as he did.

"Ho Ho. I have eight." Ling Hong made a bodybuilder's pose.

"I don't believe in your words." With a taut face, Yuan Zhou turned around and went back to the kitchen after he said that, not giving any change to Ling Hong to retort him.

He had only six abdominal muscles even if he was so handsome. How could it be possible that Ling Hong had eight? It totally didn't comply with the guidelines of the government.

Having returned to the kitchen, he used the little free time he had and started to conceive his new request for leave. How to make it perfect and meanwhile let his customers feel his sincerity, that was the question.