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368 A New Dish

 For the French dish this time, Yuan Zhou used the butter provided by the system, as usual.

The system displayed, "Butter can be made from both animal fat and vegetable oil. Relatively speaking, both the nutritive value and taste of the animal-fat-making butter are better, but its cholesterol level is a little high. On the basis of not affecting the taste, this system has specially removed 80% of the total cholesterol level."

"I feel my fat content is a little high. Is there a way to remove it? A painless way is better, of course." Yuan Zhou said primly.

The system displayed, "Host, please do more exercises. That fat can't be removed in a mechanical way."

"Haw-haw. We can use liposuction here in our world. You can't do that, right?" Yuan Zhou said excitedly as if he had found a new continent.

The system displayed, "This method is unable to make people lose weight or increase the muscles."

"Anyway, you can't do it." Yuan Zhou said smilingly.

Yuan Zhou had originally expected more answers from the system, but then he found it disappeared again.

The dish was particular about the original taste, therefore only few ingredients was added in order to highlight the freshness of the mussels. Of course, the boiling time was also very short.

"Mu Mu, let's go to eat the French dish today. We can go at noon." Wu Zhou took the phone and said with a gentle voice.

"You brat, I'd rather wait to eat Boss Yuan's delicious dishes, not the French dishes." Zhuang Xinmu humphed, expressing her contempt.

"You don't know. The French dish is newly served by Boss Yuan. Besides, it's seafood. Don't you like to eat seafood?" Wu Zhou said with a complacent tone.

"Terrific. I'll go there at noon. It is lucky that I have very high working efficiency and I can go there earlier." Zhuang Xinmu said excitedly immediately once she heard that.

"Alright. See you at noon, Mu Mu." Wu Zhou nodded his head even though Zhuang Xinmu couldn't see that at the other end of the phone.

After that, they spoke intimately for a little longer and then hung up the phone.

Such a matter of making calls and notifying friends happened everywhere.

Even Wu Hai made calls to others, but his purpose was different from that of others.

"Ling Hong, can you not post it on the microblog? If there are too many people, we are probably unable to eat it." Looking at Ling Hong's posts on the microblog, Wu Hai said discontentedly.

"It doesn't matter. I have plenty of time." Ling Hong said with an unconcerned tone.

"Talk to the hand. Just stop posting that, please." After saying that, Wu Hai wanted to hang up the phone. However, he was stopped by Ling Hong.

"For that activity, will that Compass really treat us? The kind that we can order whatever we want? Is this activity true?" Ling Hong asked three questions at a time anxiously while moving the mouse and flipping through the only post of Yuan Zhou.

"Of course. What did you write?" Wu Hai stopped his action of hanging up the phone and said cautiously.

After all, if you want to win all the time, you have to be quite familiar with yourself and your rival. Therefore, Wu Hai had really decent patience.

"I commented that however awesome he is, he's inferior to me." Ling Hong answered triumphantly.

"Um. It's indeed so. He's not as awesome as you. Bye." Wu Hai said affirmatively and then said goodbye.

"Ok, bye." Ling Hong revealed a vulpine smile.

What a joke! Ever since he knew of this activity, he had deleted all his comments as well as the records. The one he posted now was naturally a thesis-like comment that described why Yuan Zhou was so awesome.

This thesis cost a lot, about hundreds of RMB.

Although Ling Hong didn't like eating discounted dishes, he would never miss a free treat offered by Boss Yuan.

Soon, lunch time came. Zhou Jia straightforwardly arrived half an hour earlier than usual as she had already expected it would be much more chaotic. When she arrived, there were already huge crowds of people outside Yuan Zhou's restaurant.

After the queuing machine was installed, fewer people lined up outside quietly. Instead, crowds of people stood together chaotically, which made Zhou Jia a little panicked and confused.

At that time, Jiang Changxi stood out and uttered.

"Everybody, the boss has prepared to serve a new dish today. In order for more people to eat it, I suggest we hurry up with the meal. What do you guys think?" Jiang Changxi said vigorously like an elder sister.

"Ok. I agree." Su Mu agreed first along with his sister.

Then, more people followed suit and echoed.

"No problem." Other customers that lined up there all agreed readily.

Seeing the chaotic scene get controlled, Jiang Changxi went back to her former position with a smile, giving the control to Zhou Jia at the side.

"Everybody, please calm down. Just wait for another 6 minutes and my boss will open the door for business. The first 20 customers can go up to get the number ticket. Thank you." Zhou Jia took a deep breath and said loudly.

"Finally! I can also eat the new dish first today." Liu Chen was also a well-informed person.

"Yeah. At least we don't need to wait in vain after the queuing machine is used." Brother Jun sighed with emotion while looking at the silver queuing machine proudly.

When the customers waited for taking the number tickets, the refined man who had been there in the morning was nevertheless absent-minded and had been looking backward all along.

Not until a familiar figure appeared in the side street did the refined man felt relieved.

Just when the girl walked over into the line, the refined man went to behind her with a leap. There was another person between them and that made both of them feel safe and comfortable.

The girl ahead of him revealed a warm smile. Although the refined man didn't see her smile, he nevertheless felt the girl didn't refuse him. Therefore, there appeared a faint smile under his black-framed glasses.

The two of them stood in the line tacitly and quietly just like they had done in the morning and waited for the moment to enjoy the delicacy.

"I'm looking forward to Boss Yuan's French dish. It's definitely very romantic." Once in a blue moon, Zhuang Xinmu pulled Wu Zhou's arm like a little girl and said expectantly.

Zhuang Xinmu spoke as if she had never eaten French dishes before.

"I have once taken you to eat French cuisine before." Wu Zhou felt he was neglected and hence protested to prove his existence.

"Anyway, I feel so happy on thinking that it's Boss Yuan who cooks the romantic French dish." Zhuang Xinmu immediately retorted.

"But, it's me who took you here." Wu Zhou declared seriously.

"Yes, it's you. Of course it's you." Zhuang Xinmu nodded her head and agreed with a seemingly earnest manner.

Seeing Zhuang Xinmu's attitude, Wu Zhou could only smile helplessly. Deep in the heart, however, he started to grumble, "Boss Yuan, please. Please find a hostess for this restaurant quickly."

In a little while, the refined man and the girl who waited in the front of the line entered the restaurant again at the same time.

"What do you two want to eat?" Zhou Jia asked courteously.

"A serving of the new dish." The refined man said quietly with a blush on his face.

The girl beside him also blushed a little bit. The two words of "you two" mentioned by Zhou Jia sounded like they had arrived here together.

"What about you?" Zhou Jia turned her head and asked the girl at the side.

"The same one. She orders the same dish." The refined man said clearly and hurriedly when the girl nodded her head.

The girl didn't retort but just nodded her head lightly, indicating he was right.

"Alright. One moment, please, you two." Only then did Zhou Jia go back to carry the dishes.

As was expected, Zhou Jia carried two servings of the dishes to them in a short moment. As usual, not until the two dishes were carried close to them did they start to smell the strong wine fragrance and a faint scent of butter.

What exactly was the new dish?